Picking up all the cold branches and refusing to perch, the lonely sandbar is cold.

——Su Shi "Bu Suanzi·Huangzhou Dinghui Courtyard Residence"
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"Chan Shan Zhi"

"This world, shouldn't be your family's world, when you really understand, you will understand me."

# Antiquity

"When the blackbird calls in the forest, it is your disaster..."

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22. “……陛下这个思路根本毫无道理完全绝对一点也不正常,可是不知道为什么,我竟然好像被说服了呢。” 就算不被说服又如何。明棠毕竟是皇帝。而他是臣子。就算明棠平日里待他再好,随便如何胡闹都无所谓,难…


21. 他都不给明棠跟他撒娇耍赖满地打滚的机会,顺着转脸看向荣王嘉钰,直接拱手一躬到地。 “荣王殿下,我以前单知道您讨厌我,是我浅薄了。这么一圈看下来,其实您待我挺好,至少您没有故意说瞎话来蒙我骗我看…


20. 如此一而再再而三被人当成笼子里的大马猴一样围观审视,难免有种山雨欲来的异样感,再加上这麻烦事儿又是明棠给他招惹上的,眼前这一位二位贵人不是明棠的叔叔就是婶婶——全是一家子……宋葭这一颗无奈之心…


19. 旁观半晌的荣王殿下也听见了,终于似有些忍不住,冷笑一声:“宋葭,见好就收吧。你一个外臣,要看郡主闺阁,也让你看了。如今竟还想讯问王妃?你以为你是谁?” 宋葭理直气壮:“现场看完了,自然要找人问…

"The Cold Mountain" 018

18. 这个人,一口气说了一大堆,连番质问得俨然在审犯人,嘴上好像挺为难,其实半点不好意思也没有。 明棠直接被问住了,好一阵语塞,脸色不禁难堪。 “寒山你别这样——” 皇帝陛下还想拦着。 一直不远不近…

"The Turn of Spring and Summer"

>>> 从春天流淌进夏天的赤色河流, 是世间的梦, 都变成了天上的星, 永恒地俯瞰着, 夜幕下的每一个灵魂。 太阳升起来了。 人们仍在等待。 人们寂静无声。 <<< 返回目录

"The Cold Mountain" 017

17. 这语调与说辞,一时也分辨不出皇帝陛下是认真说,还是随口胡扯。 宋葭一脸狐疑。 明棠见他很不信的样子,便又补道:“明华养的那狗乃是草原上的猎犬,训练有素,莫说能与人一战,便是与狼群也打得,还曾搏…

"The Cold Mountain" 016

16. Mingtang was obviously gloating, standing at the gate of the courtyard, holding hands behind his back and making a joke that he was frightened by the two maids so that he was stuck on the wall of the courtyard. Song Jia had always been too lazy to compete with His Majesty the Emperor, so he was pleased, and he slipped back to the courtyard gate by sticking to the wall like a yellow croaker. "From this door to the inner courtyard, the maids will bring...

"The Cold Mountain" 015

15. He seemed to be speaking to Zhaowang Jiashou, but in fact he blamed Mingtang for being too indulgent and Song Jia for asking for trouble. His Majesty Zhao Wang listened, with a mirror in his heart. Without saying a word, he just looked at Mingtang with a smile, as if how His Majesty the Emperor would react at this moment is the more important and interesting thing. These two...

"The Cold Mountain" 014

14. When he was still very young, Song Jia also peeped at his teacher's side and saw the dazzling and extraordinary appearance of the first emperor in his heyday, the wise Shenwu. But a quick glance was quickly replaced by another kind of memory. Now when talking about the first emperor, the first thing that came to Song Jia’s mind was always after the teacher left...