"Yanshi·Ling the Soul Lamp"


The touchstone of friendship is either money or love.


Intern reporter Cheng Mo has a string of wooden bracelets that he never leaves his hands. It is a gift from a childhood friend.

However, in the first year of college, Cheng Mo and this friend made a big fuss and said the cruel words of breaking off their friendship. Since then, they have never seen each other.

That can be said to be the most unpleasant episode in Cheng Mo's life, so much so that he never talked about it. Only that string of bracelets was kept by his side. No one wanted to touch it. He would never take it off even if he took a bath, lest he accidentally lost one of them.

This kind of complicated mood is really hard to describe, and perhaps only Cheng Mo can experience it. In many free time, he would look at the bracelet for a moment, think of many happy pasts, and think of long-lost old friends.

How is that person doing now? Are you still upset and distressed about what happened back then? Are you as uncomfortable as yourself? Or have you forgotten yourself?

Cheng Mo had no way of knowing, and he didn't dare to ask for confirmation. He could only quietly collect this string of bracelets, just like collecting a memory that he didn't want to touch easily but couldn't give up.

Except for Yanshi Xia Qingshi, that was the most important friend who became a stranger. In the first two years of breaking up, Cheng Mo often felt disappointed, as if a long-cherished place in his heart was suddenly hollowed out. It wasn't until he met Xia Qing that this lonely hunger was gradually filled and disappeared.

Although Xia Qingshi is a completely different person.

For Cheng Mo, Xia Qingshi as Yanshi is like a great mage who walked out of the legend, and Xia Qingshi’s home is a mysterious house full of magical treasures. Every step you take can be stepped on. To a wonderful treasure.

Under normal circumstances, Xia Qingshi did not allow Cheng Mo to search around in his own home. This aroused Cheng Mo's endless desire to explore, and on the contrary, like a pup who just watched his master not pay attention and would do something bad to brush up on existence, he carried Xia Qingshi on his back to play Raiders of Raiders.

When Xia Qingshi works behind closed doors, it is simply a treasure hunting paradise for young reporters.

That day, it was also a ghostly messenger, and Cheng Mo found a lamp covered with dust from the corner of Xia Qingshi's bookshelf.

This lamp seems to be very old, but its shape is unremarkable, not much different from the kerosene lamp that Cheng Mo had seen in his hometown when he was a child, and the lamp oil had already dried up.

So Cheng Mo wiped his hands cheaply.

Unexpectedly, the moment Cheng Mo's fingertips rubbed around the wick, the light suddenly turned on.

The sudden flames frightened Mo into a spirit, shaking his hand, he put the hand string on his left wrist on the flame. The place licked by the tongue of fire quickly scorched, and the bracelet was broken at that time, and it fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Cheng Mo was taken aback. He returned to his senses and watched the bracelet that fell on the ground for a long time. Then he hurriedly put the lamp back on the bookshelf and lay down on the ground to pick up the beads scattered on the ground.

When Xia Qingshi finished his work and walked out of the studio, at first glance he saw the little reporter pouting his butt and reaching out to reach the last bead that fell under the bookshelf.

The lamp that was originally placed in the innermost corner of the bookshelf is now standing slantingly on the edge, looking like it will fall off at any time.

"Have you touched this lamp?" Xia Qingshi glanced at this obvious crime scene, and asked in a deep voice, "Did it light up just now?"

"No...no..." Cheng Mo shrank in fright, and hurriedly got up, even ignoring the last wooden bead that fell under the bookshelf. "I... just look around, and didn't touch anything!" He hid the broken bracelet behind his back with a guilty conscience, not daring to look up Xia Qingshi's eyes. However, the panic and uneasy emotions could not be hidden.

Xia Qingshi didn't ask questions, just glanced at him and asked him to go to the front yard to play with his daughter Xiao Li, and then returned to the studio.

Cheng Mo was about to be amnesty, and ran away in a hurry.

But it didn't take long before Xia Qingshi came to him with a new string of bracelets, dragging him the last wooden bead under the bookshelf in his palm.

"I think your bracelet is broken, so I made a new one for you. It just so happens that the log this time is a good huanghuali, a bit of scraps was wasted, it's a pity." Xia Qingshi's bracelet and the wooden bead Pass them to Chengmo together.

Cheng Mo was stunned for a moment.

The acquaintance of Xia Qingshi and Cheng Mo was an accident.

By chance, Cheng Mo discovered the identity of Xia Qingshi's successor to Yanshi by chance, so he wrapped her face up and insisted on following up and interviewing Xia Qingshi for a long time. Xia Qingshi was repulsive at first. Cheng Mo didn't know how much energy it took to finally make Xia Qingshi accept his existence. However, it is probably limited to acceptance. Cheng Mo always felt that Xia Qingshi did not consider himself a friend. In the eyes of Master Xia Yan, being clumsy is probably always a troublesome trouble.

But this time, Xia Qingshi discovered in detail that his bracelet was broken. With Xia Qingshi’s so alienated and cold personality, not only will he pay attention to him, but he will also actively give him a new bracelet. Although I still have to say that I just don’t want to waste leftovers, this is probably what Xia Qingshi can do. The most blatant concern and good show to me.

Did Xia Qingshi finally start to treat him as a friend?

This cognition called Cheng Mo so moved that his tear glands broke down in an instant, so that he had forgotten all the stupidity he had just committed, and he had not considered the possibility of being discovered by Xia Qingshi too early.


The childhood friend who gave the old bracelet to Chengmo was named Qin Chuan.

Qinchuan’s family and Chengmo’s family are neighbors. They are in the same class from kindergarten to high school. Wen Jing said that this can probably be regarded as a bamboo horse. Cheng Mo always thought that Qin Chuan would be the best buddy in his life, and nothing was hidden from Qin Chuan.

On the day when he got the bracelet from Qin Chuan, Cheng Mo wiped his nose and tears on Qin Chuan's clothes through his drunkenness, and swore to the sky to be a good brother forever. However, Cheng Mo at that time did not expect that this would always be cut off by himself so soon.

In high school, Cheng Mo fell in love with Meng Tian, the school girl in the next class, and naturally discussed with Qin Chuan how to pursue it.

That was Cheng Mo's first love. For the first time, the two teenagers got together and started talking seriously about a certain girl. Qin Chuan was also very active, as passionate as he was in love, and encouraged Chengmo to write a love letter confession. When Meng Tian accepted the love letter and promised to associate with Cheng Mo, Qin Chuan also behaved very happy, as happy as his dream came true, and accompanied Cheng Mo to celebrate.

As a result, Cheng Mo was dumped after only dating Meng Tian for a week. The girl said that she felt that Cheng Mo was still a kid at all. Although the words were not wrong, they still dealt a heavy blow to Cheng Mo's young boy's heart.

It was on that day that Qin Chuan accompanied Cheng Mo out to drink and cheer, and gave Cheng Mo this bracelet. At that time, Qin Chuan comforted Cheng Mo. Although there were no girls this time, at least there were brothers. Cheng Mo was so touched that he cried and vomited while holding Qin Chuan, rubbing other people's alcohol.

Later, Qin Chuan went to other provinces for the college entrance examination, and the two finally went to different universities. Cheng Mo still keeps calling Qin Chuan on WeChat every day, and he can chat for an hour with just a few words, even saying "The food in the cafeteria is unpalatable today". So that for quite a long time, Cheng Mo’s college students firmly believed that Cheng Mo had a long-distance girlfriend, and Cheng Mo shouted hoarsely to explain that this was really just a secretive expression when he was young. Smiling and comforting him: "Explanation is to cover up, everyone understands."

This close relationship has been maintained until the first reunion of high school classmates. That was also the first time Cheng Mo heard that Qin Chuan and Meng Tian were in the same university. In fact, Qin Chuan had already dated Meng Tian as early as high school, and it was later than Meng Tian and Cheng Mo’s breaking up. Not much, it is not a coincidence that the two went to the same university.

It's just that Qin Chuan never mentioned these things to Cheng Mo.

Cheng Mo was like a bolt from the blue.

He felt that he was deceived by good buddies.

However, he couldn't understand why Qin Chuan treated him this way? He just felt that every stupid thing he had said about his first love with Qin Chuan in retrospect was as stupid as an idiot.

The humiliation and anger of being played as a fool made Cheng Mo furious, and immediately rushed out of one hundred and eight thousand miles to face Qin Chuan with the momentum of "the original partner catching the traitor". Said it was a confrontation, in fact, the main thing was that Cheng Mo was angry and roaring on his own. After Qin Chuan admitted with embarrassment that he and Meng Tian had indeed been dating for a long time, Cheng Mo didn't give Qin Chuan any chance to speak.

Then Cheng Mo unilaterally cut off all the connections between the two, and never said a word to Qin Chuan. He even cut off the entire circle of high school classmates for this, just because he didn't want to have any intersection with Qin Chuan.

Cheng Mo originally wanted to throw away the bracelet symbolizing friendship, but he couldn't bear it no matter how he tried. Once, he just ruthlessly threw the string from the window on the twenty-fifth floor of the teaching building, and immediately felt terribly distressed. He even crawled downstairs and rummaged in the flowerbeds downstairs for a long time. , He just got back the string.

No one of my classmates knows the origin of this bracelet, let alone what meaning this bracelet has to Cheng Mo. I just think it is weird for Cheng Mo to treat an ordinary ten-yuan store accessory as a treasure, and they all use curiosity. Looked at him with her eyes.

Only Cheng Mo himself knew that this was his profound friendship for more than ten years, so he was so entangled and repeated, and he couldn't afford it and couldn't let it go.

But this bracelet was suddenly burned out.

The burnt-out bracelet is like a door of memory that is forced to open. Too many things that I don’t want to recall can no longer be closed, and they burst out like floodgates.

After coming back from Xia Qingshi’s home, Cheng Mo has been depressed. He was so drunk after drinking two bottles of beer. He rolled around in the middle of the night and kept calling Xia Qingshi. When he was hung up, he continued to replay again and again with perseverance. .

With his tongue out, he said to Xia Qingshi that the last person who gave him the bracelet had robbed his sister. He was worried that Xia Qingshi would turn his face with him because of her sister. In the end, he made trouble so much that he could not be friends, so if Xia Qingshi watched You must tell him which girl you get on, he will definitely know that it will not get in the way...and so on, until the phone is completely out of power, he curled up on the ground and fell asleep.


After waking up the next day, it was already noon.

Cheng Mo found out that his mobile phone number had been dragged into the blacklist by Xia Qingshi...

Facing a series of call records from the screen to the explosion in the call log, Cheng Mo couldn't wait to dig a hole in the ground immediately, and ran to Xia Qingshi's house before he even had time to put on his clothes again.

Cheng Mo knew that he had committed a fool again. Xia Qingshi is now more and more likely to think of him as a fool who will only add to the chaos. He has already lost a friend. What if Xia Qingshi also dislikes him and doesn't want to talk to him anymore?

Cheng Mo rushed to the door of Xia Qingshi's house in a frightened battle, and set himself upright in a seated posture, sincerely apologizing for drunkenness and harassment on the phone last night.

Xia Qingshi didn't look angry, nor was he as indifferent as before. Instead, he let Cheng Mo come in and sit down. He rarely made a cup of tea for Chengmo with enthusiasm and asked, "What did you dream about last night?"

Cheng Mo was startled for a moment.

He was so drunk last night that he didn't even know if he had a dream, and where he could remember what dream he had.

The blank expression on his face is no different from a confession.

Seeing him in a daze, Xia Qingshi didn't ask much, just watched him quietly finish the tea, let him go back to work with peace of mind.

"Don't take off the skewers."

Before leaving the house, Cheng Mo heard Xia Qingshi's advice.

Cheng Mo nodded, seemingly understandable, but actually saw a trace of worry on the face of Xia Qingshi's Wannian facial paralysis.

On the same day, Chengmo had an interview mission, which was to go to an Internet company to interview the executive president of the Asian region who had landed from the United States. Because of the hangover and going to Xia Qingshi to apologize, when Cheng Mo rushed into the company's door out of breath, it happened to hold down the last second of the agreed time.

If you are late, you have to be screwed off by the editor...

Cheng Mo took a deep breath, sorted out the crooked press card, raised his head, and saw the translator who came to receive him.

Then he was stunned.

The girl in front of her was dressed in a capable professional attire, but no matter how her temperament and dress changed, he would never fail to recognize it.

It turned out to be Meng Tian.

The accident came unprepared, Cheng Mo's knees softened and he almost knelt on the spot again.

Meng Tian obviously also had an unexpected expression, but she quickly regained her composure and took Cheng Mo to see the boss very professionally.

Throughout the interview, Cheng Mo felt like he was sleepwalking.

What a coincidence!

Just as he accidentally broke the bracelet Qin Chuan gave him, Meng Tian jumped out in front of him without warning, as if God was sincerely against him.

Almost the first moment after finishing the interview, Cheng Mo got up and fled.

Meng Tian chased after him out of the company's door.

"It's been so long, won't you buy me a drink?"

Because this shout was really loud, many people were already looking here in the crowd.

Cheng Moqing turned his head back mechanically, "Can I not please?"

"Then I'll buy you a drink." Meng Tian freely grabbed Cheng Mo by the arm and dragged the person into the coffee shop on the first floor of the company building.

Meng Tian ordered Cheng Mo a large cup of latte with heavy milk foam, and smiled and said it was a late apologize.

"Actually, I accepted you back then only to excite Qin Chuan. I was really muddled by using you in this way. Maybe it was because I did bad things that I got retribution. I already knew it was wrong. Come on, can you forgive me?"

When apologizing, the expression on Meng Tian's face was sincere.

Cheng Mo was deeply speechless for a while.

"I never blamed you."

From the beginning to the end, what Cheng Mo couldn't let go of was Qin Chuan hiding from him and Meng Tian. This kind of concealment made him feel that the people he thought were close friends actually didn't regard him as a friend at all.

"Qin Chuan...Is it okay now?" Cheng Mo was still hesitating in his heart, but the words had slipped from his lips.

"I went abroad in my sophomore year. I haven't seen him or contacted other classmates since then." Meng Tian raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Why are you asking me? Are you two good buddies? ?"

"...You two are not together?" Cheng Mo almost bit his tongue.

"Yeah." Meng Tian looked at Cheng Mo like a monster, "Because he says every day I feel sorry for you. Why didn't he tell you?"

Cheng Mo was speechless for a while, and opened his mouth several times, but he really didn't know what else to say.

Meng Tian glanced at Cheng Mo's wrist and smiled meaningfully: "Oh, you changed your new bracelet. No wonder."

Suddenly, Cheng Mo felt as if he had been stung. He didn't dare to look at Meng Tian again. He grabbed his backpack and ran away quickly.


That night, Cheng Mo dreamed of Qin Chuan.

To be precise, when both of them were still in elementary school.

In the summer vacation that year, he and Qin Chuan secretly went to the park to play with their parents behind their backs. They were blocked by a few older bad kids, trying to grab their pocket money and threatening to beat them both without giving it.

In order to protect him, Qin Chuan had a fierce fight with the bad boys and lost two unfinished baby teeth. His right arm was dislocated and hung there, unable to move. When he touched it, he barked his teeth and screamed...

Everything in the dream is too real. Cheng Mo could even smell the salty smell of summer sweat evaporating, and felt the two breathless breaths when Qin Chuan pulled him away.

There was also the sound of footsteps chasing after him. It's like something is following me closely. Cheng Mo looked back countless times, but couldn't see anything.

This feeling is extremely uncomfortable. Even Cheng Mo felt panic.

Cheng Mo suddenly woke up from his dream, and subconsciously held his wrist.

The bracelet Xia Qingshi made for him is still worn there, replacing Qin Chuan's old one.

Cheng Mo was in a daze for a while, and suddenly began to search through boxes and cabinets. He turned out all the wooden beads left on Qin Chuan's old hand string, and stared in front of him for a long time, finally lowered his head sadly and buried his face on his knees.

I don't want to admit it, he has always regretted it very much.

In fact, concealing nothing is just an excuse, but to make the anger that I can't hide seem more legitimate. In the final analysis, the reason for all the anger was only because he felt that Qin Chuan had deliberately robbed his girlfriend. So the self-esteem of the male instinct burned in anger and couldn't care about anything.

He even broke up with his brother because he was broken in love, because the girl he couldn't fall in love liked his brother, so he broke up with his good brother for more than ten years.

Instead of blessing Qin Chuan as Qin Chuan blessed him, he did not trust Qin Chuan at all, and he did not even give an opportunity to explain. He even indirectly caused Qin Chuan and Meng Tian to break up...

He is simply the most stupid idiot in the world.

The really unqualified friend is himself.

But he didn't even repent until today! If he went to Qin Chuan to apologize now, would Qin Chuan still be willing to forgive him...?

Cheng Mo hurriedly reached out and dialed a phone number.

This number is the same as my own mobile phone number, so it’s too familiar to me, and it’s useless to delete it. It's Qin Chuan's mobile phone number.

However, there is only a computer recording that is played repeatedly on the phone end.

"Sorry, the number you dialed is down."

Cheng Mo suddenly had a very bad premonition. It was as if the baby that was in my heart was suddenly hollowed out.

He subconsciously wanted to go to Qin Chuan's house and knock on the door. After two steps, he suddenly remembered that the whole family moved out as early as the year Qin Chuan went to other provinces to go to university.

He might really not be able to find Qin Chuan.


Cheng Mo harassed all the high school classmates he could find on his old classmates, looking for Qin Chuan's current contact information, but no one could give him the answer.

Everyone said that Qin Chuan had never contacted his classmates since he went to college. Later, Meng Tian broke up with him and went abroad. He seemed to have completely disappeared, and no one knew his news.

Then each one would ask Cheng Mo strangely: "Aren't you two good friends? Why can't you find him?"

Cheng Mo couldn't speak, he could only smile wryly.

In desperation, he had to ask Xia Qingshi to help him.

In Cheng Mo's cognition, I always felt that Xia Qingshi's Yanshu was omnipotent, and things like chasing people and things were just a piece of cake. As long as Xia Yan was willing, it would be no problem.

However, Xia Qingshi rejected him.

"You can't find him now, which means he doesn't want you to find him."

Cheng Mo was blocked for a long time and couldn't speak. He was extremely sad, but he had nothing to say.

That's right, although he has voluntarily severed contact with Qin Chuan in the past few years, he has never moved or changed his mobile phone number. As long as Qin Chuan wants to find him, he will be able to find it.

But Qin Chuan did not come to him either.

Since he had taken the initiative to break off relations with others at the beginning, why should people come and go when they are called?

Maybe Qin Chuan had already left his wonderful friend behind and started a new life. He is the only one still thinking about it.

And if he was determined to get Qin Chuan out, he could just jump on the train and rush to Qin Chuan's school to block people, just like when he quarreled and broke up. Why is he hesitant and timid?

Cheng Mo was so lost that he almost wanted to give up.

It happened that Xia Qingshi's junior brother Lu Qingchen ran to the senior brother's house to have a meal, and after hearing the ins and outs, Cheng Mo's lost soul smiled forward and backward.

"Don't be too discouraged. Sincerity is the best thing. As long as you are sincere enough, maybe your friend will come to you." Boss Lu smiled meaningfully.

Cheng Mo seemed to understand but he kept asking Boss Lu what this meant. Xia Qingshi didn't allow Junior Brother to talk any more, and only sent Cheng Mo home, so that Cheng Mo wouldn't think about it all day.

That night, Cheng Mo dreamed of Qin Chuan again.

In his dream, there is a beautifully decorated swimming pool. Qin Chuan is already a college student, working in a swimming pool.

He saw Qin Chuan helping Aunt Cleaner to tidy up the scattered life-saving equipment, but a six-ten-year-old boy sneaked into the deep water area.

It should be closed at that time. There were almost no people in the swimming pool, and everything was empty.

Qin Chuan found six children drowning in the deep water area and plunged into the water.

However, it would be too much for one person to save six children.

Only one of the six children barely knew how to swim, and the other five were all huddled together, pulling each other and sinking.

Qin Chuan rescued them all, but was kicked several times by the struggling child, sank to the bottom of the swimming pool, and failed to surface by himself.

The cold water poured into his lungs, as if all the heat was taken away in an instant, and the skeletal remains cold. The huge fear is so heavy that it almost crushes people. Cheng Mo felt the same way, as if he was locked in a small water coffin and had no way to escape.

Cheng Mo felt his eyes were staring at him. Ruoyoruowu's breath seems to be in the ears. The bracelet wrapped around his left wrist was like a circle of burning flames, which made him involuntarily frowning and strangling his wrist. He rushed for help in the deserted swimming pool, but received no response. Until there was nowhere to go, he faintly heard people calling his name.

Cheng Mo turned his head violently, but surprisingly saw Qin Chuan, who was standing upright sinking and floating in the water, staring at him with wide eyes.


Cheng Mo awakened from his dream shouting.

This dream was so terrifying that he couldn't help trembling involuntarily.

He felt extremely disturbed.

In the dream, Qin Chuan's eyes were deeply burned in his memory. Those eyes seemed to be weeping, and they seemed to be bleeding, soaked in silent sorrow.

Cheng Mo tremblingly climbed to the desk, turned on the computer, connected directly to the newspaper's database remotely, and began searching the news records of the past three years all night.

Until he finally found a small piece of tofu, saying that a college student working in a swimming pool in City B rescued six children who sneaked into the deep water area to play and almost drowned, but he was sent to so-and-so because of the lack of oxygen for too long. The hospital fell into a deep coma after the rescue, and the family members are discussing follow-up responsibilities with all relevant parties.

Otherwise, there are no waves. It seems that what sank into the water like this is not a living person, but just a pebble that is too light to be lighter. Or, it's the truth.

Cheng Mo's nose suddenly sore, and he couldn't help crying in front of the computer anymore.

Qin Chuan didn't leave him behind. It was not that he didn't want to come to him, but that he couldn't come at all.

Sure enough, he was the only one who left his friend capriciously.

And Qin Chuan, that good brother who has been taking care of his feelings tenderly, what happened to him after being cruelly thrown away by him...?

What an irreparable mistake he made!

I finally saw Qin Chuan with my own eyes, in the evening of the next day.

Cheng Mo rushed to the train station overnight, bought the first high-speed train that went directly to City B, and found the hospital mentioned in the news.

Qin Chuan was lying in the general ward, with many tubes inserted into his body, some were for infusion, some were for breathing, and many Cheng Mo didn't even know what they were used for. Qin Chuan's face no longer has the cheerful color of the past, only silence, sad silence.

It was like this when I saw my childhood friend again. Cheng Mo stood by the hospital bed, tears falling again in despair.

Then he heard a slight noise behind him.

Cheng Mo turned his head and saw Qin Chuan's mother standing there with a freshly washed plastic lunch box in her hand, staring at him blankly.

Qin Chuan is a child from a single-parent family, with his mother's surname, and only his mother since childhood. Every time Cheng Mo went to Qinchuan's house to play, Qinchuan's mother always greeted him for drinks and snacks, and often kept him for dinner. When I was a child, Cheng Mo always thought that Aunt Qin was the best aunt in the world. She was beautiful and gentle, and she cooked very well.

But Aunt Qin in front of her was so old that she didn't look like she was old, but in just four years, she turned out to be like two people. Grief and grievance left deep marks on her face. However, she smiled at Cheng Mo, still as usual, and greeted softly: "Come to play with Chuanzi again."

Hearing this sentence, Cheng Mo couldn't help it anymore, hugged Aunt Qin, and started crying loudly.

Aunt Qin told Cheng Mo that because several children sneaked into the swimming pool by sneaking through the windows during the retreat, the museum refused to take any responsibility. On the other hand, the parents of several children refused to admit their faults on the grounds that the children did not have mature judgment and did not have civil liability, and even more firmly refused to admit that Qin Chuan finally sank to the bottom of the water and failed to swim up and struggled. Those kicking his feet are directly related. Even the testimony of the cleaning lady is useless. They also raked in, accusing the museum of mismanagement and related staff dereliction of duty. After the museum closed, an unclosed window was left, which caused several children to walk in for fun. They even accused Qin Chuan of not being a professional lifeguard, and drowning was caused by substandard rescue methods.

The cost of Qin Chuan's hospitalization was extremely expensive, and in just two years, all of Aunt Qin's savings had been burned. The natatorium only came to sympathize symbolically once, but did not come anymore. The parents of those children even regarded Aunt Qin as a plague god and refused to meet, clamoring that this matter had nothing to do with them and asked Aunt Qin to go to the natatorium to file a lawsuit. The gentle aunt Qin can only accompany her unconscious only son to tears and frown every day.

Cheng Mo was almost mad.

Qin Chuan obviously saved the lives of six children on the basis of righteousness. Instead of receiving any awards, why did these people make them feel like they had committed a crime? Why is this world always good to pay for evil!

"Why don't you tell me earlier when you encounter such a big thing? You can ask us for help!"

Aunt Qin smiled bitterly when she heard the words, "Chuanzi told me before that he had done something sorry for you and made you angry. He was afraid that you were still angry with him and didn't want to see him, so he didn't dare to look for you."

However, a single word was pierced into Cheng Mo's heart like a knife.

Even now, Qin Chuan still cares about his feelings so gently. But what about him? What has he done for Qin Chuan?

Cheng Mo was stunned for a long time, and his tears rolled down again.

That night, Cheng Mo blew Xia Qingshi's phone with tears and snot again, sitting pitifully on the edge of the flowerbed in front of the hospital's gate and rolling around.

"I beg you, you have to do me a favor anyway! I am definitely not for myself, I am for justice!"

However, Xia Qingshi didn't promise him anything, just hung up the phone calmly and dragged him into the blacklist again.

Cheng Mo didn't give up and called boss Lu, asking if he could borrow some medical expenses for Qin Chuan, and he could pay him back slowly by working for him free of charge.

Lu Qingchen on the other side of the phone laughed after hearing this: "You mean to sell yourself to save a friend?"

"As a local tyrant, can't you do good deeds and do some social welfare? Who will dare to save the drowning child in the future?" Cheng Mo angrily resisted the banter of Lu boss.

"Then no one will save it. If the bear parents don't take good care of the bear children, and let the bear children play outside by themselves, they should be drowned and pulled down. Darwin prizes are always taken." Boss Lu sneered, simply. Liluo also hung up the phone.

Cheng Mo listened to the beep from the other end of the phone dumbfoundedly, and hid his head helplessly.


Xia Qingshi appeared early the next morning.

He stood silently in front of Cheng Mo, draped in the first sunlight in the morning, like the savior from the sky, so that Cheng Mo almost thought that he had been exhausted after sitting on the flowerbed all night and had hallucinations.

He was almost desperate, and he had never expected Xia Qingshi to come to help him overnight.

"Since you agreed to come and help me, why hang up and drag me into the blacklist again?" Cheng Mo felt extremely aggrieved. The physical and mental exhaustion of the past few days can no longer be stretched when I see Xia Qingshi, and the Yellow River bursts out like a bank.

Xia Qingshi did not respond to this coquettish question. "Take this, go and ask those children to do an interview with their parents." He put a small wooden cube like a dice in Cheng Mo's palm.

"This is...what?" Cheng Mo looked at the plain wooden block suspiciously, and sniffed at the tip of his nose. There was no smell.

"Just treat it as Veritaserum for the time being." Xia Qingshi responded indifferently.

Cheng Mo was so frightened that he hurriedly put the things into his bag and covered it tightly, never daring to send it under his nose again. I continued to hold on to Xia Qingshi and grumble, complaining about her hard work over the past few days, complaining about why Xia Qingshi always frightened herself so arrogantly, and then apologizing again, and begging Xia Qingshi cautiously. Don't think he is troublesome and don't hate him.

This guy probably received a lot of shocks one after another, and he was emotionally hard to control.

Xia Qingshi didn't speak, and sat beside Cheng Mo, listening quietly and staying with him. It wasn't until Cheng Mo finally got tired of talking, and fell asleep on the side like a milk pup. He sighed lightly, took off his coat and put it on Cheng Mo's shoulder.

This so-called "Veritaserum" is actually an exquisite pocket-sized armor that Xia Qingshi's master specially made to interrogate his apprentices and daughters. To this day, Xia Qingshi has not fully understood the principle. He only vaguely knows that Master probably used a special kind of wood and spices together, and then controlled the smell and sound through the rotation speed and vibration frequency of the mechanism. The spread of, a kind of "aura" similar to the dragon fear technique is formed around the holder, so that ordinary people can't help but involuntarily frighten the holder without even noticing, so as to honestly spit out the truth. .

Cheng Mo gathered the six children and their parents for an interview as Xia Qingshi said, and recorded the entire interview process.

The parents really explained what they didn’t want to say or dared to say, about how they didn’t want to take responsibility, how they united to force their children to lie and refused to admit the facts, and even exposed their suspicions at the interview site. Yelled and fought. But the children's statements are similar. They all say that they really sneaked into the deep water area because of fun. It was Qin Chuan who rescued them, but their parents were not allowed to tell the truth, and they felt particularly scared.

Cheng Mo left the interview video to a video website with a cooperative relationship without saying a word.

The video news that college students rescued six drowning children so far lying unconscious in the hospital made headlines on the Internet that day. Immediately, a legal aid organization found Qin Chuan's mother and expressed its willingness to provide relevant legal support free of charge. The municipal department also responded quickly, saying that it would give Qin Chuan the due recognition to ease the imminent medical pressure. Netizens even spontaneously started fundraising for Qinchuan. The situation seems to be improving.

However, these are far from enough.

Cheng Mo and Xia Qingshi stood in the distance, looking at the ward that was still deserted yesterday, and suddenly the sigh of relief was not slack in their hearts.

Qin Chuan was still in a coma. He never saw his good brother open his eyes again.

Cheng Mo asked Xia Qingshi why he frequently dreamed about Qin Chuan and the hardship that Qin Chuan was in. Intuition told him that Xia Qingshi knew the answer.

Xia Qingshi looked at him quietly, "Do you remember the lamp that you turned over on my bookshelf that day? It's called the soul-attracting lamp."

Cheng Mo's shoulders trembled suddenly and his eyes widened.

Xia Qingshi told Cheng Mo that the soul-attracting lamp was made by the ancestors of Yanshi in ancient times to attract dead souls. The ancients often died prematurely, and the survivors missed their loved ones, so they would light this soul-catching lamp, burn the remains of the deceased, and meet the deceased in their dreams. In the Song Dynasty, the so-called legend of Bao Qingtian interrogating the sun by day and interrogating the underworld by night was actually attributed to this soul-attracting lamp, which gave the wronged souls a chance to tell the truth.

That day, Cheng Mo accidentally polished the wick of the soul-attracting lamp and burned the bracelet Qin Chuan gave him, so Qin Chuan's soul was introduced into Cheng Mo's dream. The various things Cheng Mo experienced in his dream, probably, it was Qin Chuan who was asking Cheng Mo for help.

However, under normal circumstances, only the soul of the dead will be led into the dream by the soul-attracting lamp. It is rare that people are drawn away while the soul is still alive. It is very likely that Qinchuan’s situation is already quite dangerous, and it will deteriorate at any time. die.

"Whether or not we can tide over the difficulties, ultimately depends on modern medicine and his will to survive. There is only so much I can do." Xia Qingshi sighed lightly and patted Chengmo's shoulder comfortingly. .

Cheng Moliang was speechless for a long time, raising his head and looking at Xia Qingshi earnestly.

"I still want to see Qin Chuan again."


Cheng Mo asked Xia Qingshi to hypnotize him with a soul-attracting lamp, and let him see Qin Chuan again anyway.

He was really afraid that Qin Chuan would stay in such a coma and never wake up again. But he still had so many things to say to Qin Chuan, wanted to apologize, and even more wanted to hear Qin Chuan's thoughts. He wanted to say to Qin Chuan himself: "I was wrong, please forgive me."

So Xia Qingshi burned a bead on Qin Chuan's old bracelet with a soul-inducing lamp, and burned another soothing incense to help Cheng Mo sleep.

However, Cheng Mo was so nervous that he gnawed his fingers madly and couldn't fall asleep. It was useless to guide Ren Xia Qingshi.

In the end, Master Xia Yan couldn't bear it, and directly put a handful of sleeping pills into the mouth of the little reporter...

The world in the dream this time is different from the previous few times, the colors are bright and warm.

Cheng Mo saw his and Qin Chuan’s teenage years, bit by bit, with long flowing water, as if traveling through time and passing through those happy years again.

In his dream, he was like an omniscient and omnipotent God who saw too many truths that he had previously ignored.

From when he first stepped into campus in high school, long before Cheng Mo fell in love with Meng Tian, Qin Chuan had a secret crush on that beautiful girl in his heart.

At that time, Qin Chuan often reluctantly looked at the direction where Meng Tian was in a daze. He liked to go to the pavilion where Meng Tian and the girls had lunch with them to eat. After school, he always took a short walk to rent a bookstore to find some super boring Hong Kong and Taiwan. I don’t read the novel very much when I rent it, just to wait for Meng Tian, who rents girl comics...

However, these obvious signs were ignored by Cheng Mo heartlessly. He always naively thought that Qin Chuan just likes to be in a daze, just like the stone table opposite the pavilion, but his reading taste is super bad... So he joked and talked with his good buddies, and slowly fell in love with that one. A beautiful girl who always "unexpectedly" with him.

He excitedly said to Qin Chuan that day that he likes Meng Tian and must chase her and let her be his girlfriend. He begged Qin Chuan to help himself.

At the first moment, Qin Chuan's expression was obviously wrong. There is also a flash of embarrassment and sentimentality. However, Cheng Mo never paid attention to these subtle revelations of true feelings. He just habitually enjoyed the protection and pampering of his good buddies, and like a brother who relied on his elder brother, he rolled all over the floor and scornfully took advantage of Qinchuan's advantage.

When applying for the college entrance examination, it happened that Qin Chuan's mother changed her job and was relocating to City B, so Qin Chuan filled in the volunteer for City B. Qin Chuan and Cheng Mo discussed this matter, but never solicited Meng Tian's opinion. It was Meng Tian who made Qin Chuan's wishes from the teacher in charge and insisted on applying to the same university.

Because of Cheng Mo's relationship, Qin Chuan was more hesitant to dodge his relationship with Meng Tian than when he had a crush at first. He always felt guilty and felt that he had taken away the girl his brother liked. Therefore, when Cheng Mo was so angry that he approached Qin Chuan and asked Qin Chuan why, Qin Chuan hardly defended himself. Cheng Mo's unilateral breakup also made Qin Chuan extremely painful.

Meng Tian still couldn't understand Qin Chuan's inexplicable guilt. He only felt that Cheng Mo was like a spoiled bear kid, and Qin Chuan didn't need to deal with such unreasonable troubles. However, Qin Chuan only smiled bitterly and shook his head: "You don't understand the friendship between me and Cheng Mo for so many years."

Finally, Meng Tian still felt that Qin Chuan's character that regarded his brother more importantly than his lover was not suitable for him, so he took the initiative to break up with Qin Chuan, and then went abroad to study and never looked back.

In the last conversation, Meng Tian once asked Qin Chuan: "You put Cheng Mo in your heart so you give priority to his feelings in everything. But has he considered you? Has he trusted you? Are you worth it?"

At that time, Qin Chuan smiled and said, "I believe he will forgive me one day."


Cheng Mo burst into tears and couldn't wipe away the tears.

He thought he was a big idiot.

He actually hurt his best friend in this way. He was the one who made the mistake. And he may never have a chance to make up for his mistake.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry I shouldn't believe you! Can you still forgive me?" He mutely apologized to his friend, tears pounding on the ground with damp water marks.

Then he finally heard the voice of Qin Chuan speaking to him after a long absence.

"I never blamed you. Don't you blame me anymore, okay?"

The appearance of Qin Chuan is much tougher than that of four years ago, and he has completed his transformation from a young man to a young man. Around him, there was a faint circle of silver-white aura flashing, which was the unique spiritual power of living souls. He stretched out his hand, as if he wanted to pull Cheng Mo, who was kneeling on the ground and crying bitterly, but when he was about to touch Cheng Mo's shoulder, he dropped his hand timidly.

He asked Cheng Mo cautiously: "Are we still good friends?"

Cheng Mo couldn't bear it anymore. He cried and flew up and hugged Qin Chuan, yelling incoherently.

There was too much backlog of things I wanted to say, but I couldn't say a word when I came to my eyes.

"You have to get better! You have to get better!"

Cheng Mo could only repeat this sentence repeatedly, holding on to Qin Chuan and refusing to let go.

But he saw the world in front of him gradually blurred, and Qin Chuan and himself became more and more transparent.

This is a sign that the dream is about to wake up.

"Qin Chuan! I'll wait for you to wake up!"

He tried to grab Qin Chuan's arm, but he failed. Only when he could say such a word, he was enveloped by a strong white light...

Everything around him flees into darkness after the white light.

Qin Chuan turned around and saw Yanshi standing behind him.

Xia Qingshi held the soul-attracting lamp in his hand, and Qingjun's facial features had no redundant expressions, only solemnity.

"Are you Cheng Mo's friend?" Qin Chuan asked Yanshi.

Xia Qingshi didn't answer, but he didn't deny it either.

"Cheng Mo's new bracelet was given to him, right. No wonder every time I tried to touch him, I was blocked by the spiritual power on the bracelet and couldn't get close." Qin Chuan said with a wry smile.

"I'm not sure if you will hold grudges against him because you refuse to forgive him for his stupidity." Xia Qingshi replied indifferently as an explanation. "It's dangerous to leave the body for too long, you should go back quickly."

Yanshi gently turned the lamp of the soul-attracting lamp, and the cyan smoke drifted away from the top of the wick, like a road guide, extending to the depths of the endless darkness, and finally turned into a shining light, like a star.

Qin Chuan took two steps along the trail of Qingyan, then suddenly stopped, turned back and smiled at Xia Qingshi, "Although Cheng Mo is always stupid and impulsive, he is really a kind and good boy. I can see that He trusts you very much. Thank you for taking care of him and taking care of him. It is great that he can have friends like you."

Xia Qingshi nodded blankly.

Qin Chuan seemed to be satisfied, still smiling, and completely disappeared at the end of the smoky darkness.


Cheng Mo was awakened by a series of rapid telephone ringing.

The call came from Qin Chuan's mother. Aunt Qin choked and said that Qin Chuan's condition suddenly deteriorated, and the hospital had already issued a critical illness notification. I hope Cheng Mo can come to the hospital as soon as possible, and perhaps see the last time.

Suddenly, there was a "buzz" in Cheng Mo's mind, and before he had time to ask, he jumped down and hurried to the hospital.

Qin Chuan's life support is costly, and Aunt Qin is just an ordinary wage earner and cannot afford such high medical expenses for a long time. In fact, half a year ago, the attending doctor had euphemistically persuaded Aunt Qin to consider stopping life support. But how can a mother easily give up her child? Under Aunt Qin's insistence, Qin Chuan's life function lasted for another half a year, but now it has reached its limit.

When Cheng Mo rushed to the hospital, Qin Chuan was still isolated in the intensive care unit, and no relatives or friends were allowed to visit.

Cheng Mo found out all his cash assets and only one credit card, "My card can probably be overdrawn by 10,000...How long can I last?"

"The government's righteousness and courage is probably enough for half a year, but what about half a year later?" The doctor looked at him helplessly, and shook his head regretfully, "First try to make this rescue pass. But you still have to be mentally prepared. ..."

Cheng Mo silently looked at Qin Chuan, who was lying surrounded by a pile of medical instruments, through the glass, and hated why he didn't have any money.

"Is there no other way?" He asked the doctor a little desperately.

The doctor looked at him with a heavy face for a long time, "In this case, most of the family members would like to exhaust all the rescue patients. However, the majority of the families that are dragged down are also the majority. In the end, the wealth is exhausted and often have to give up. Unless their own family background Very surplus, or have a stable donor provider—"

At this point, the doctor stopped suddenly. A young nurse in a hurry came over and said something to the doctor. The doctor's eyes lit up clearly.

"Is there a Mr. Lu Qingchen your friend?" He asked Cheng Mo, "This Mr. Lu just called our hospital and said that he would pay for Qin Chuan's medical expenses for a long time until he recovers. Does your family accept it?"

Cheng Mo stayed for a long time before finally realizing what the doctor was saying to him. He screamed and jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, and almost dropped the phone to the ground.

He called Boss Lu with excitement, and he didn't know what to say. He stammered "you, you," for a long time, and finally he said: "Boss Lu will be yours from now on! I'll give You are a cow and a horse to repay your great kindness!"

Boss Lu smiled happily on the phone. "Why do I want you? The stew is not enough to stuff your teeth." After he managed to mock the reporter, he paused, and then quietly said: "Don't thank me, the brother asked me."

Cheng Mo turned his head abruptly and saw Xia Qingshi standing alone by the window waiting for him not far away.

At that time, the sky was only faintly bright, and the sunlight penetrated through the stratus and came in from the glass window, and fell on Xia Qingshi’s shoulders, like a soft and warm spiritual light, setting off the original Yanshi who was almost independent from the world. Different, dazzling and extraordinary.

Cheng Mo ran over in two or three steps and hugged Xia Qingshi tightly, crying and laughing like a child, and repeatedly saying thankful words like a child.

Xia Qingshi just listened quietly, until Cheng Mo finally cried and talked tired again, and then patted Cheng Mo's left wrist lightly.

"Wear this bracelet, don't lose it or break it. You are so stupid, when will it be useful to keep it out?"

"Xia Qingshi, are you finally accepting me as your'friend'?" Cheng Mo was so touched that tears were poured out, taking advantage of Shaolai's madness, plucked up the courage to ask.

"You were." Xia Qingshi finally showed a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

"Then why do you always dislike me stupid and treat me so indifferently? Fortunately, I have been worried that Qin Chuan has become like this now. If you hate me again, what can I do... In short, I promise to try not to Get into trouble, you believe me!" Cheng Mo rubbed his eyes and grinned again.

There were already many patients and doctors who came and went and looked at them both with a curious smile.

Master Yan frowned, unceremoniously blocked the little reporter's screaming mouth, and whispered: "I don't make friends with people I don't trust."

Cheng Mo's heart suddenly trembled. He raised his head and fixed his eyes on Xia Qingshi, then looked back at the glass door with the large three-letter ICU written on it, and his regretful tears fell silently again.


Any long-lasting friendship can always go through many tests, precisely because trusting friends is trusting the self who chooses friends.