He had a mutilated right leg and walked limped. Everyone called him a lame. After a long time, no one remembered his name, except that he was a lame. The mother told him that this was a paralysis brought out by her mother's womb.
He always has a low self-esteem, because of this lame leg, he has been humiliated and cowered all day long. The children beside him bullied him, throwing stones at him, pushing him on the ground as a horse. He couldn't resist, but waited for the children to get tired of playing, and hid home to wipe the wounds and shed tears.
He has no father, and mother pulls him alone. Niang was so angry that his eyes were blackened, and she took the half-peeled corn cob in her hand and slammed it at him. He was limping and unable to hide, and rolled on the ground, with blood smashed from his forehead, red and swollen like a blood bun.
The mother cried and poked his head and said: "My son, don't shame your father!"
He knew that he had heard his mother say that Dad is a hero and a hero, and he is called "silver spear and dragon" in the arena. He is so famous that how many people are grateful, how many people respect him, and how many people fear him. But he didn't remember Dad, he hadn't seen him since he remembered.
The children played together and caught him as a bandit. The tiger next door is the head of the child. He picked up a long branch and used it as a spear, pretending to be a hero.
He was stubborn and unwilling, his eyes were jet-black, deep and thorough.
Huzi poked him with a branch, so that he was hurt all over his body, and he said with contempt: "Cripple! How can you put on airs if you want to play together?"
He grabbed the branch, bit his lip and said sternly: "Yin Qiang Ren Long is my father."
The children burst into laughter and staggered. Huzi was rolling on the floor with a laugh, and patted the blame, and shouted: "I don't speak big words and don't take photos with water! Just you lame?"
For a moment, he only felt the blood swelling on his forehead, it was scorching hot. He let out a roar like a beast, rushed forward and pressed the tiger to the ground, his fist fell like a torrential rain.
But he couldn't beat a group of children. He was limping again. They tied him into a zongzi, threw him into the deserted little black house outside the village and left. He cried all night, shuddering in fear, and was only found by his mother when the sky was bright.
The mother took him home, threw him on the washboard, fought him with a feather duster, and beat him fiercely. The mother scolded him: "Tell you to take your father's name and prestige! Your father never mentions half a chivalrous character on his own!" She cursed, but she cried again.
Since then, he has never mentioned Ren Long with a silver spear to others. He has another problem, afraid of the dark.
He also didn't want to be bullied all day long, a dumb likeness. He wants to be a majestic hero like Dad.
He asked his mother: "Daddy didn't leave anything to me?" He wanted to learn kung fu and his father's marksmanship. He always felt that after learning Kung Fu, no one could bully him, and he could be a hero like Dad.
The mother ignored him, wrapped a freshly woven cotton cloth on her back, put a basket of fresh eggs in his arms, and dragged him out the door. The mother took him to the town's private school to worship Mr.
He didn't like it, and he narrowed his mouth all the way, and languidly didn't want to go. Useless is a scholar, he doesn't want to read those useless roars, he wants to be a hero, a hero like Dad.
The mother was so annoyed that she slammed him, and said cruelly: "Either you go out and die outside and don't come back!"
The mother's face looked fierce, he lowered his head and felt bored for a while, then obediently obeyed. He was still scared, he didn't have the courage to go out on his own, and died outside. He hugged the basket of eggs, limped behind his mother, and went all the way wronged.
Huzi also went to the private school, still the head of the child, still bullying him and getting worse. He only suffers it alone, and doesn't want his mother to know.
To go to the town, he has to cross the mountain road, and he walks slowly, and he wakes up early and greedy the dark every day. The mother saw him not seeing him all day, and she was less willing to be fierce to him. She cooked the food early and waited for him at the door with the light on. He was afraid that his mother would wait anxiously and never dared to be playful.
One day after class was over, he saw that his mother was not at the door from a distance. He felt a little flustered in his heart, and rushed back, only to push the door and shout, and suddenly heard someone talking in the room. He hurriedly listened, but he heard a strange man say: "Sister-in-law, if the brother was not trying to save the little brother, he wouldn’t let the'Blood Raksha' give birth to Yu'er. The little brother found your mother and son very easily. The sister-in-law must let the younger brother repay this kindness."
He was stunned. He never thought that his leg was actually discounted, and his mother had never told him that way.
"Second Uncle Lu is kind to me. I made an appointment with my eldest brother and took Yu'er home to wait for him. I don't plan to move the ground." He heard his mother's voice again.
He was startled again. It turns out that Dad still has to come back. But he never heard his mother mention it. Whenever he asks his mother, how about father, when will he reply? Mother always sighed silently and said nothing. After a long time, he stopped asking. He is gone for a long time.
He was still stunned, but he heard the strange man sigh: "Sister-in-law, what the hell is this. It's been eleven years since the brother went to the desert to find'Tianpuluo'. If he could return, he would have returned. And take it with him. Yu'er and the younger brother go back to Qishan. The few of us who are brothers and sisters must carefully teach Yu'er and support his sister-in-law."
Hearing this, he was immediately overjoyed. He understands a little bit. The visiting stranger Yomo is Dad's same door, came to pick him up with his mother, and teach him Kung Fu. In this way, he can be a hero.
He was full of joy, but he didn't want to listen to his mother said: "He promised that the mysterious old poison will not return home for more than ten years, then he promised me to come back, so he must come back. Besides, Yu'er Now it’s good to study in town, and I don’t want Yu'er to learn how to fight and kill."
He was anxious, and slammed the door in, shouting: "Why don't you let me go? I want to go! I want to learn martial arts! I want to be a hero!"
Mother looked at him, her face pale. For a long time, he heard his mother slowly say: "Didn't you ask what your father has left for you? Your father left eight words-upright, loyal, filial, and benevolent! If you do it, your mother will let you out. "
He was silent. He can't disobey his mother, that's filial piety. He finally watched him leave Shishu Lu. Before leaving, Shishu Lu gave him a jade card and told him that he could take this card to Qishan anytime. But the mother accepted it unceremoniously, and did not give it to him no matter what he asked.
Master Lu is gone, he is still studying in the town, but he has grown up day by day.
Her husband's daughter-in-law also studied with them. She was a beautiful girl, her long black hair was as soft as silk, and her phoenix eyes smiled brighter than the stars in the sky. She is so smart and kind. Everyone called him lame, but she was the only one who called him a senior. He felt that whenever he looked at her, he could hear his own heartbeat, and that heart was about to burst out and fly onto her. Her last name is Zheng. He secretly carved a small wooden figure, carved the word Zheng on it, held it in his arms all day, and felt hot when he touched it.
But this secret was discovered. He was scuffled by the tiger again, and the little wooden man fell out. Huzi snatched it and laughed when he saw the Zheng character: "Toad wants to eat swan meat too?" They threw the little wooden man around, and Junior Sister Zheng also saw it.
He was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole in the ground. He had another fierce fight with Hu Zi, but he still lost. This time, they threw him into the mountains.
He struggled for a long time, and finally broke the rope against the rocks. It was dark, he wiped the blood on his hands and hurried home.
But he was blocked by a string of calls for help.
He wanted to pretend that he hadn't heard it before. The mountains and forests are dark at night. He was afraid of the dark, and his legs were almost weak. He just wanted to go home quickly, there was light at home, and my mother was waiting for him when she lit the light.
Suddenly, he raised his hand violently and slapped himself severely.
Ren Yu ah Ren Yu! You are the son of Yin Qiang Ren Long! How can you ignore the caller? Don't you still want to be a hero? Dad said that one must stand upright, loyal, filial, and righteous. You can't shame dad.
He still went after the cry, rescued an old man from the pit, limped back home.
He was limping, he was extremely uncomfortable, he fell several times, and he was covered with bruises.
However, this time, mother did not scold him. He thought that he would no longer be afraid of the dark in the future.
The next day, he sent the old man to the town to join him, only to realize that the old man was actually his husband's father. He saw Junior Sister Zheng greet her and call grandpa.
Junior sister Zheng also saw him, blushing, lowered her head, and whispered for a while: "Senior Brother Ren, I'm sorry."
He stayed for a while, then shook his head with a wry smile. He said to her: "You are a girl, don't blame you."
However, he eventually got acquainted with the Zheng family and also with Zheng Sister. Both father and husband like him, and his mother also likes him, and treat him as a family member. He also gradually regarded this place as another home. He admires and loves such a complete and warm home. Whenever he returned to his home, the cold hut at the foot of the village, watching his mother rushing in and out alone, he felt sour in his heart. But the mother didn't let him help with work, only taught him to study well.
He also mentioned to his mother to find Dad back.
Mother was silent for a long time, but at the end she only sighed.
The mother's expression was full of sorrow and three points of grievance, so he didn't dare to mention it again. In fact, he had already felt that, even if he went to look for it, Dad would never come back. Mother must also know. This family is destined to be broken, just like his legs.
It's just that he never talked about these grievances with outsiders.

He studied with his husband and became a new year friend with Mr. Zheng. Mr. Zheng is erudite and witty, and often takes him to visit friends. They talked about each other, commented on state affairs, talked about the world, laughed when they were happy, and cursed when they were angry. He was also infected with it, and his heart was surging. Mr. Zheng taught him that he is a good student, and he has grown up to be a blessing for the people. He then vaguely began to feel that it might be right for his mother to let him study, and there is also a gallop there.
He and Junior Sister Zheng are getting closer, and for this reason, Hu Zi madly oppresses him. But he stopped paying attention. It was just some quick talk, vain majesty, and what he looked at was already a different world.
In a blink of an eye, he was about to enter the village for an exam. Unexpectedly, there was a locust infestation that year. The township test was suspended. What's more serious is the grain fields swept by locusts, and thousands of miles of starvation lying on the side of the road.
There is not much food at home, so my mother grabs some elm money and makes porridge with rice every day, but she is reluctant to take a sip, so she eats her full first.
Seeing his mother's thinning face and weak body, watching the scars on his mother's hands for grabbing elm money, he hid in the house and cried secretly. His mother, what a beautiful and noble woman, was tortured by him and turned into a vicissitudes of life as a peasant woman. There is relief food in the official warehouse, but those dog officials just don't let it go.
Mr. Zheng came to him and asked him if he would like to do something big for the villagers. He nodded without hesitation. The accomplices have husbands, friends of Mr. Zheng, some folks, and others he doesn't know.
They set a fire at the county government office and smashed open the door of the official warehouse. The white rice flowed out, and the people looting rice all over the street crowded into a turbulent sea.
However, I don't know who has left to reveal the news, and the government wants to take people.
Mother protected him and escaped. Only then did he know that his mother's pair of mandarin ducks and swords danced so well that hundreds of officers and soldiers couldn't stop her. The mother stuffed the jade plaque into his arms and told him to go to Qishan to avoid disaster. He finally got what he wanted, but he was in such a situation.
Before leaving, he risked his death to meet with Sister Zheng. The old man Zheng and Mr. Zheng were arrested, but his mother was frail and suffered from this catastrophe, but her eyes became red and swollen with tears at her house. He couldn't bear it, and asked: "Would you like to go with me? I will take care of you for the rest of your life."
The younger sister looked at him and shook her head silently.
He smiled bitterly. Yes, he is a lame man, and now he is a fugitive, how could the junior sister follow him?
No, the junior sister took out an embroidered purse and handed it to him: "I'll stay to take care of our mother. Brother, I just wait for you to come back." Her eyes were clear and shiny, and there were still tears on her face.
He was startled. He saw a graceful Lin on the embroidered purse. He knew that it must be her boudoir name. He hugged her, his heart was surging, and he couldn't say a word for a while, and it took a long time before he said word by word: "I will live up to you."
After all, he went to Qishan and failed to study as well as his mother and grandfather Zheng expected.
Uncle Lu treated him very well, he was closer to him than his own son, and the other uncles treated him well. He can finally learn kung fu. He started too late, but it was an excellent material, and coupled with diligence, he grew extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, for several years, he has looked like a handsome young knight, although his right leg is still lame.
Shishu Lu said he could go down the mountain, and the first thing he did was to go back to his hometown.
Those two corrupt and corrupt officials have moved to the state to participate in politics. He cut off their heads and a pot of wine and sacrificed them on the graves of Zheng's father and son. He also found out the person who betrayed them, who turned out to be a tiger. He also chopped him off, cutting melons as easily as possible.
The first time he murdered, he didn't shake his hands. He only felt extremely happy, and his heart was only drawn to the top of Haoyun Mountain. What he killed were two corrupt officials who were a fish-and-flesh commoner and a coward who betrayed the commander's greed for wealth. He could also be a chivalrous man.
He found Niang and Lin'er and found a safe place to live. The mother herself woven a piece of cloth for a pair of red candles and an altar of wine, then beat a pheasant and slaughtered it, letting him marry Lin'er.
On the wedding night, he clings to Lin'er and said: "Don't worry, I will definitely stand out and be a hero who everyone respects, and I will not shame you and me."
Lin'er just frowned and smiled, shaking her head and sighing slightly.
But after all he went, stepping into the arena.
He also made a spear, a silver spear like a dragon, with peerless elegance. He helped the weak with a chivalrous heart, and gradually showed his head on the rivers and lakes.
He never mentioned "Silver Spear and Renlong", but countless people mentioned them together. People called him "Little Silver Dragon". He is no longer the little lame who was ridiculed by others, he is the "little silver dragon" Ren Yu Ren Shaoxia. Too many people support him, too many traitors fear him, and too many beauties favor him. He is really like the "Silver Spear Ren Long" back then.
He also gradually realized that Jianghu was completely different from what he thought when he was young, but he couldn't think of much. He felt that he had finally become a hero, and what he wanted to do was exactly this kind of hero, and he enjoyed it. Faint and floating in the clouds, I can't remember how long I haven't returned home. He almost even forgot Lin'er.
Niang Fei Ge repaired the book with him and told him that Lin'er was about to give birth and told him to go back.
He was picking up horse bandits in Hanzhong with a few colleagues when he received the letter. When he hurried home, his daughter was half a month old.
Lin'er hugged A-囡 and waited for her father to name her. He hurriedly clicked on the word 娉娉 and wanted to leave again. This time, it was going south to Ningzhou to help the encirclement and suppression Gu descend to the king's formation.
My mother forbids him to go, but he has grown up, but my mother is old, so she can't hold him any more.
He persuaded his mother: "Shoveling treacherous nephews and getting rid of evil spirits is also a serious matter."
The mother said coldly: "Only these are serious, but your daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law are not serious?"
He was startled, and then said: "I will be back immediately after I finish the work."
The mother was furious, she picked up the door bolt to hit him, but was stopped by Lin'er. Lin'er sighed: "Let him go, it won't be safe to stay at home."
So he was driven out by his mother. Mother slammed his gun on him and closed the door severely.
He looked at the closed door in a cold sweat.
He thought, when this happened, he should really go home.
That battle was extremely tragic. Qiang Miao Gu poisoned peerlessly, and Gu succumbed to the king's tens of thousands of enemies, and the White Dao rebels suffered heavy casualties. Everyone discussed it again and again, unanimously asking him to look for the mysterious doctor who is all over the world to help out and destroy the poison.
He obliged to go.
However, Xuanji said: "I can help you. But you are going to find'Tianpu Luo' in the desert for me."
He was slightly startled. Too many people embarked on the search for "Tian Pu Luo", but none of them came back, including his father.
He said: "I have a lame leg, how can I go to the desert? Doesn't the master make things difficult to evade."
Mysterious smile: "I can heal you first, and then give you ten years. If you can't find'Tian Pu Luo' within ten years, you will cut off that good leg and give it to me."
He thought about it, and finally agreed. For chivalry and righteousness, what about swordsmanship?
The poison of the Poison Doctor is extremely ingenious in the world, blindly killing the gu that hurts countless people by the silkworm marrow. The king of Gu descended his head and hung his head at the gate of the village.
With a triumphant victory, he wanted to go to the desert as promised, and return to Qishan to say farewell. The uncles of the teachers were shocked when they heard it, and they all discouraged them. He resolutely said: "Words must be believed, and deeds must be resolute. How can I lose faith in others?"
Master Lu sighed, "What about your mother, niece, and Xiao Ping'er?"
He stayed for a moment, nodded and said, "I should go back and explain the whole story to them."
Uncle Lu sighed again, took out the letter and passed it to him: "Your mother has a letter with you."
He was taken aback and hurried to take a look.
The letter has only eight characters. Don't learn from your father, don't be a hero.
He was stunned, and hurried home. But the house is empty. He could not find his mother, Lin'er, and Xiao Ping'er. He only found a grave in the open space in front of his home. The tombstone in front of the grave is engraved with a few big blood-red characters-so first examine the tomb of Master Ren Gongyu Yu. The female Ren's prostitution. The strokes are extremely fine, and they come from the hands of young children at first glance, but the characters are vigorous, penetrating the stone through the stele, apparently being grabbed and written. That handwriting is his mother's.
He was completely stunned, unable to recover for a long while, only to feel that the once lame leg was so painful, and the past of his childhood appeared like a tide.
Suddenly, he bowed down and wept bitterly.
Since then, the "little silver dragon" has disappeared, but someone saw a man with a broken leg, riding a wheelchair, wandering around, hawking woodcarving little people. The carrying shoulder is a rusty gun barrel, and the eagle's knife has a sharp tip. No one knows his surname, but he knows that the little wooden figure he carved is unique in the world. Everywhere he went, he would always ask, "The guest officer can see the mother-in-law, mother-in-law and mother-daughter? That little girl looks as beautiful as this little wooden man."