Classification reminder:

  • [Full] Qingshui Wen, all ages can read
  • [青] or contains a small amount of sensitive content, young people and above can read under the guidance of guardians
  • [Limited] Contains sensitive content, only adults can read


  • In order to prevent minors from being exposed to inappropriate content, some of the content has been encrypted, folded or sponsored to be visible. Before you start to read these contents, you need to promise: you are an adult with full behavior ability, you are suitable to read these contents and take full responsibility for your reading behavior.
  • Please strictly abide by the classification rules, and please do not read the works that are not suitable for you.


  • Rainbow Novel (主角为LGBTQIA+或性别性向多元化的虚构类小说作品)
  • Other novels (主角为顺性别异性恋的虚构类小说作品)