What is this site for?

Hi~ 😎

Welcome to my literature site!

This is an independent personal website dedicated to Chinese writing and reading. Here you can see most of my novels, articles, and poems.

As a Chinese and a professional Chinese writer, Chinese is my mother language, the language I love, and the language I feel hard to give up.

However, in an era when the world was bisected by the Great Firewall, the Chinese language, especially simplified Chinese and Chinese writing from mainland China, had all but disappeared from the world’s stage. In this age of cyber censorship, the creators using one of the oldest and most beautiful languages in the world and their works were orphaned, forced to wander about like Gypsies, silenced, submerged, forcibly represented by National media and government spokesperson, muted and blocked by the Great Firewall… I feel so sad for this kind of reality and feel obligated to do what I can to change it.

That is why I decided to set up this personal literature site. I hope that my Chinese writing can leave a little trace of existence in the vast world outside the Wall. If anyone would fall in love with the Chinese language and start to learn it because of my writing, it would be my honor.

This site carries out warning tags and proceeding passwords to make sure that some works that including adult contents or other sensitive descriptions would not be seen by people who do not want to or not be suitable to read them. Please strictly abide by when reading on this site, for the common maintenance of good Chinese writing and reading environment efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to oocsoul@gmaill.com to contact me.

And if you could not read Chinese but still want to read on this site, I think Lingo Cloud might be a better tool than Google translator for you. Or you could try to learn the Chinese language, which is beautiful, full of wisdom, and not as hard to learn as they say. I hope to share the beauty of the Chinese language, the culture, and the true mind of real Chinese people with you.

Enjoy your reading!

沉佥 aka R·S