"Yanshi·Live Heart"


Did you know that the tree also has a heart.


At the moment he saw Kuan, Cheng Mo almost cried out of emotion.

The round shape, the black and white fluff, the moist and innocent big eyes...It is really hard to believe that this product is actually made of wood and artificial wool.

Gungun is a Yanjia panda whose owner is Yanshi Xia Qingshi, and its "mission" is to help Chengmo, the king of garbage making, clean up the house.

The cause of the incident was that Master Xia Yan sent his "daughter" Xiao Li to attend the summer camp and then stopped by to find Cheng Mo, only to find that Cheng Mo, a lazy pig, was lying in piles of domestic garbage to pick up papers. The manuscript is to track the problem of private logging in Changbai Mountain and destroying the natural ecological environment. It is very important, and Chengmo rushes to the fore.

So Cheng Mo Sapo rolled around and asked Xia Qingshi to make him a hard-working robot sweeping.

At that time Cheng Mo didn't think Xia Qingshi could agree. Unexpectedly, a few days later, Xia Qingshi really made one for him, it was this Yanjia panda——Kungun.

Xia Qingshi is a descendant of Yanshi, possesses rare skills, a pair of masterful hands is omnipotent, and can even create a doll that is the same as a living person-his "daughter" Xia Xiaoli. It was also because of Xiao Li that Cheng Mo and Xia Qingshi, who were intern reporters, met by chance. Xia Qingshi is a guy who is alienated from others, because of all kinds of past, he is very repulsive from contact with strangers. Cheng Mo also took a lot of effort to win the trust of Master Xia Yan. Xia Qingshi had a bottom line that he could never touch anyway--he only used Yanshu to do the right thing.

For an honest and diligent person like Xia Qingshi, it is definitely not the right thing to have hands and feet but not clean up the house by himself. So when Xia Qingshi really gave Gungun to Cheng Mo, Cheng Mo almost dropped his jaw in surprise. Unexpectedly, his savage jokes could really move Xia Qingshi to make an exception for him.

When accepting Gun Gun from Xia Qingshi, Cheng Mo said to Xia Qingshi movedly: "Brother Qingshi, how can I repay you for being so kind to me?"

Xia Qingshi was silent for a few seconds and replied, "Don't be abusive."

Cheng Mo immediately patted his chest and said, "How can I be so kind to abuse small animals!" He pulled Xia Qingshi's sleeves again and said that Xia Qingshi was so kind to him that he had to "repay him with her body".

Xia Qingshi stared at Cheng Mo for a long while, and pulled away the paw that was holding on to him in disgust, "...Can you not get so close, goosebumps are all up."

"..." Cheng Mo had to roll to the corner of the house full of garbage.

As a result, after fighting for three days and three nights with the waste paper, lunch boxes, snack bags, and empty beverage bottles of Chengmo's family like mountains and seas, he angrily jumped onto Chengmo's gas stove.

"I've had enough!"

Cheng Mo, who was awakened by the panda's grief and indignation, looked at the panda, who was standing on the gas stove with his gnashing teeth and gnashing his teeth, as if he was going to die with him, with his head and dark circles under his eyes. Can speak human words!"

Xia Qingshi can make puppets that are indistinguishable from living things, which Cheng Mo knows. But Cheng Mo never thought that Xia Qingshi could still be a panda who can speak human...not to mention that this panda is not a panda for sweeping the floor! Why should a sweeping panda have personality and speak human words? ! If he could speak human words, he would complain... Cheng Mo finally had a deep understanding of Xia Qingshi's phrase "Don't be abusive".

Maybe it's really messy and messy that I feel very depressed...

Therefore, when Cheng Mo deeply reviewed his crimes of lying in bed for seven consecutive days, writing manuscripts and throwing rubbish on the ground for the 101st time, Gungun finally told him a story.


Gungun said: "I have a close friend who lives on each other, but he gave me the chance of survival."

Gungun is not the only Yanjia panda.

It is said that the wood used by Xia Qingshi to make Yanjia Panda is a pair of twin trees, which have been absorbing the essence of heaven and earth for thousands of years, and a pair of wood spirits have been born over time. One of them is Gumbling, and the other is Gumbling’s best friend-Cannon. However, Xia Qingshi locked the artillery in the dark corner, not allowing him to come out, let alone seeing him in rolling.

"He dislikes the ugly appearance of the artillery." Kuanguin told Cheng Mo solemnly.

There is a jet black mark on the cannon, which is right in the heart. Kugun said that Xia Qingshi put the artillery on the shelf for this reason.

Throughout the whole time I felt the deep feelings between myself and my best friend, and angrily criticized Xia Qingshi for this process of not talking about panda power, Kuanguo grabbed his stubby and cute little neck in pain. The appearance made Cheng Mo illusion that he had seen it. A panda version of the horse leader.

Kugun said to Cheng Mo: "If you don't let Yanshi release the cannons, I will burn your house."

"He locked up your best friend and blamed my house?!" So Cheng Mo quickly turned off the gas main valve, and decisively grabbed the cold panda from the gas stove and carried it back to Xia. Qing Shijia.

At 3:30 in the morning, Cheng Mo grabbed a plump and fluffy Yanjia panda with his left hand, and knocked on Yanshi Xia Qingshi's door with his right hand. Then Xia Qingshi woke up expressionlessly and blasted to the ground.

Xia Qingshi said disgustedly: "You are the first person I have ever seen to be fooled by a wood panda, and you have refreshed the stupid boundary."

Xia Qingshi personally confirmed that there was no second Yanjia panda at all. He did have a pair of twin trees in his hand, but he kept the other twin tree in place from beginning to end.

"So this guy is just telling stories to coax me to bring him back?!" Cheng Mo squatted at the door holding his head, watching the billowing crouching on the sofa and gnawing bamboo shoots, wishing to find a piece of tofu and hit him to death.

If Xia Qingshi didn’t make Gungun so vivid, then Gungun would be just an ordinary sweeping panda; if Gungun was just an ordinary sweeping panda, there would be no wisdom to deceive human beings, so Chengmo would not become The people who were deceived by the wood panda-in short, it was Xia Qingshi's fault. Cheng Mo is so shameless.

However, Xia Qingshi said that Gungun is different from other Yanjia.

Xia Xiaoli is the crystallization of Xia Qingshi's skills as a Yanshi. It is Yanjia's soul and personality that Yanjia feels the feelings and hard work that Yanshi has poured into it, but Billowing is possessed by the wood spirit of the log. All the behaviors and consciousness exhibited by Gungun originated from the wood spirit of the twin tree. The Yanjia created by Xia Qingshi was just a torso, which provided the wood spirit with the convenience of materialization.

Cheng Mo asked Xia Qingshi why he only made one panda when he had two logs.

Xia Qingshi was quiet for a while after hearing the words, and replied: "Because there is only one'live heart'."

There is a decisive element for Yanjia to successfully "live"-Yanshi call it "live heart". The raw materials for making "Huoxin" are hard to find. It is impossible to make two lifelike Yanjia pandas with only one "Huoxin".

Among the two twin trees, Xia Qingshi finally chose Kungun.

When she said this, Xia Qingshi kept her back to Cheng Mo.

Following his gaze, Cheng Mo saw the lonely back sitting in the corner rolling across the wall, and the pair of fluffy round ears seemed to be still shaking.

Suddenly Cheng Mo had something to say, "Could it be that there is no way to find another'live heart' to reunite the two of them?"

Xia Qingshi did not answer this question immediately.

That day, Master Xia Yan, who had always been cold and estranged, did not sweep Cheng Mo out in the dark early morning as usual. Instead, he threw a pillow, a blanket, and a self-circulating power-powered night light for him. He made an exception and let him rush to close together. Sleep on the sofa for a while.

Cheng Mo was flattered by this rare warmth and care, and he hugged the pillow and blanket and nested it on Xia Qingshi's sofa.

As a descendant of Yanshi, Xia Qingshi has countless exquisite objects in his family. Cheng Mo had been begging Bai Lai several times to squeeze in for a "long-term interview", but Xia Qingshi directly threw them out. Now I finally have the opportunity to add a drape to Xia Qingshi's sofa... Cheng Mo suddenly lost his sleepiness, and his eyes turned around the room.

The light of the night light is warm and soft.

In the dim light, Cheng Mo suddenly saw billowing.

Standing blankly in front of the warehouse where Yanshi stored logs, his thoughtful appearance was a bit sad and seemed very lost.

He stood silently for a long time, turned around, and walked up the stairs without saying a word.

Suddenly Cheng Mo felt a little scary, and yelled nervously to follow him.

Kugun suddenly turned his head and gave Cheng Mo a secretive sneer. "I'll be back!" He flexibly climbed to the top of the stairs, as if just playing with the climbing frame in the panda park.

Cheng Mo asked him what he meant. He continued to laugh strangely, then jumped off the stairs and broke his neck.

Cheng Mo was shocked.

He just witnessed the suicide scene of a Yanjia panda.

A Yanjia panda became mentally disordered and lost hope of life...

Cheng Mo stared at the fluffy panda "corpse" for a long time before remembering to call Xia Qingshi in a hurry.

Yan Shi, who was awakened twice in one night, looked impatiently angry, and without hesitation, he directly stuffed a woodcut "pacifier" into Cheng Mo's mouth to block the yelling.

Cheng Mo, who had been working hard for a long time but couldn't open his mouth, began to cry and swear in his heart that he would not dare to disturb Xia Qingshi's sleep in the next life. But it seems to be too late.

Gungun not only broke his neck, but also broke the important support frame. Although Xia Qingshi quickly repaired his physical trauma, he couldn't wake him up anyway. Xia Qingshi said, forget it, anyway, there is a twin tree, it is better to make another one for Chengmo.

Cheng Mo was a little confused, "But didn't you say that there is only one'live heart'?"

Xia Qingshi held the billowing "corpse" without looking up, "Yes. That's why I have to dig out his heart before I can be the second one."


The second Yanjia panda will be ready a week later.

Cheng Mo hurried over after receiving Xia Qingshi's call, and saw the guns at Xia Qingshi's house.

From the appearance point of view, there is almost no difference between Cannon and Rolling, except that there is a blue and black mark on the chest of Cannon which is obviously not a change in coat color. Xia Qingshi said that this is a "birthmark" carried by the log itself.

Xia Qingshi told Cheng Mo that not every Yan Jia will be possessed by the Log Wood Spirit, but the twin trees he used to make the Gun Gun and Gun Gun are exceptionally different, given that Gun Gun already has the Wood Spirit. As for the precedent of possession, Cheng Mo probably needs to pay special attention to the artillery.

Cheng Mo hesitated whether to bring such a "dangerous" panda home, and finally lost to the laziness who didn't want to clean the room by himself. The manuscript for tracking the ecological damage of the Changbai Mountain is almost dead.

However, as Mo Huan happily carried the cannon home for a day, he began to realize that he had really made a mistake.

Quite different from the rolling, the artillery hasn't moved the broom since the first moment he entered the house. On the contrary, he made trash much faster than Cheng Mo. And he would use bamboo sticks to beat them into strangers to clean up the house. If Cheng Mo dared to neglect, it would be the second thing to be drawn. The crisis of being crushed by a mountain of garbage is much more serious than being chased by a cute panda holding a bamboo stick...

After being brutally devastated by the artillery gunner as the cleaning brother for three days without writing a word, Cheng Mo finally couldn't bear it, crying and took the artillery gun back to Xia Qingshi's home.

Xia Qingshi looked at Cheng Mo's miserable appearance, with an expression of "I have reminded you a long time ago" and took out the medicine box.

Cheng Mo cried so much that he couldn't wait for his nose and tears to be wiped on Xia Qingshi's sleeves, deeply reviewing his unwillingness to clean up the house and attempting to use the noble Yanshu to lazy crime, so he only knelt on the ground and begged Xia Yan to take the panda back.

At this moment, he heard Cannon sneer.

"When you asked Yanshi to dig out the rolling heart for your own selfish desires, did you think that there will be today?"

The laughter was too cold. Cheng Mo shivered with fright, turned his head and saw the cannon standing mournfully behind him, dragging the rolling "corpse" in his hands for some time.

On the cannon's chest, corresponding to the position of the heart, the bluish-black "birthmark" seems to be darker in color, and it has turned black and purple.

Xia Qingshi frowned deeply.

Cheng Mo immediately pointed to Xia Qingshi and said, "I didn't want him to do it, he did it himself." Selling his teammates in one second.

Cannon sneered, completely unmoved, still staring at Cheng Mo, "Have you ever thought that there will be today when you enslaved and cleaned the house for you?"

Cheng Mo was speechless for three seconds, and hugged Xia Qingshi's thigh, "Teacher Xia, help me!"

Xia Qingshi silently pulled this hopeless guy away. He stared at the cannon for a while, and then asked in a deep voice, "How did you promise me?"

"You didn't tell me that you were going to'kill' and roll!" When the cannon held his head high and stared back at Xia Qing, the dark shadows filled his eyes, and the darkness that reflected his heart became more and more gloomy.


While staring at Xia Qingshi, Cannon told Cheng Mo a second story.

Once upon a time, a pair of twin trees grew carefree in the spirit vein hinterland of Changbai Mountain, and a pair of wood spirits were born because of the absorption of the essence of heaven and earth. They were born together, hand in hand for a thousand years of winter and summer, and each regarded each other as the other half of their souls.

Until one day, two human Yanshi led a logging team into the mountain to dig out the twin trees.

Yanshi took the twin trees home and found that one of the trees was flawed. So Yanshi who disliked the flaw locked the flawed log into the closet and made the other log into a Yanjia panda. .

However, what Yanshi didn't expect was that the Yanjia panda, who finally had "life", discovered the secret of "live heart". The price for letting a close friend "live" can only be "die" by myself.

Therefore, the panda, who missed his best friend, decided to sacrifice himself and give the chance to "live" to his best friend. He jumped down the stairs of Yanshi's house and broke his neck.

"But this idiot doesn't know. The so-called best friend, no matter who loses whom, can't live alone. But I am different from him. I will not passively sacrifice and sacrifice." Cannon glanced at Xia Qingshi coldly.

The look in his eyes was very cold, and the fluffy and cute appearance could not hide the vicious light in his eyes.

Cheng Mo couldn't help shivering. "Don't you refute it?" He turned to ask Xia Qingshi.

What Pao Pao said was a bit different from what Xia Qingshi and Gungun said. Cheng Mo felt something was wrong.

Xia Qingshi looked thoughtfully at the fluffy panda in front of him. For a moment, he said in a low voice, "I can be another'live heart' so that Gungun can also get a body that can move freely, but I have one condition."

Xia Qingshi let the cannons and Kuankuan swear not to harm human beings.

Cannonball refused. "You don't have the right to negotiate terms with me. Don't think that you can be a creator by making this body. You are just my carpenter. You weren't born when I existed. And now, you have to do it. It hurt Gumgun to pay the price!" He sneered and suddenly lifted a thick bear paw and yanked it towards Xia Qingshi.

Almost reflexively, Cheng Mo wanted to push Xia Qingshi away - as a result, Master Xia Yan pushed him behind him and fell onto the sofa not far away.

At the same time, Xia Qingshi's unicorn jumped out, blocking the way of the artillery.

Seeing a panda and a unicorn staring at each other at the same time, the cute shape of the Q bomb can't stop the overflowing murderous aura. Cheng Mo Yiren got up from the sofa, rubbed his old waist that was almost broken, and stretched out his hand to hold Xia Qingshi's sleeve.

"Explain, will you die!" Cheng Mo yelled to Xia Qingshi depressedly. Cheng Mo didn’t know about the others, but there was one thing. The Xia Qingshi he knew was an upright person. A person who would rather die than stick to Yanshi’s way would never be able to lead a logging team into a nature reserve. Deforestation is such a thing.

Xia Qingshi was silent for a while, and sighed, "There is nothing to explain, the logging team was brought by Qingchen."

The next second, Cheng Mo couldn't stand still, and fell directly from the sofa to the ground.

Lu Qingchen, the boss of Lu Qingchen, a log appraiser, is also another descendant of Yanshi. He is Xia Qingshi’s "bad" apprentice—the label "bad" was put on by Cheng Mo, mainly because he was played so badly by Lu Qingchen before. It hurt Cheng Mo's simple and careful liver.

Cheng Mo felt that as long as Lu Qingchen was involved, there would be no good.

So Cheng Mo said forget it. What's the point of entanglement in the past? Everyone should look forward and look forward to really solve the problem... He asked Xia Qingshi how to find the raw materials to create a "live heart". ".

Xia Qingshi said that it is difficult to say that it is actually not that difficult. He only needs to go into the mountains to find a special kind of log seed. However, it's useless for the two of them to go there. Junior Brother Lu must help in this matter.

Xia Qingshi actually offered to ask Lu Qingchen for help. Cheng Mo couldn't believe it.

Because Xia Qingshi didn't like Lu Qingchen.

When Cheng Mo first met Lu Qingchen, he knew that this so-called junior and his senior brother Xia Qingshi were two completely different types of people. Compared to his senior brother Xia Qingshi, Lu Qingchen is a complete egoist. If necessary, he can use Yanshu to do anything. It is precisely because of such a huge difference in philosophy that Xia Qingshi shut Lu Qingchen out for a long time. If it wasn't something absolutely important, Xia Qingshi probably wouldn't say that he needed Lu Qingchen's help.

When Cheng Mo looked at Xia Qingshi's stern face, he felt a little hairy in his heart. For a moment, he especially wanted to dissuade Xia Qingshi, but finally he couldn't say what he said.

Half an hour later, Cheng Mo downcast saw Lu Qingchen with a bright smile appearing at the door of Xia Qingshi's house in a new sports car wearing a limited edition mechanical watch.

Boss Lu was very happy, put one hand on Xia Qingshi's shoulder, and repeatedly said why the brother finally wanted to open it, and even took the initiative to call himself to cooperate. Then after listening to the ins and outs, he pointed to Cheng Mo and smiled for a full minute.

Cheng Mo felt that Lu Qingchen was born to slap him in the face.

So Cheng Mo said angrily that Shi could be killed but not insulted. Even without Lu Qingchen's help, he could help Xia Qingshi find the log seeds.

Boss Lu smiled when he saw that he was really anxious, "I don't deny that you can do it. After all, there are such a powerful Yanshi as a brother. But things will be much easier and easier with my help. The key is-why should I help? What about you, what good is this for me?"

While saying these words, Lu Qingchen leaned back lazily on the sofa of Xia Qingshi's house, and stretched out his two long legs wrapped in high-order fashion comfortably.

Cheng Mo gritted his teeth with hatred, and wanted to cut his legs with a saw.

In the end, under the insistence of boss Lu’s unprofitable not early concept, Cheng Mo Hanhen agreed to give Lu Qingchen a free assistant for three months.

After pressing Cheng Mo to sign the "Deed of Selling Body", Lu Qingchen slowly smiled and looked at Xia Qingshi again. He said to Xia Qingshi: "Brother, you can think clearly. If you want to find another log seed suitable for them, you must take them back to'there'. Once you take them back, you will be caught by Wood Spirit. I found that you broke the promise. For Yanshi, it is not a good thing to break the oath to Mu Ling."

Xia Qingshi didn't say anything, just gave him a nonsense look, and threw three printed electronic tickets on him.


The "where" Lu Qingchen said was in the depths of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve where Pao Pao and Billowing used to grow.

Along the way, Cheng Mo was forced to carry the rolling "corpse" on his back, and he felt that he was almost crushed into a pool of flesh.

At the same time, Pao Pao gnawed the bamboo leisurely on one side, and from time to time he took the bamboo to pump his ass into a mob, expressing his dissatisfaction with the speed of travel.

Until a relatively open woodland, the artillery suddenly became excited, and forcefully pulled away Cheng Mo who was still in the way, and ran towards the center of the woodland.

Just in the woodland Gaixin, there is a huge tree stump, the roots are still deeply entrenched, it is obviously an old tree that has passed through the years. The tree was chopped down by someone, and dry annual rings are still exposed on the neat fracture.

Pao Pao leaned on the stump with his head down, his face pressed against the veins of the annual ring, and he hadn't made any movement for a long time, until Cheng Mo almost thought that he had become one with the old tree.

"What are we doing here against a big tree stump?!" Cheng Mo was finally too tired to carry it, and "unloaded" billowingly on the ground.

This non-gentle movement immediately drew angry eyes from the guns.

Lu Qingchen glanced at Xia Qingshi, "Brother, do you want to tell him?"

Xia Qingshi's face was stern.

So Lu Qingchen gracefully patted the leaves falling on his shoulders and told Cheng Mo a story.

The story of Lu Qingchen happened seven years ago.

At that time, Xia Qingshi would often smile softly, and Lu Qingchen was still the brother who trusted the most. At that time, Master’s precious daughter and Xia Qingshi’s most distressed little junior sister Gu Qingyan was still there, and the Shimen family of four was happy and happy.

That day, it was the trial of Junior Junior Sister.

The content of the trial is to personally select a suitable log to make your own "Yanling". The arrogant little junior sister decided to go to the spiritual veins in the depths of Changbai Mountain to find the best logs, and the two seniors were relieved to follow.

"Yanling" is the masterpiece closest to his soul in Yanshi's life. For this reason, he needs to be extra cautious in the selection of logs. Master Yan believes that everything has spirituality. If you want to create a "living" Yan Jia, you must gain the trust of the wood spirit, and more importantly, you must be able to control the wood spirit.

At that time, Xia Qingshi advised the younger sister, that unlike any other Yanjia, Yanling will grow up with Yanshi. Even the insignificant Yanling at the moment, as long as Yanshi himself keeps on diligently, Yanling will grow more and more. powerful. Therefore, as a newcomer who has just started a teacher, he should be cautious and avoid being greedy enough to force him to provoke a wooden spirit that he cannot control.

But the younger sister did not take the advice of the big brother to heart.

The little junior sister who had just entered the forest area was immediately attracted by the strange sound coming from the depths of the forest.

It is a towering ancient tree that has grown in the depths of the spiritual vein for thousands of years. The natural aura of heaven and earth gathered in it, forming a powerful wood spirit with amazingly powerful abilities. And the wood spirits who have witnessed too much killing and felling in the long years have no kindness to the humans who invaded the forest.

The little junior sister of the newborn calf insisted on conquering the powerful wood spirit beyond his control ability, but instead was suppressed by the wood spirit and almost swallowed.

It was Xia Qingshi who tried her best to surrender Mu Ling and rescue the little sister.

At the same time, Xia Qingshi entered into a contract with Mu Ling.

Mu Ling promised that Xia Qingshi would never harm humans from now on. In exchange, Xia Qingshi would take back a pair of twin trees that grew under the shade of the ancient woods and protect them carefully to prevent them from being harmed by humans. Be strong enough to return them to the mountains and forests.

The pair of twin trees are the bonbons and the cannons.

"Wait a moment--"

Hearing this, Cheng Mo couldn't help but interject. Xia Qingshi promised a wooden spirit to protect Gungun and Cannon-and then made Gungun and Cannon into two sweeping pandas... What's wrong? !

Cheng Mo squatted madly on the ground and asked Xia Qingshi why.

Xia Qingshi refused to give any explanation. Without seeing it as a stranger, he walked straight forward and reached out his hand to stroke the chopped tree stump. "It's been a few years since it was cut down, and Wood Spirit has long been here." He touched the fine annual rings on the stump and frowned.

"Yeah, it's a bit troublesome. What kind of person is so capable, the senior brother was only a narrow win back then." Lu Qingchen's lips curled up with a smile.

"You two speak human words!" Cheng Mo yelled in angrily.

Seeing that Xia Qingshi never intended to explain, Lu Qingchen condensed his expression a little, and said: "The log seeds that can create a'live heart' must remain pure, but the wood spirit that used to protect the mountains and forests is no longer there. The new guardian wood spirit It hasn't appeared yet. Losing the protection of the wood spirit means that the entire mountain forest is likely to have been polluted, that is to say—"

"We may not be able to find the materials to make the "Live Heart"." Cheng Mo glanced at the "corpse" that was lying on the ground, and sat down on the ground.

Inexplicably, he sank a little bit, still a little chilly.

Although these two pandas are a bit annoying, now that they have come to this point, Cheng Mo is still a little bit disappointed when he thinks that he can't come alive.

Cheng Mo looked up at Xia Qingshi.

However, Xia Qingshi said nothing.


Contamination of the log seeds used to make "Huoxin" is very dangerous, and it will directly affect Yanjia's behavioral response. Lu Qingchen suggested that instead of taking a risk, it is better to go back first and take a long-term view.

The guns were the first to express their opposition.

The fluffy panda was sitting on a wooden stake holding the "corpse" of his best friend and resolutely refused to move a step, clamoring to stay in his hometown.

Xia Qingshi didn't seem to hear Cannon's complaint. He just turned his head to look at Lu Qingchen, "Junior Brother Lu, do you have anything to say to me?"

Lu Qingchen was quiet for two seconds, and suddenly became happy. "Hey, you got caught by brother." He shrugged indifferently, spread his hands, and didn't justify himself. "Yes, I do have a log seed here, which was secretly left back then. Brother, you always It's very embarrassing for me to be so insightful."

Lu Qingchen went on to tell the unfinished story.

Mu Ling hoped that Xia Qingshi would transplant the twin trees because he felt that his strength was exhausted day by day, and was afraid that he would not be able to protect the twin trees. Mu Ling found that the twin trees had already shown signs of decay due to the destruction of their natural aura, and the twin trees were his successors. They should shoulder the mission of continuing to protect the forests after his death. If they were destroyed, the consequences would be disastrous.

Mu Yiyi knew of Xia Qingshi's righteousness as a Yanshi, and was willing to give Xia Qingshi all his trust. But Mu Ling didn't trust Lu Qingchen. Lu Qingchen in his youth was a guy who refused to stick to the old rules. He was unwilling to just inherit the things left by his elders. He always had countless thoughts. Mu Ling was worried that Lu Qingchen would have the idea of hitting the twin tree.

In the process of going deep into the hinterland of the spirit veins, Lu Qingchen privately hid the log seeds of the twin tree.

Mu Ling was worried that Lu Qingchen would use the log seeds to make the twin trees into his own Yanjia puppets, and insisted that Lu Qingchen hand over the log seeds.

So Lu Qingchen handed a log seed to his senior brother Xia Qingshi-the one Xia Qingshi used to make the "live heart" for Gungun and Cannon.

However, the log seeds of the twin tree were paired pairs. Lu Qingchen insisted that he had only found one log seed, and hid the other one, and kept it until today.

"Brother, you have always known that I hid a log seed. You asked me to'help' from the beginning because you know this. As long as you have me, you won't worry about not being able to make a second one. The raw material for the'live heart'." After telling the story, Lu Qingchen fixedly looked at his senior, with an interesting smile on his face, as if he didn't care about being exposed by Xia Qingshi's "crime" of privately hiding log seeds. But more interested in Xia Qingshi's reaction. "I don't understand, why do you want to do this, brother?" He asked Xia Qingshi: "Since I acquiesced in the private possession of log seeds, why do you want to go back in this way today?"

Xia Qingshi's face was as sinking as water, and she said quietly, "I did it because I believed in you. I do it now because I believe in you."

Lu Qingchen chuckled and pointed at the two pandas who were still sitting on the stump and refused to move their nests with their chins. "One of the twin trees is completely rotten. I can see it. Brother, you can't help but You know. It's a life that shouldn't survive anymore, so why are you so stubborn?"

When Cheng Mo heard this, he turned his face and glanced at the black birthmark on the mouth of the gun. I don’t know if it’s a psychological effect. The black mark seems to be deeper, and the blood-like viscous liquid will drip down at any time... and the panda holding the companion’s “corpse” also stares expressionlessly. There was thick boiling in their big and deep eyes. Cheng Mo shuddered involuntarily, and shrank a little by Xia Qingshi's side very hopelessly.

Faced with the doubts and persuasion of his junior brother, Xia Qingshi was obviously unmoved. "I have promised to reunite their brothers."

Lu Qingchen shrugged disapprovingly, "You promised to take good care of the twin trees at the beginning. Didn't you make them into Yanjia--you gave them to this kind of useless firewood." Mo said.

"Qingchen." Xia Qingshi frowned.

"Brother, I don't want to argue with you anymore. I'm actually quite tired after arguing for so many years--and I can't beat you at all, so I don't need to toss about it." Lu Qingchen sighed. He said and touched the mechanical watch on his left wrist.

Every time I see Lu Qingchen's watch, Cheng Mo will feel a burst of hatred from the heart. But Cheng Mo never saw Lu Qingchen "open" that watch.

Now he saw Lu Qingchen gently flicking the pointer on the dial. The watch made a soft "crack", and a small, long, dark grid protruded from the side. What the hidden grid stores is a crystal-clear log seed, only half the size of a fingernail, and faintly exuding blue-green brilliance.

At the moment when he saw that incredible seed, Cheng Mo only felt a "thump" in his heart, stunned and stared, and he forgot about his natural enemies who should have seized the opportunity to complain.


Xia Qingshi, who had obtained the log seeds, said that he would immediately make the "live heart" and let Cheng Mo and Lu Qingchen wait quietly, not to disturb him-especially Cheng Mo.

Feeling that he was disgusted by Master Yan, Cheng Mo squatted aggrievedly and drew circles in front of the panda for a long time. Finally, after night fell, he was shivering constantly by the cold of the mountains and forests, so he had to jump and jump to make a fire to keep warm—— Then Lu Qingchen kicked and threw his mouth full of dirt on his ass.

After Boss Lu seriously despised this stupid act of wanting to start a fire in the forest reserve, he took out a folding heating stove and turned it on and turned the switch twice.

As soon as the stove was set up, Cheng Mo was moved by the warmth on his face and tears filled his eyes--then Boss Lu raised his leg and kicked him to the side.

Boss Lu threw two pieces of warm babies to Chengmo and said: "The place is not big enough, you should squat and stick warm babies on the side."

Cheng Mo cried while tearing the warm baby while complaining: "You dominate the heater alone, you are a beast!"

Lu Qingchen said, "I'm not alone. There are still two national treasures."

So Cheng Mo watched Pao Pao, Kuo Pao (the "corpse"), and Lu Qingchen sitting in a circle around the heater. His predecessor, the cleaning brother Pao Pao, was grilling the heater comfortably, and Lu Qingchen fed Pao Pao. Tore the bamboo shoots...

"...Lu Qingchen, I'm going to the Labor Insurance Bureau to complain about your abusive assistant!" Cheng Mo shivered, trying to keep his upper and lower teeth from fighting.

Boss Lu was very happy, "Go, what evidence is there?"

"You are jealous that I have a good relationship with Xia Qingshi!" Cheng Mo stuck his tongue out.

"Tsk," Lu Qingchen raised his eyebrows, "You don't know where to squat to get milk while I have a bowl of dinner and a pillow with my brother and I sleep."

"Oh, you stupid humans..." Cannon sighed with contempt while gnawing on the bamboo shoots.

When the two pandas quarreled with each other, Xia Qingshi came over with an angry expression. "Don't you know how to write the word'quiet'?" Master Xia Yan hugged Gungun with both hands, gave Cheng Mo a very unhappy look, and turned to call Lu Qingchen to come and help him.

So Cheng Mo finally squeezed to enjoy the care of the stove after Lu Qingchen was called away with gratitude.

About midnight, Xia Qingshi finally finished the "surgery" for Gungun.

Cannon looked very excited, and he couldn't wait to jump on it and hugged it.

Kugun who regained consciousness was not so excited. "I want to thank you. For the sake of helping us, I don't care about throwing us at that idiot sweeping the floor." When he said these words, he looked straight at Xia Qingshi, obviously looking up. The angle actually gave birth to some condescending meaning, and the billowing lonely because of missing a close friend before is totally different...

Even if he says "thank you", this guy clearly doesn't care at all!

Cheng Mo was so surprised that his eyes almost came out of the window. Suddenly remembered what Kuan Gu said before "suicide"... Does this guy have a calculation?

Xia Qingshi was not surprised by the abnormal performance of Gumwan, and only quietly said: "What you mean is that you don't intend to honor the agreement between us."

"We didn't do anything like betraying our promises." With a billowing face, there was a trace of undisguised hatred in his big round eyes. "For thousands of years, Yanshi and us have always been with each other. Reliance on faith, however, as mankind is turning more and more fierce destruction into evil, you are on the side of mankind and assist those wicked people to wreak havoc on forests. Compared to my little deception, your betrayal is the real one. Unforgivable." He said, turning around, spreading out his fluffy arms, and sneered, "Actually, you also understand that Yanshi's line is about to be extinct. This is a damnation, it's a betrayal to your allies. If you lose the trust of the Wood Spirit, you will only have a dead end."

"Wait, your logic isn't right..." Cheng Mo held his forehead and couldn't help but spit out: "What you said is true. What does it have to do with Xia Qingshi? The bad things are not Xia Qingshi doing. of!"

"You stupid human being, I haven't settled accounts with you yet." Hearing the voice, he turned his head and stared at Cheng Mo, and snorted coldly. I will bless you well-I wish you can only work hard for the rest of your life without making a fortune."

"Your writing blessing is pronounced as a curse!" Cheng Mo almost burst into tears, wishing to pounce on the panda who cursed him for not getting rich.

Xia Qingshi stretched out her hand to Cheng Mo to get it back.

Xia Qingshi said to Gungun: "You promised that I can't hurt human beings. A promise is a promise. I didn't violate the promise I made, and neither can you."

Unexpectedly, Billowing tilted his head, grinning with a weird smile.

"Then if you die, this agreement won't exist."

He suddenly let out a roar, and fiercely rushed towards Xia Qingshi.

Xia Qingshi didn't even take a step back.

At the moment when the billowing bear's paw was about to slap Xia Qingshi's face, the artillery rushed up to stop the billowing attack in front of Xia Qingshi.

The artillery persuaded him to go. Xia Qingshi had never done anything bad, and indeed helped them. It was against Xia Qingshi's act to take action. He told Kugun to give up his idea of revenge against Yanshi and human beings, stay with him in his homeland, and guard the mountain forest where they grew up since childhood.

However, Gungun just sneered. "My friend, do you really think this is enough?" He pointed to the thick stump that had been cut off and asked, "Did you not see it? This is a wood spirit that is stronger and longer than you and me, but It still fell to this end. It must be a powerful Yanshi who can achieve this level. To this day, they are still doing this kind of work for the tiger. It is our bounden duty to protect the mountains and forests. How can we ignore it? Let alone, let alone guarding the hometown, sooner or later you and I will have to follow in the footsteps of those dying of the same kind." He said viciously, refusing to listen to any excuses at all, then let out a dull roar, and launched an attack on Xia Qingshi.

Cheng Mo had never seen a panda fight. Before that, his impression of pandas had always been that they were lazy and round, especially cute, lying in the zoo, basking in the sun and eating bamboo... But now, there is a giant panda that is more ferocious than the blind bear is facing Xia Qingshi violently. Throwing and biting.

Cheng Mo felt that his cute impression of the national treasure was completely overturned. He asked Lu Qingchen to help.

Boss Lu, who watched the whole process, held his hands and curled his lips, "I warned him, this piece of wood has already rotten from the'heart'. It is he himself who insists on not listening."

Cheng Mo reacted for a second, his eyes widened in horror. "The problem in the twin tree is not a cannon, but a billow...?" Cheng Mo was a little unacceptable. Although the facts are in front of his eyes, and his behavior is obviously more abnormal, he always thinks that the log in question is a black gun. So, the truth is always different from what it looks like. Yan control is easy to die early... Cheng Mo pinched Lu’s boss on the shoulder and shouted: "Don’t be arrogant. The panda beating wildly to prove it!"

Lu Qingchen pulled Cheng Mopa aside in disgust. "I can't take action. This is the battle of the senior brother." He sullenly stared at Xia Qingshi, who continued to avoid all kinds of attacks and refused to fight back. "Yanjia backlash is also a common occurrence. As a Yanshi , If you can’t tame the Yanjia he made and get killed, it can only mean that he is not qualified to be a Yanshi.” He suddenly laughed ambiguously, “My brother, I’m good at everything, but I can’t think about it. Persist in doing the right thing. But doing the right thing will inevitably be hard and dangerous."

"You Tsundere can still derive so many justice reasons..." Cheng Mo furiously fought fiercely with the scared self, yelled boldly, and was about to rush to Xia Qing. To help.

Before taking a step, Gungun turned his head and yelled at him.

With this roar, Mo's face was trembling, and he knelt directly on the ground with his legs weakened, and he didn't dare to open his eyes.

He felt that the rolling was coming at him. However, he heard another exhilarating roar. The artillery rushed up again, and the huge bear paw was severely pinched on the rolling shoulders.

He was actually rescued by the artillery that had been "abusing" him... Cheng Mo shrank back for a long time in horror, his hands and feet soft and unable to stand up.

The two pandas refused to give in and fought into a ball. Finally, the artillery gradually gained the upper hand, and rolled to the ground. "Why did you become like this?" Cannon raised his face sadly and let out a long roar, and bit on the side of Rolling Neck.

After rolling around and struggling for a few times, he gave up and stopped moving.

Xia Qingshi walked up and touched the head of Cannon. "You let him go, no matter how malicious he is, he will never hurt you. Because you are his only brother."


Xia Qingshi finally spoke and told an unknown story.

Most of the old trees that have grown in the mountains for thousands of years are difficult to survive when they are transplanted into completely different environments. After the twin trees were transplanted in Xia Qingshi that year, even though careful care and painstaking efforts were still unable to improve the fact that the twin trees continued to decline, the two twin trees festered from the center of the tree to varying degrees.

The fear of the death of life awakened the wooden spirits sleeping in the twin trees, so one of the wooden spirits sent a message to Xia Qingshi, who was a master of Yan, and made a request. This wooden spirit is billowing.

Gungun asked Xia Qingshi to make him and his best friends into Yanjia before the twin trees completely die, give them new bodies, extend their lives, and make an oath with Xia Qingshi that they will guard the natural mountains and forests carefully and never Hurt innocent humans at will.

At first, Xia Qingshi was very embarrassed, not only because he had promised the mountain wood spirit to properly transplant the twin trees, but also because he had only one log seed to create a "live heart" in his hand.

Only one "living heart" means that only one of the twin trees can become a Yanjia and obtain a "new life".

Kumun, please Xia Qingshi to rescue the gun first.

However, Xia Qingshi found that the rolling situation was more serious than the artillery. The destruction of nature by mankind has broken the balance of heaven and earth aura. The ancient trees that depend on the aura of nature have been polluted and corroded, which not only weakens the spiritual power of the wood spirit, but also affects the temperament of the wood spirit.

Whether the wood spirit dies with the death of the twin tree, or the wood spirit's temperament has changed drastically under the long-term erosion of natural destruction, it is by no means a good thing.

So Xia Qingshi decided to make Gungun into Yanjia first.

And this decision is obviously not understood by the rolling.

After listening to Xia Qingshi's cannonball silently, he let go of the bear's paw. But Kuangun rolled over and got up, turned his head very excitedly to protest Yanshi's disclosure of these secrets to the world. "Someday nasty humans will be punished for destroying nature!" He muttered angrily while rubbing his neck that was sore by the artillery, and then said viciously: "You will regret it if you trust humans!"

Cannon shook his head. "I don't trust humans." He glanced at Xia Qingshi, "but I still want to keep a little hope. After all, there are still people in this world who insist on doing the right thing. And I believe their persistence will always affect other people. ."

Pao Pao promised that Xia Qingshi would stay in the mountains with Gungun, guard the mountains and forests, and would never hurt innocent people casually.

Cheng Mo scratched his head and wondered what was wrong, "...Suddenly there are two pandas in the Changbai Mountains. This is not enough to attract a bunch of scientific research, onlookers, poachers, gossip..."

Lu Qingchen smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "It's okay, brother, didn't he think about it a long time ago."

Xia Qingshi asked Gungun He Pao Pao to sit down beside the chopped tree stump and opened the mechanism under the armpits of the two pandas. I saw a few slight "clicks", like gears turning. The torsos of the two pandas were sharply pulled up, and the black and white fluff was hidden and faded, replaced by fresh veneer and young leaves. The branches stretched out from their limbs and grew into new roots and crowns.

They "transformed" into two trees again-almost exactly the same as the previous twin trees, except that one of them had an extra black mark, while the other had two rows of tooth marks on the branches.

It turned out that Xia Qingshi had thought about it when he first designed the pandas. One day he will return to the mountains and forests. By then, their most natural posture will be the most suitable posture for them.

Before leaving, Cheng Mo couldn't help but look back at the two "panda trees", muttering to himself: "Can you really'plant' this time and live?"

Xia Qingshi was quiet for a moment, "They all have a'live heart' now."

"Then what if someone comes to chop again?" Cheng Mo asked worriedly.

"Your brain hole is too big." Lu Qingchen happily inserted in the middle and pushed Cheng Mo away from Xia Qingshi.

In an instant Cheng Mo didn't want to talk anymore.


After returning home, Cheng Mo's house spent three days and rushed to finish the manuscript of Changbai Mountain Eco...

"He won't." Xia Qingshi, who was polishing the wooden strips, did not look up.

Cheng Mo asked: "Why?"

Xia Qingshi paused, "Because he is my younger brother after all."

Cheng Mo slid in front of the laptop with the lollipop sent by Xiao Li and continued to think, "Since the wood spirit of the thousand-year-old tree is so powerful, how has it been chopped down by someone now? Billowing to say that he is a powerful Yanshi Did it really be yours?"


"And your little junior sister failed to surrender that wood spirit. Didn't she fail the trial of being a teacher? Then she later became her own Yanling?"

"...Why do you talk so much?" Master Xia Yan finally got unbearable and gave Cheng Mo an impatient look.

"There's also... Am I really cursed by the wood spirit?" Cheng Mo felt sad when he thought of the "blessing" of Gungun.

"You won't be able to make money for a lifetime. Just start something. Anyway, even if you don't get cursed by the wood spirit, you won't be able to make it." Xia Qingshi put down the work in his hand, and did not hesitate to pick up the little reporter's collar and take him out. drag.

"I'll ask the last question!" Cheng Mo unwillingly clung to the door, staring at Xia Qingshi's eyes and couldn't conceal his anxiety, "Since Kung Fu is such an important wooden spirit armor, why do you want him? Give me?"

Xia Qingshi seemed to be asked by him, and did not answer immediately. Instead, he watched him silently for a while, "Because you are a very simple and good person." Then, before Cheng Mo had time to be happy, Master Xia Yan He resolutely locked the door of the studio.

Three days later, Xiao Li returned from the summer camp and clamored for Cheng Mo to accompany her to the zoo to see the pandas. Cheng Mo, who had already developed a severe psychological barrier to the panda, said that he did not dare to enter the gate of the panda pavilion. The child said gloomily: "Don't throw rubbish, you will be beaten by a panda!"

So after Xia Qingshi brought Xiao Li from the panda house, he brought Cheng Mo home from the zoo management office.


The tree is also intentional. When you stretch out your hand, touch those old or young trunks and leaves, and listen sincerely, you will surely hear the vivid heartbeat, pulsating forcefully between heaven and earth, with one sound, one sound, and a long echo...