"Yanshi" series


The intern reporter Cheng Mo accidentally met Xia Qingshi, a descendant of Yanshi. Not only did he see the exquisite Yanshi magical skills, he was also involved in the disputes between the descendants of Yanshi in modern society. I also discovered the secret that Xia Qingshi is not willing to tell people easily... Xia Qingshi with a cold appearance and gentle heart, Lu Qingchen, who seems to be cynical and looks at Qian, and who is said to have long since disappeared. "Little Junior Sister" Gu Qingyan, why did the first door of Yanshi, which was once prosperous, disappear overnight? What happened between Xia Qingshi and Lu Qingchen and Gu Qingyan? As an ordinary person, how does Chengmo deal with this new world? After experiencing all sorts of unbelievable accidents and becoming close friends who live and die together, what will happen to Cheng Mo and Xia Qingshi? "Yanshi" series of unit dramas, take you into the light fantasy world of modern cities!


幻想 – 轻小说 无CP 现代 单元剧


[Full] Shimizu Wen, all ages can read.


Becca Wolf