Outside Unicorn's heartfelt words

Sagroy is the most annoying guy in the world, not one of them.

Aspros really thought so.

Because this guy didn't accept his fate.

Especially when Aspros himself had already admitted to his fate very calmly, this kind of non-acceptance of fate was always like a sharp sword, and Aspros couldn't help but want to ridicule each other.

The so-called destiny is something that cannot be changed.

The destiny of the unicorn is to cut the blood vessels to become the sheath of the seal "Theramore". No one can change it, nor need to change it.

Anyone who attempts to change his destiny will eventually be swallowed by his destiny.

And for a person who will eventually be swallowed by fate, if you can't do it indifferently, you have to do your best to hate him, only in this way, only in this way can you unwaveringly meet the approaching ending.

Therefore, Sageroy is the most annoying guy in the world-ever since he accidentally picked up the dragon egg that was about to break its shell more than a hundred years ago at the creek in Silverwing Valley.

The sun was thin and scorching hot, penetrating the new green leaves, and falling straight.

Aspros closed the sheepskin book in his hand and heard the familiar voice approaching quickly from a distance.

"Asi~Asi~" This name has never changed since I learned to speak.

"What's the matter again, barking like a wild cat?" Aspros made an expression of boredom and immediately turned his head to look at it.

The group of dark shadows put away their huge wings, rushed down against the sun, and fell on him without any scruples. The gleaming eyes could guess even without looking. "Asi, I have subdued the envoy of "A Di Suo"!"

Conquer the envoys of "Adi Suo".

Aspros' thinking stagnated for a second, and then his shoulders shook slightly, "You mean... "Adi Su"——"

"Yeah!" Sageroy nodded vigorously, "Look, it's amazing!" He stretched out his palm in front of Aspros, without any chanting, and the golden and red flames had "boomed" in his palm. Leaping up and burning in an instant, it's like a common trick.

"Giluna, say hello. This guy is As, I vowed to stay with each other until the end of life, my best friend!" Sagroy introduced triumphantly.

The elemental female in the fire responded with a smile and saluted the corner of Qiu Yan's skirt.

This is the magic power that belongs to dragons, so powerful that no other species can match.

However, even as a dragon, it is too much.

Three days ago, Sagroy had just conquered Nerei, the most noble elder of "Akaroa." Before that, it was Serov of "Vanto". Before Serov, she was the eldest daughter of the Mother Goddess, and was called the first "Dilo" of "Maya of the Earth."

Since the death of the last generation of the lord, Nerei has been sleeping in the "Sea of Silence" for hundreds of years, and the Maya of the Earth only appears in the creation legend of Arcadia, and has never been witnessed by the present. . The guy who already had Nerei and Maya at the same time has now subdued "Adi Su" again-how is this possible? How could there be such an unreasonable thing? Not only has it subdued the powerful elements in the legend, but also broke the balance of nature, so easily let the four elephant elements be used for their own use! Should I say that this guy deserves to be the son of the first king, or...

No, the balance of nature cannot be easily broken. Gaining power beyond balance here means that there must be an unbearable loss on the other side.

"What are you proud of—and, who made that shameful vow with you? I just promised to sing for you when you die to make you sleep peacefully!" Not so much. What merits to be proud of, it is more appropriate to say that it is a hidden crisis... As long as you think of this, Aspros will inevitably be a little worried and anxious.

"Of course I'm very proud!" Sageroy obviously couldn't understand the worries of his best friend at all. He was still wagging his tail. Sisters and elders have been reading me for a long time, but-from now on, I am relieved, "I don't know how to use magic anymore. If I can't take advantage of the envoy, how can I become a great king" nagging me Never want to listen anymore!"

Gran is Granskod, the most special dragon knight in Glory City.

The reason why he is special is not because of his extraordinary strength. Taking dragons as a proud racial trait, they have always believed that their bloodline has no upper limit. As the blood of the dragon god, it is only natural that no matter how powerful it is.

Glascod's "special" is that half of human blood flows in his body.

The so-called "half" is actually not a rigorous statement.

As the descendants of the dragon god and human females, the dragon riders were originally inseparable from human beings, but the pride in the blood of the dragon god and the almost paranoid belief in the holy light made this race firmly adhere to the prohibition of intermarriage with foreigners. Taboo. The vast majority of Dragon Gods will never leave Arcadia for half their lives.

However, Glanskod is a hybrid, a hybrid of humans and dragon riders.

Mixed blood means shame and tarnishes the blood of the dragon.

It is really incredible that such a Gransk can enter the City of Glory and become a dragon knight under the throne.

Perhaps this is also the reason why the elders stubbornly demand that Sageroy never lose to Glascod.

However, even if there is no Granskod, the old stubborn group will not make Sagroy feel better. After all, this guy is the only son of the first king.

Aspros sighed helplessly, and picked up His Royal Highness who was still sticking to him, "You still can't get rid of it. As long as you stay in Glory City, the elders will continue to find out this and that. New goals require you to surpass."

"This kind of threat does not exist in the short term!" Sagroy stood up and showed a rare and serious expression, "A guy stronger than Gran has not seen it in the category I know so far, even though I now have Giruna, and I only surpass him in the number of servicemen. If I really don’t dare to say that I can win, I will definitely win.” His eyes showed a eagerness to try, which is the eagerness of the youth. .

...... Even if you "appreciate" that guy Granskod, you don't have to do that, right?

Aspros couldn't help holding his forehead, "I said you, if you say that, Maya and the others will be angry, and,'Gran','Gran'... what is that?"

"Hey, it's Gran." Sagroy blinked at the sound, completely unaware of his friend's question.

Aspros frowned slightly, "I'm asking you what's wrong with this strange name-really, can't you just call out all the names of people?"

"But'Gran-Scott' is too long and it's troublesome to scream," the pause that was deliberately added sounds somewhat funny. Sageroy tilted his head thoughtfully and pinched his chin, still not quite understanding, "And for us, the sound is magic, it's not good to just call the full name." He said that he looked at it with great sincerity. His best friend.

What kind of natural slowness is this...

"...A nasty dragon!" The unicorn who was defeated by this simple gaze blushed with red cheeks, whispered, and quickly turned his gaze away.

"As..." As if curious, Sagroy leaned forward and stared carefully at Aspros' eyes. After a while, he suddenly laughed out loud, "Ath, could it be that you are here? Do you care about something strange?"

"Yeah, I was called indiscriminately only for the ridiculous reason of'trouble'. How much water did you get into your head the day you broke the shell? Stupid!" For a moment, Aspros was a little flustered, then answered. When I came down, I was filled with more shame and anger. He subconsciously slapped Saga Roy aside.

As if satisfied with such a fierce reaction from a close friend, Sagroy laughed more and more joyously, and grabbed the hand that pressed his face, "It's not the same. Asi is not the same. I don't have it." Because I am afraid of the influence of magic, I call your name indiscriminately." The gentle touch comes from the tip of the finger, and the warmth of the palm makes the smile on the corner of the lips blurred and ambiguous, "It is not so scared, but rather... On the contrary, I am looking forward to it, if you can really make you obey me. However, As himself is also a very powerful wizard, it shouldn't be possible... Now, Aspros?"

The moment he lightly spit out the name, Sage Roy's black eyes boiled with a flash of golden brilliance.


That guy actually used magic! "You...you stupid!" The powerful magic power made the blood boil, and the scorching heat instantly ran through his body. Aspros involuntarily backed up two steps, leaning on the big tree behind him to barely stabilize his position. The body was paralyzed and unable to move, and the will seemed to succumb at any time, doing something strange. Aspros had to take a deep breath and squeeze in a tight voice, "The omnipresent... wind of recovery, I even pray with a pious heart--"

But Sageroy raised his hand to cover his mouth, and silenced the unfinished singing.

"Almost a little bit." He leaned forward, took Aspros into his arms, relaxed his chin on the shoulders of his best friend, as if embracing the entire world that belonged to him, "Among the four elephant elements, there is only " The power of Adi Su is compatible with "Theramore". After subduing the envoy of "Adi Su", you can try to control the magic power of "Theramore". In this way-the fate of the unicorn is It can be over."

The whispers in the ears are infinitely pious, as if they are telling the meaning of life seriously.

My mind was completely empty for two seconds, and it was white, and then, there was a sharp pain like a piercing.

"What a joke! Are you really going to grab that kind of thing?! Are you planning to lose your life for that kind of thing?!" Aspros excitedly pushed away the guy who was throwing on him, grabbing his clothes. collar.

Don't do this kind of thing! Don't do such silly things! I shouted like this in my heart, but under the calm gaze of the other party, he was silent.

"I was called back to Glory City as the'successor'. The successor of the next'king'." Sagroy's voice sounded soft and firm.

Yes, as the only son of the first king, he has shouldered this responsibility since the moment he was born. It was a child who was abandoned in the forest since he was a child. Apart from his bloodline, he is the only bond between his parents and relatives. Therefore... "It doesn't matter if you are obviously not you", and you can't say anything...

Unable to stop, but unacceptable. Aspros looked away in silence.

"Don't worry, I won't hand over'Theramore' to anyone else." As if to appease, or like to make an oath, Sagroy pressed Aspros's shoulders with both hands, every word. The light shining in the eyes suddenly seemed to never go out, "I want to protect Asi! I must be able to protect Asi!"

"...What innocent silly things to say, who is worried about this...who needs your protection!" The heart was shaken for a while, followed by more and more unstoppable anxiety and anxiety, Aspros almost It was yelling irrespective of etiquette. The rumbling heartbeat pounded in his ears, and he was so flustered that he couldn't rearrange his emotions. "Go away! I don't want to see your face for the rest of the day!" He had to turn around and try to hide this too. Passing significant mood swings.

The dull prince didn't seem to notice the embarrassment of his friend at all, and he still kept calling "Ath" from the left "too much" and the other right. It was a pitiful and coquettish look, clearly a big dog with a wagging tail, and there were some shadows of the descendants of the Dragon God.

Aspros was entangled and was about to collapse, and had to hold his forehead to use his assassin, "Aren't you going to hand in your homework with Ciferro every afternoon? You are already late!"

"Ah, awful-completely forgotten..." Hearing her sister's name, even the prince who can use the four-phase element could not help but shudder immediately. He looked up at the height of the sun, his face changed drastically, and he jumped up and ran back.

What... No matter what, I'm a sister and brother, don't you need to be scared like this——

Aspros complained in his heart, and turned around just to see Sage Roy turned his head and put his hands to his mouth, smiling and shouting: "Hey, Asi, come back early to eat with me in the evening!"

This deliberately forceful exhortation caused endless echoes, accompanied by the cries of the startled birds and the popping of flapping their wings.

This sound is also a bit... too big... probably... the whole world... hear it...

"...Hurry up and get out of me!!!"

For a moment, the unicorn really wanted the dragon that was spreading its wings and fleeing to the distance to be struck by thunder.

It wasn't until Sagroy's back that he had gone away finally turned into a black spot between the overlapping blue clouds and the sun, and disappeared completely, that Aspros picked up the sheepskin book that had fallen aside again. Turning it over, the chapters that have been read countless times seem to have changed, as strange as never knowing them.

Sadly. Restless.

Aspros was silent for a while, closed the scroll again, closed his eyes, leaned against the tree trunk, and breathed deeply.

If I say--

If I said, don’t worry about the "King’s Blade", don’t worry about the magic curse, as long as you can spend the rest of the time peacefully and peacefully, before I leave, you don’t need to witness your pain, even death--

If I say that this is my only wish, even if I am said to be selfish and admit it, will you agree?

You must...you won't agree, you will yell at me angrily, and say some childish silly things.


Sure enough, the wayward and arrogant race like the dragon is the most annoying...

You guys, I hate it the most...

Therefore, Aspros met with the legendary dragon knight Glascod, in the center of Glory City, the Holy Light Library, which symbolizes light and wisdom.

When the legendary dragon knight pushed open the heavy gate carved with fine gold and walked in against the sunlight with a long squeak, for a moment, the unicorn felt suffocated and anxious.

This feeling is like being overwhelmed by the huge shadow cast by the other party, unable to break free, unable to escape.

It is not so much the magical deterrence of the dragon, as it is just a simpler dangerous message. The smell of the wind never lied to him.

Aspros silently recited various revival mantras in his heart, and it took him a long time to regain his composure, and then he heard Granskod's chanting voice.

"What is it for me to be summoned to me in such a sacred place, the unicorn we honor?"

If you have to compare, there is no doubt that this half-blood knight looks more dragon-like and majestic than the prince who often flaps his wings and wags his tail to cheat, even though his short hair and eyes are due to rare blood. And showing a special gray.

Aspros stared at those gray eyes intently, and opened the conversation in a cautious tone: "Please take down that sword, that "Theramore". "

"Oh, it's really straight to the point. I thought there would be at least two or three rounds of nonsense. Isn't that the favorite way of communication among the nobles who are polite, your Royal Highness Aspros?"

The seemingly humble language is full of banter, and the mockery is as unabashed as the flashing light in his pupils.

"Will it make sense for you?" Aspros chuckled, confirming once again that he was doing something stupid.

"That's right, I like straight shots." Glascod raised his eyebrows and smiled elusively. He repeatedly looked at the unicorn he had summoned, and his arms folded revealed his rejection and doubt. "I heard that you fished the little prince out of the water when he was still an egg, but it's surprising that you didn't support him... What kind of conspiracy did you do such an unreasonable thing? ."

"Whatever you think." Aspros frowned and tried his best to restrain the constant irritation. "The one who gets "Theramore" is the King of Glory, so you want that sword, don't you? "

"So what? So what?" Glanskod narrowed his eyes as he asked, as if looking down at his prey.

In the dragon’s eyes, the little pony in front of him tensed his back, and the transparent silver unicorn was pointed at him sharply, and he could hit him desperately at any time, but his posture was extremely elegant, aloof and slender, just like he was like snow. Generally pale color.

That posture is too easy to evoke the desire to abuse.

Glascod felt something sharp poked hard from the mud deep in his heart.

"Whether I think or don't want it, that's all my business. But if you are asking me for something now, shouldn't you tell me first, what will you give in exchange?"

"Unicorn blood."

Aspros stiffened his back involuntarily, as if shocked by fate. He subconsciously held his wrist.

As if shocked in the same way, Glascod's gray eyes showed shocking confusion for a moment. "Are you saying... If I become the king, will this beautiful body and life be at my disposal, the future "sage" lord? "He suddenly laughed exaggeratedly, and the next second he rushed forward and clamped Aspros's neck.

The breath of the dragon, hotter than the flame, is on the ears. The discomfort of being violated and the huge sense of threat make the unicorn instinctively resist, but the influence of magic power makes him immobile, like being squeezed by an invisible space. When pressed, even the breath is almost numb.

What kind of "hybrid", the magical aggressiveness is clearly much stronger than that of Saka's pure-blooded guy. Even if Saka has been scolded by Cifero as a "magic idiot", it won't be so far apart! Or to say... In front of him, Saka has never actually used magic...?

But this is obviously not the time to hesitate and distract.

"My conditions are not finished yet." Aspros readjusted his breathing, gritted his teeth and spit out the second half of the sentence: "Capture "Theramore", but don't hurt Saka. "

"Haha, it's really a terrific'condition'." Glascod sneered at the moment, obviously unexpected.

"Five hundred years." Aspros lifted his face slightly, and met Glanscod's gaze straight again. "If you can do it, I can guarantee "King's Blade" - and even the entire Aka. Dia has surrendered to you for at least five hundred years. "When I said this, his blue eyes instantly burned into silvery white, like flowing mithril. That is a sign that the unicorn is accumulating magical energy. Although he is still controlled by the opponent, he is no longer like the original one. Struggling hard like that, on the contrary, he was abnormally calm.

It was not giving up, but an aura that could counter-shock at any time.

An interesting look unabashedly flowed from Glascod's grey eyes.

"You're very confident." He approached more and more, condescendingly questioning this extraordinary "temptation", "However, even a great mage like your great-grandfather Uther would reinforce the seal with blood every day. Under the circumstances, it only lasted for a hundred years. With the growth of "Theramore", the "lifetime" of the unicorns became shorter and shorter. The "Theramore" today is very different from that of the past. "

"That's because the method is wrong." Hearing the name of the ancestor, an imperceptible smile appeared on Aspros' face. "If the amount of blood used as a magic guide is not enough, the strength of the seal is not enough to make "Serra "Moore" really fell asleep. That kind of practice is just wasting blood every day to feed the sword, but indulging its demonization. "

"So? Do you think you can do better than Uther?" Glanskod raised his lips defiantly.

"So I will use all the blood flowing in my body to let it sleep for five hundred years at once. I can't guarantee the long-term thing, but I can do it for five hundred years."

The slightly hot and humid air solidified in the cold voice and fell silent.

The unicorn's expression is very peaceful, as if what he is telling is not something closely related to him, but just the most common inevitable among countless natural laws.

Surprise once again passed from Glascod's eyes, even shocked. What followed was a deeper and deeper shadow.

"Then? Will you die?" He bowed his head, his burning gaze was like real fire, and was about to burn all the disguise. "Since there is such an awareness of blocking life, why not just seal "Serramore" and then It is as a gift tied with a ribbon to the little prince who is obsessed with it. "This is not a question, he quickly said the answer himself. "Because you know, in this way, that guy must not be able to accept it, he will try all kinds of ways to stop you. "

"No..." The bookshelves hovering from the top of the dome to the ground are huge, like a huge tower to the sky, and the unicorns shackled in the dark corners are as small as ants. But the light in his eyes was extremely warm, "Saka still doesn't understand anything, I hope he...don't change, just keep such a carefree appearance, just be innocent and happy."

Glanskod paused, "Even if everything is as you wish, the fragile self-esteem of His Royal Highness will still be shattered." The voice sounded full of icy sarcasm, as if he had seen such a future. "If that guy is really just a kid who doesn’t understand anything, and doesn’t feel the slightest sense of crisis all day long, then his heart is not strong enough to accept irreversible changes. Once he loses his status, he loses respect, and he loses his shelter. So, even if the only trusted friend is lost, that guy will turn into a puddle of mud like a limp reptile and he will never be able to find his pride as a dragon. At that time, all carefree and naive happiness is just It’s just wishful thinking. It’s important whether I hurt him or not. Does it really matter what you become as long as you live?" He sneered, holding the burst of anger, tightening his fingers, almost pinching the delicate life in his palm. Broken, "Because the magic sword and the throne are dangerous existences, so I pretended to intervene in an attempt to make a decision for him. What is the closest to the pure blood of God. Aspros, what you care about is only your own thoughts, Neither seriously considered that guy, nor did he understand him at all, let alone trust him. Your so-called "sacrifice", no matter how gorgeous appearance is used to hide it, is nothing but selfish and ugly self-satisfaction. Don't use this This kind of ridiculous willfulness to insult friends and opponents."

For a moment, the dragon's roar shook the earth, and the entire time and space was also shaken. It wasn't magical power like dragon fear technique, but real anger, burning overwhelmingly, and even crackling noises could be heard.

"Master Aspros! Master Aspros! Did something happen?!" The librarian asked eagerly and stepped closer.

Aspros struggled, tried to stop, but failed. Glascod pinched his throat, making him unable to make a sound at all, and even breathing became difficult.

"Glanscod!" The librarian who followed the sound seemed to be frightened by the strange situation in front of him. After a while, he came back to his senses, "It's rude! Master Aspros is about to become Aka. The unicorn of the saint of Dia! Please stop!" He shouted to the guards while raising the staff shaped like a huge key in a fighting stance.

The "key" that opened the door of the Holy Light Library was made by the gods like the "Seramore" known as the "King's Blade". It has been passed down from ancient times to the present, even if today's librarian is no longer as wise and wise as the past. The power of this "key" still cannot be underestimated. What's more, the sacred seal that symbolizes the eternal presence of light is engraved directly under this ancient library. Once you step into the gate, it will be enveloped in the enchantment of the sacred seal. There is a reason why Aspros chose the address of the interview in this library. No matter how confident you are, it is not a wise move to fight here.

Glascod glanced at the waiting manager, and let go of his hand unwillingly. He snorted self-deprecatingly, made a "stop here" gesture, turned and walked out.

"What a rude fellow! Sure enough, a mixed race is a mixed race——" The guard who was recruited held a spear and stared at the dragon knight's back, complaining disdainfully.

Although he thought he had lowered his voice, Glascod still heard it.

"It's really polite for you to use bloody fights to determine power and treat this soft little guy as a sacrifice?"

Just a moment of light and shadow intertwined. The cold taunts and the screams of the guards have overlapped.

The guard who uttered misfortune hadn't even had time to figure out what was going on, so he could only hug his right shoulder and roll to the ground in severe pain. And the arm that should have grown well on the body has been lying completely two meters away, and the bones exposed at the fracture are smooth and there is no bone spur.

"'Mixed-bloods, mixed-bloods' are endless. I've won before I'm qualified to point fingers at me. Isn't this common sense? You-a mess that you don't even have the qualifications to serve as a sacrifice."

What Shisuna forced in front of him were red eyes shining with magical light-the killing eye in the dark.

The bloodline originating from the dragon god makes dragon riders inherently possess powerful magical power. When the magical power in the body fluctuates, it will be the first to be reflected in the eyes. Sageroy's black eyes will also turn into gold when he uses magic. The blood red of Glanskod is very rare in the ethnic group, perhaps due to his special mixed-race physique. But at this moment, such a bloody color can only make people feel ominous and killing intent, undisguised killing intent.

He intends to kill the guard.

Even if the other party was insulted first, it would be too violent...

"The realm of wind, the shield of protection!"

The wind barrier resisted the sharp blade at the last moment, protecting the guards who were still in pain and shock, unable to recover.

"Knight Granskod, if my appointment today makes you unhappy, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness, but--" The remaining half sentence does not need to be said any more, Aspros looked at the dragon knight silently .

Time passed by every minute, and it seemed to be stagnant in the silent confrontation.

The blood of the magic faded a little bit, as if finally accepting the silent negotiation, Glanskod's tight shoulders gradually relaxed. He retracted the sword in his sheath and waved his hand at Aspros, "Forget it, anyway, your strange "bird complex" like me who opened my eyes on my mother's ashes is impossible to understand. I only know that the world belongs to the strong. Therefore, you don’t need to make such rude demands on me, and I will never let myself become a defeated.” He stopped in front of the faintly shining golden light. The footsteps, against the surviving light statement of Yu Wen: "Correspondingly, as a respect for the opponent, I will be straightforward on the battlefield and cut off the head of the'His Royal Highness' with a single sword."

In an instant, Aspros felt that he was taken away by the dragon magic.

The guards hurriedly helped up their companions who had fallen in a pool of blood. The healing spell sung by the librarian is particularly clear in the whispers of concern and the curse of complaining.

"It's too savage... that guy has somehow lost his temper, and he wants Master Aspros to bow his head to him!"

I can't tell whose voice is, and I don't even have the intention to tell it. Asi was barely supported by the bookshelf by Gran, preventing himself from falling down due to lack of energy. The feeling of being pinched just now remained on the neck, like being broken by a burning dragon's claws, even every swallowing would cause pain.

But what was even more unbearable was the shaking and shock in my heart.

The reason why Granskod was so angry was because his rude words and deeds trampled on the dignity of the knight. In fact, Glanskod was right. Every sentence and every word were pierced in my heart, and I couldn't deny it. Yes, selfish, cowardly, and full of all kinds of darkness in his heart, just trying to cover up with a seemingly perfect appearance, cover up the real attempt to hide the truth, I am such a guy. But-but, anyway, there is only Saka, only that guy, I hope he can stay away from danger and sorrow...

"Forgive me, my goddess..."

He closed his eyes and lowered his head, and pressed his hand to the position of his heart while groaning.

Aspros did not go back for dinner that day.

His Royal Highness, who was waiting impatiently, was hungry. He watched sadly as his sister finished eating the barbecue and fruit on the plate and drank the last drop of wine in the glass, and finally rushed out of the restaurant intolerably...

The nightless holy light library, the secluded cloister, the valley surrounded by flowers... After searching all the places that Aspros usually likes to hide and read, Sagroy finally found it by the creek where he first met. he.

The unicorn knelt on the edge of the stream in an unusually pious prayer posture, with long silver hair falling to the surface of the water, rippling the reflection blurred by the night.

"Ms. Forest, who lives with the earth, my goddess who is closest to true knowledge, please guide my path..."

There is no moon this night, the forest under the stars, the unicorn by the stream, a beautiful picture scroll.

However, the more beautiful, the purple-red bruises on the slender and white neck became more dazzling.

"...I won't heal magic." Sageroy watched quietly for a while, silently stepped forward, and gently caressed his friend's wound with his hand.

"It's okay. It's okay." Aspros turned his head, the stars reflected on the sky and the sparkling water of the mountains flashed under his eyes, "Thaka, abstain. Give "Theramore" to Gran. Skod, don't worry about the throne anymore-you are not obsessed with that kind of thing at all, I know. "He squeezed Sage Roy's wrist hard.

It was obviously calm enough to see everything through the tone, but it was an expression about to cry, but still gritted his teeth stubbornly, and absolutely refused to let the tears fall.

The smell of fear.

Asi was scared, very, very scared.

I have never seen such a fragile and flustered Asi.

The impression of Aspros is always calm and restrained. It is like this from the first sight of the world. No matter how happy, angry, sad, or happy, it is very short-lived, and will soon return to calm, as if he will never lose control and can always do it. Make the right choice, always take care of yourself and guide yourself when you are fooling around.


"No way, Asi. Only this thing can't promise you. Because, it's not me." Sageroy looked at his best friend who grew up with him, and reached out and hugged him in his arms, just like when he was a child. He would hug himself like this whenever he felt panicked. He looked at the dim tree shadows under the night, and the star-filled stream, his voice was low and soft, as if talking to himself.

"I have been thinking, why did I come to this world? What is the meaning of my life?

"This world looks beautiful, right, but it's a sacrifice, it's just a false appearance. Cannibalism, endless bloodshed, everyone has seen it, but pretended not to see anything. No. Rather than pretending to be invisible, it is more accustomed to it. Why has such an unreasonable thing become the default rule, and even work hard to uphold it? Is it possible that this faked harmony can really be maintained?"

"...Are you going to say you want to change the rules of the world?" Aspros couldn't help smiling bitterly. He covered his face with one hand as if trying to hide his expression, "It's really like what you can say...Should you say that you are arrogant or optimistic? Like a kid—"

"It's not a whimsical thing or a kid's dream, I mean it!" Sageroy hugged the unicorn's shoulders hard, forcing him to face his determination, "Actually, you know Asi, we can't keep hiding. Here. Even if you want to deceive yourself and cover your eyes and ears, the burning fire cannot be extinguished, and it will burn to the front one day. Our ancestors abandoned the fallen material world and created Arcadia. What happened? What? Whether it’s the material world or Arcadia, the world is just a space for carrying. It’s not the world that has fallen, but we ourselves that make up this world. It’s our heart and the gradually distorted rules that have a problem. If not If these problems are solved, it is like the toxins will gradually spread from the wound to the whole body. No matter how secret the pure land is, there will be a time when it will fall. The corner of Pian An is basically a beautiful fantasy. Why do you want to deceive yourself? A little bit better, will you die and regret again?

"I decided to return to Glory City because I finally figured it out. There must be many people in this world thinking about the same thing as me. Although they have their own reasons and cannot do this, I can. This is What I should do. I love this world that made me grow up happily, and loving you makes me feel beautiful in this world. At this moment, the reason why I exist like this is because There is such an Arcadia, there is such you. Protecting you is the meaning of my birth. So, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it for me. Whether it’s Aspen or Arcadia, all Leave it to me to guard it."

Sageroy's eyes sparkled when he said these words in a rush.

It is like the brightest star of enlightenment.

My goddess, I sincerely seek guidance from you, why did you lead me to the most difficult ups and downs...

"You... fool!" Aspros groaned in his heart. He in turn, pinched Sage Roy's shoulder tightly, almost pinched into the flesh.

"What is it, where is it stupid?" Sageroy immediately protested in dissatisfaction, lowering his head to meet Aspros's gaze, "It's rare that I made up my mind to confess so much, and you came to such a two-word conclusion! "


"How is this... As, As!"


"Okay, I get it!"

That's why you are said to be an idiot... a complete idiot...

Seeing that Sageroy gave up covering his ears with a sad expression on his face, he began to feel that the sour unicorn raised his leg and kicked his ass mercilessly.

Sageroy yelled exaggeratedly and fell down as usual, and began to roll around on the grass, acting unscrupulously and imposingly. It wasn't until enough trouble and tired that he lay flat on the grass on all fours.

He raised his face, staring at the twinkling galaxy in the sky, and stretched out his hand as if he wanted to hold the falling stars.

"I said, Asi, what did you think when you first picked me up? You don't usually pick up the dragon eggs, right." He asked suddenly.

"Yeah, because I was silly when I was a kid." Aspros also sat down on the grass, just like when he was a kid, leaning against Sagroy side by side, and took a deep breath, "...so I didn't Did you be careful to keep you stupid?"

By the forest creek at night, the air is a bit cooler.

"Hey hey... Are you serious, why am I so stupid...!" Sagroy sat up with a roller, unwillingly grabbing Aspros's arm.

"It's stupid everywhere." Aspros finally couldn't help laughing again. He rubbed his sore eyes, regained his emotions, and seriously told, "Remember, if you feel dangerous, you can run away without hesitation. No one asks you to be an omnipotent savior, and there is no need."

"So, will you run away with me? Where are you going to escape?" Sagroy was bored for a moment, tilting his head and supporting his chin.

This deliberate temptation immediately aroused the anxiety that was suppressed. "I just don't want you to take some senseless adventures why you just don't understand--"

"I understand, As, I always understand what you are thinking. But, you forgot, we made an appointment to cherish ourselves like each other. Just as you can't give up on me, I can't leave you behind." Thagroy shook his head. He looked into the eyes of his best friend. "Unilateral sacrifice cannot be exchanged for true peace. We cannot live alone in a world where only ourselves are saved. Therefore, everyone must live well and be happy in a new world without bloodshed and killing. Wait until then. , We can go back, return to the place where we grew up, and live the simple life that we yearn for. Before that day comes, please believe me, you must believe me!" As he said, he shook Aspros' hands together In the palm of the hand, and then finally stuck to my heart.

"'A new world without bloodshed and killing'...? That kind of ideal hometown--"

"Not ideal, that is the future I will create."

"The world that can make everyone happy simply does not exist. If you insist on this, then your own misfortune will become the first cornerstone of this creation road! Even if you are really done well, even if you are unlucky I have no hesitation, but I...I..."

Aspros couldn't talk about the following words. This kind of feeling has never been there before, and it is very subtle, obviously tired to almost despair, still being embraced by the surging power, derived from the power of hope.

He saw the confident smile on Sagueroy's face.

"I won't be unlucky. Because I have the best partner by my side. So, As, please stay by my side forever."

Expressions, voices, subtle habits between words, everything is so familiar, it seems completely different.

Ah, why didn't I understand it before? That guy is like this, so stupid that the dazzling light that makes people unable to look away is the so-called light of the king...?

However, such a stupid guy, will he become the greatest creation king in Arcadia's history, or will he become the king of tragedy who is shattered and annihilated with those brilliant ideals?

Sure enough, without looking at him to the last second, there is no way to know...

That night, the dragon and the unicorn fell asleep again surrounded by the familiar atmosphere of the forest, holding hands, as if returning to their innocent childhood - until the next morning, when the unicorn fell among the leaves I opened my eyes in the warm sunshine and saw the message painted by the light:

"If possible, I would like to be the last king of Arcadia, because in such a happy new world, whether it is a king or "Theramore", there is no need at all. "

Aspros lay on the grass, raised his hand to cover his eyes, still unable to stop the tears of the dyke burst.

So, that guy is the most annoying in the world, the kind of fool who can't help but cry...the most annoying...

—Fan outside —