End hope

The bonfire party of the elves is always the most charming forest pleasure.

The two tribes reunited well, the endless entanglements between the Golden Elf Sword Singer and the Moon Elf High Priest, the latest adventure anecdote of Telis... and the legend of Elysill, the place where the Holy Queen sleeps, and... …The story of the young king of Arcadia visiting large and small elven tribes looking for the lost "Queen's Sheath" in the material world.

But none of these can hold the heart of the elf girl.

From beginning to end, her gaze was anxious on the dragon rider who was silently alienated from the celebration.

She quietly followed him away from the noisy banquet, and followed him on the increasingly quiet forest path, just like the mirror image of them when they first met.

She didn't jump out until it was finally confirmed that he was really leaving, blocking his way.

"Dragon's etiquette is to leave without saying goodbye?" She scowled and scolded him.

Sageroy did not answer her, but only smiled as expected, and asked, "Did you run out this time to discuss with Dad?"

"This is not important." Kalia waved her hand angrily, protesting this undisguised change of topic. "You actually don't want to go down alone, don't you?" She walked up to him, close enough to hear each other's heartbeats, and then, mustering up her courage, she grabbed his hand.

"You don't understand, Kalia." Sagroy called her name in a rare melancholy.

"Then tell me to understand." The elf refused such a vague answer.

Sagroy was silent for a long time, seeming to hesitate very much.

He finally looked into the eyes of the elf and spoke slowly and firmly.

"The strong guarding the weak is the fundamental law of natural balance. Even if it is difficult, even if you are alone, you must go on without hesitation. Even if there is only one ten thousandth of hope, never give up.

"Respect, trust, and love every partner who has helped me, just as they love me. This is the true awareness and responsibility of being a king.

"It has nothing to do with thinking or not wanting, this is my way alone, I can only go on like this." He calmly withdrew his hand.

Kalia immediately covered her other hand and grabbed him tightly.

"So, do you respect me, trust me, love me?" She stared at him with her jade-like beautiful eyes open.

Sageroy looked at the elf silently again, and sighed at the end.

"Yes, I love you—"

"It's like loving your world and friends, right." Kalia raised her eyebrows and smiled easily, as if everything had been expected.

"There is no single road in this world. You can walk, and I can walk together."

She dragged him with all her strength, and complained loudly, "Before you lied to me with my dad, I haven't settled it with you! Ah, I think it's mad! How could someone run into the forest in the middle of the night? I just happened to run into it again when I lost my way, such a clumsy lie, as kind as I found out today!"

"This... doesn't seem to be kind, right?"

"No matter, I said yes!"

"Your father is worried about you. He knows that he can't control you, and he is afraid that you will run into danger alone, so he asks me to take care of you when I visit. He loves you so much, you shouldn't let him worry about you more. ." Sagroy also laughed helplessly. He stroked the elf's soft long blond hair comfortably.

"Hmm, then you are not afraid of me'breaking alone' now? Isn't the thing you promised him done?"

"Actually, I have completed the task. After all, I did take you around the forest and bring you back completely."

"What! This is too cunning..." Kalia cried out disappointedly.

But soon, she resolutely chased up, "But it doesn't matter, I won't leave you alone. I will always follow you, it doesn't matter where you run."

"You really plan to follow me all the time..." Sagroy's expression was a bit complicated.

"Of course, when did I regret what I said?"

"……You will regret this……"

"No way~"

"... will encounter all kinds of dangers..."

"Do you think I might be scared~?"

"... will become a wild girl wandering around, no one dares to accept you in this life..."

"Puff, then continue to follow you."

"...Mr. Charlotte will cry, right?"

"Let him cry! Otherwise, when will he graduate from me!"

"...You... I can suddenly understand the look on Mr. Charlotte's face when he told me about you..."

Sageroy finally held his forehead freely.

And Kalia, like a winner, declared with her hair high up: "Rather than sympathize with him, worry about yourself. I will stare at you until you get rid of all the bad problems of your autism syndrome!"

"Yes... but can you stop pulling me so hard, miss...?"

"No. Otherwise, who knows how you with wings will suddenly fly..."


The forest at night is also alive with such noise.

The animals that have not fallen asleep probe their heads in the grass on the branches. The fireflies are flying, changing into various beautiful patterns.

Suddenly, a shadow quickly passed through the air.

Kalia and Sagroy raised their heads almost at the same time, looking up at the far-reaching night.

"What was that... just now?"

"It looks like a silver dragon flew past."

"Silver Dragon? Is it the silver dragon of the ancient metal dragon?"

"Well, it looks like it is."

"It's great... Whenever you can ride a ride, you will be complete..."

"Actually, if you can guarantee that you won't fall, it's not difficult."

"Really? That's a deal! I remembered! You must never break your promise!"

The elves jumped actively, smiled heartily and innocently, trying to find all kinds of happy topics. The young Wang also responded with a smile, hiding all his sadness between his brows without a trace.

At that time, a sentence emerged in both hearts—

As long as there is hope in your heart, the miracle will be with you.

—The full text of the last king of the first part of the trilogy of kings is finished —