Picking up all the cold branches and refusing to perch, the lonely sandbar is cold.

——Su Shi "Bu Suanzi·Huangzhou Dinghui Courtyard Residence"
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"Chan Shan Zhi"

"This world, shouldn't be your family's world, when you really understand, you will understand me."

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"When the blackbird calls in the forest, it is your disaster..."

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"The Cold Mountain" 018

This person said a lot in one breath, and he was interrogating the prisoner again and again. He seemed to be embarrassed, but in fact, there was no embarrassment at all. Mingtang was asked directly, his speech was choppy for a while, and his face couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "Hanshan, don't do this--" His Majesty the Emperor still wanted to stop. Zhao who has been not far and not close...


"The Turn of Spring and Summer"

The crimson river that flows from spring into summer is a dream in the world, turned into a star in the sky, eternally overlooking every soul under the night. The sun has risen. People are still waiting. People are silent.


"The Cold Mountain" 017

With this tone and rhetoric, it was impossible to tell whether His Majesty the Emperor said seriously or nonsense. Song Jia looked suspicious. Seeing his disbelief, Mingtang added: "The dog that Minghua raised is a hound on the prairie. It is well-trained. Not to mention that it can fight people, or it can fight wolves. Fight in the mountains...


"The Cold Mountain" 016

16. Mingtang was obviously gloating, standing at the gate of the courtyard, holding hands behind his back and making a joke that he was frightened by the two maids so that he was stuck on the wall of the courtyard. Song Jia had always been too lazy to compete with His Majesty the Emperor, so he was pleased, and he slipped back to the courtyard gate by sticking to the wall like a yellow croaker. "From this door to the inner courtyard, the maids will bring...


"The Cold Mountain" 015

15. He seemed to be speaking to Zhaowang Jiashou, but in fact he blamed Mingtang for being too indulgent and Song Jia for asking for trouble. His Majesty Zhao Wang listened, with a mirror in his heart. Without saying a word, he just looked at Mingtang with a smile, as if how His Majesty the Emperor would react at this moment is the more important and interesting thing. These two...


"The Cold Mountain" 014

14. When he was still very young, Song Jia also peeped at his teacher's side and saw the dazzling and extraordinary appearance of the first emperor in his heyday, the wise Shenwu. But a quick glance was quickly replaced by another kind of memory. Now when talking about the first emperor, the first thing that came to Song Jia’s mind was always after the teacher left...


"The Cold Mountain" 013

13. Gu Cangming said that he would not let him die. Song Jia didn't believe this at all. It's not that he doesn't believe in Gu Cangming, but he doesn't believe in himself. People are inherently dead, not to mention being in this Shura field. He was rescued by his teacher since he was a child, and he was at the age of seventeen in Jindian High School.


"The Cold Mountain" 012

12. Gu Cangming was not surprised, got up and took a soft cloth back and wiped him clean. Song Jiafei almost coughed into the porridge bowl, "Where is it so good for me? Tell me, I will change it..." Mingtang patted him tightly on the back, "The fourth uncle also said it was appropriate. Just said it simply. Let you go to Nanzhili with Minghua."...


"The Cold Mountain" 011

11. When Mingtang was a child, he followed his mother out of the capital due to turmoil, and hid outside the Northern Pass for three years to avoid disaster. In addition, the first emperor was also the master of war in the Northern Territory and Nanjing Sea. Mingtang has to learn skills and so on if he doesn’t like it at a young age. Although it’s not good for actual combat, compared to Song Jia’s other than moving books...


"The Cold Mountain" 010

10. The Mingyue that His Majesty said was the righteous daughter of His Majesty Rong. The unique female commander of Beizhen Fusi, Xiao Mingyue, now often walks in front of the imperial court and is responsible for the emperor's guards. But the righteous daughter of His Royal Highness King Rong is, after all, the righteous daughter of His Royal Highness King Rong. "...Mingtang, when did I offend you? You...