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We firmly believe that literature is meaningful. She is speech. She is power. She is a song in the silence, a light in the long night.

We hope that in such an era, literature can still bring courage and peace to people.

Thank you to everyone who believes in and loves literature as much as we do.

Thank you to everyone who still loves and does not give up on creative writing and reading in Chinese language.

Thank you.

We provide content warnings to make sure that some works that including sensitive contents would not be seen by people who do not want to or not be suitable to read them.

如果您在使用本网站时遇到了任何困难或您希望寻求版权合作,欢迎发送电子邮件到 contact@oocsoul.com 联系我们。

All best wishes, friends all over the world! Enjoy your reading!