"Bamboo Burial"

It was early spring when it was warm and cold, and the cold wind was blowing, making people's cheeks cut like a knife.
Shunan Bamboo Sea is vast and lush.
The wind passed through the bamboo forest, and the sound rang, only singing the song of Tian Ya softly and desolately.
Su Feiwen held a black cloth wrapped in his arms and walked into the bamboo forest lightly.
He had to rush back to his home in Ningzhou and take his two-year-old son and his wife in Liujia to a remote and peaceful place. The rivers and lakes are sinister, he is tired of killing and fighting, and does not want to be chased and killed all day long.
There was just a shower of snow and rain, and the ground was wet, leaving a string of deep and shallow footprints.
"Big brother, would you like to come and see the flowers I planted?"
There was a crisp and tender sound. Su Feiwen lowered his head slightly, and saw that she was a little girl in a white jacket. She was about ten years old. She had only two horns. She was shaking, fresh and lovely. The snow-white jacket was exquisitely crafted and printed with white and black stripes. , It looks a bit like a tabby.
As soon as he lowered his head, the little girl was taken aback. "Yeah" she screamed, her big eyes flashed, she was shining: "I thought it was an older brother, but it turned out to be an older sister?"
Su Feiwen couldn't help laughing: "It's an uncle, not a brother, not even a sister."
The little girl tilted her head, still looking at him curiously with a pair of crystal eyes, and then smiled sweetly, "That's brother! Still a beautiful brother! My brother looks better than those sisters! Pretty brother, come see me The flower!"
flower? Su Feiwen was stunned. Will there be flowers that bloom first on this windy, cold, rainy, snowy, early spring day?
Although he was a little curious, he still shook his head and said: "Uncle is on the way, can't delay."
The little girl narrowed her mouth: "Pretty brother, come and see the flowers I plant. I am alone here and no one is watching, the flowers are about to die."
Tears were about to roll out of her watery eyes.
Su Feiwen couldn't help feeling a little distressed.
The child is so cute and pitiful, reminding him of his wife at home.
Yi'er's childhood is also so pitiful. I don't know if she is alone with her stomach up and taking care of her young child, whether it is bitter or not, whether she has a nightmare at night and secretly wipes her tears.
He really can't be delayed on the road, he must go home quickly.
Su Feiwen then shook his head again.
"Little sister, uncle really can't play with you. Uncle's lady is still waiting for uncle to return. Uncle's house has a little brother to take care of, and a little sister is about to be born!" He took out of his arms. Out of an oiled paper bag, it opened a big bag of sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice cake, "I'll eat this for you, you play well and go home early."
The little girl was immediately curious, "How did my brother know that he would be a little sister before he was born?"
"Ah...I think it should be!" Su Feiwen couldn't help being a little silly. He has always wanted a daughter, a daughter who is as gentle and charming as Yi'er.
"Is the elder brother's lady sister good-looking? Is there any elder brother good-looking?"
"It looks good, it's a thousand times and ten thousand times better than me!" Su Feiwen smiled with warmth.
His Yier, like a holy ice crystal-like woman on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is the sage of the Ningmen from the South, but she is willing to commit herself to him as a village girl in Jingchai's sarong. In the arena, everyone envied him for marrying a beautiful girl, and everyone was angry that he buried the allure of a generation of saints. The only blame is that he is not a hero who is famous all over the world, but that he has a stunning beauty, so he has become a target of public criticism.
However, perhaps it was God's wrong love, this treasure that made the world jealous, he had never achieved the same.
The little girl raised her lips brightly and grabbed the sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice cake in his hand, "With such a beautiful daddy and mother, wouldn’t the little brother and sister of that beautiful brother’s family grow up more beautiful than the gods? Pretty brother, front On the left side of the fork, there is my flower garden. You must check it out in a while! If you go and check it, my flowers will grow more beautiful too!"
Before she finished her words, she had jumped into the bamboo forest like a deer. Between Takema and Kazama, the jingle ballad floats.
"Green bamboo, green bamboo knots are high, don't make trouble, the bird in the bamboo forest, watch me put on that little flower jacket, and look forward to my little brother crossing the bamboo bridge."
The girl's immature voice lingers in the air endlessly.
This song is so familiar. Su Feiwen smiled involuntarily.
I remember when I was a child, Yi Er loved this song the most. At that time, Master took him to practice in the mountains. When he came back every day, he could always see Yi'er sitting by the bamboo bridge waiting for him, singing this small village rhyme.
Su Feiwen couldn't help but smile as she watched the young girl's vivid back disappear into a vast bamboo sea.
For such a cute little girl, the flowers she raises must be beautiful and beautiful, so she can let her go in the wind on such a cold day in early spring.
Suddenly he realized that his thoughts were drifting far, smiled and shook his head, and continued to stride forward. He only had to cross the bamboo sea and walk for a short time to reach the boundary of Ningzhou. At that time, he could be with Wife and children are reunited.
It wasn't too far, there really was a bifurcation ahead, one left and one right, Su Feiwen couldn't help but think of the little girl's words.
This bamboo sea, he hasn't been here for half a year. I don't know who's family, when they actually circled the flowerbeds in this kind of flowers and plants. The arrogant flowers in the bamboo sea are attractive enough to seize Su Feiwen's curiosity.
To the left, as long as you catch up with a stick of incense, you will not delay the day of going home by your own light work.
After making up his mind to go to the left, it took less than half a cup of tea, and suddenly he heard a gust of wind. Su Feiwen's eyes dazzled with brilliance, and immediately jumped up into the air with a little toe, but settled steadily on a thin bamboo.
The meteor hammer passed by, sweeping on the row of bamboos in front, the green bamboos groaned and folded.
"It's so easy!"
Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter.
"Du Dao Su Fei Wen is a idiot, and the rumor is really unbelievable!"
Another gust of wind flashed, and what appeared before him was a big man in a camel fur coat, with a black square face and a rough stubble, just the opposite of Su Feiwen's thin and handsome.
Su Feiwen's heart sank, but she sneered on her face, "Sumou doesn't remember any friendship with the owner of Black Wind Valley. Or does the owner also want to have friendship with Su Mou's sword climbing?"
"The sword, the world is unparalleled, who doesn't want it?" Hei Feng said, "Boy, have you met a few swordsmen along the way?"
Su Feiwen glanced at Heifeng, and sighed, "Plus the Valley Lord, seventy out of eight."
The name of the sword of the generals moved the world, and everyone was vying for it, but he won it again.
Like Yujiao's wife, Wushuang Excalibur, is it true that God really loves him?
Hei Feng looked ferocious and said: "Su Feiwen, I only blame you for being too popular, so why are you taking advantage of it? Today, someone is robbing you of the sword, and someone else may rob you of your wife tomorrow!"
The blue cold light flashed, Su Feiwen had already shaken off the black cloth in his hand, and the sword was unsheathed, taking the black wind's heart directly.
"Hey! I'm in a hurry?" Heifeng's hands turned around with the meteor hammer, his face full of lewdness, "Who doesn't know that your wife and the doctor named Xue are not clear. I can't blame people for telling me, look at you. With this jade face, Xue Wufeng is more like a man than you. Or, can you just follow your master with a genius?"
"You can't spit out ivory from a dog's mouth!" Su Feiwen said angrily, "Yi'er, it's not yet your turn to talk long and short with you pickled nymphs! The genius doctor Xue Da is my righteous brother, how can he be like you? Can the rat be arrogant?!"
The sword of the generalist exuded the cold air, cutting through the sky, with sharp sword energy, and straightly forced the black wind's pair of meteor hammers back three feet.
The black wind snorted, dancing the meteor hammer and deceiving him again.
Su Feiwen flew with a long sword, the wind passed Wuhenjian without a shadow, but the sword was as dense as golden bells, and no half of the gap was left to the opponent.
The Black Wind Meteor Hammer made Shun Dangdang but couldn't find the entrance.
You come and I will touch more than fifty strokes, so Fei has a tattoo without changing his appearance, but defending and not attacking, but the black wind is already panting, and his hands and feet are slightly floating.
Heifeng's face gradually turned purple and blue, and he threw the meteor hammer with a roar of anger, and a pair of fleshy palms slashed towards Su Feiwen.
The palm of the wind and the sword collided.
A cold light flashed in Su Feiwen's eyes, but the sword remained half an inch in front of Heifeng's throat and did not pierce it any further.
Hei Feng Hei's face suddenly turned white, his palms paused in the air, and Kuishuo's figure was momentarily paused, leaving only a muffled sound.
The vigorous man who had just been violent, he blinked his eyes silently and died on the ground.
"People in the Poison Sect never use swords or swords, but also come to grab swords?"
Su Feiwen finished speaking lightly.
On the Yuzhen acupoint on the neck of the back of the black wind, a small needle eye is slowly flowing black pus and blood, and a trace of fishy qi is shallow in the air.
There was a burst of weird laughter across the bamboo sea, which was terrible and creepy.
"Good eyesight! You can see my path at a glance. Unfortunately, you are also uncomfortable. Why don't you say that I am kind to save you?"
Su Feiwen said coldly: "Poisonous door Lou Qingli, when have you ever done a good thing to save people?"
There was another laugh out of thin air.
"Since the hero Su knows me so well, why don't I know that by nature I like to join in the fun? Even though I don't use swords, I grab a treasure and enshrine my face. The sword is coveted by everyone in the world, why am I? do not want?"
"Heroes?" Su Feiwen teased and raised his lips.
"Huh? Don't all of you decent people like to be called'heroes'?"
"Sumou has no school or school for a long time."
"Sure enough!"
A blue shadow jumped out and flashed in front of Su Feiwen's eyes.
"I like your personality. Anyway, you have to retire from the rivers and lakes. It is better to send me away, you and I can still be friends."
"Who wants to be friends with you, a murderous evil person?" Su Feiwen sneered, "Lou Qingli, you and my brother Xue are deadly enemies, so how come you come to get close to me?"
Lou Qingli laughed more and more wickedly: "Su Feiwen, if you are against me, you are not afraid that I will poison you? Without the guardian of the great doctor Xue Da, I can let you die in the next second. Sleep!"
His voice hadn't landed yet, but suddenly, another voice rose loudly:
"If you dare to touch a piece of brother Suxian's hair, let alone the great doctor Xue can't spare you, I will be the first to settle accounts with you!"
This voice actually seemed awe-inspiring and righteous, extremely impassioned!
Su Feiwen raised his eyes and saw that a swordsman in a white satin shirt had emerged from the diagonal stabbing. He was well-dressed and elegant, holding a pair of Fei Lian swords, which was in stark contrast to Lou Qingli's weird and evil dress.
Fang Yu, the head of the Jiangnan Five Sword Feijian School.
Su Feiwen sneered secretly. It turned out that he was so prestigious, and all the people he brought in were famous people.
"Brother Suxian," Fang Yu leaned forward with a smile, "I heard that the younger brother is moving, and the foolish brother rushed to invite him. Now the world is not very peaceful, so it is better for the younger brother to bring his younger sisters to live in the middle school of the foolish brother Zhuangzhong. Arrange a quiet, comfortable and well-rounded place for the virtuous brother, I don’t know what the virtuous brother wants?
"Don't bother with the head of the labor." Su Feiwen pushed Fang Yu away calmly, "I and Yi'er are used to laziness, and dare not disturb your house."
Listening to Su Feiwen's words, Lou Qingli suddenly laughed and trembled:
"Su Feiwen, Su Feiwen! You lose because you don’t know how to work, and you go straight to make the North and South factions do not tolerate you! But it is also good, this kind of double-faced hypocrite, even if you force him to deal with him It will also suffer."
Fang Yu was furious upon hearing this: "You demon demon! Who is a hypocrite?"
Lou Qingli pursed his lips and said with a smile: "Are you a third person besides him and me? I am obviously not talking about him, let alone me!"
"Bah!" Fang Yu took a sip, his face flushed, and a pair of Feilian swords came out to attack Lou Qingli.
Lou Qingli laughed and jumped into the air, as if shocked, disappeared in the blink of an eye, only the remaining voice lingered:
"Su Feiwen, in fact, I don’t want your swordsman so much. The smell here is not good, so I’ll take a step ahead. Ask yourself for more blessings. If you are in a hurry, the wild dogs that jump over the wall and bite people are terrible, but Powerful but a charming flower of the mind!"
"This demon with a broken mouth!"
Fang Yu stomped his feet with hatred, but turned around to stop Su Feiwen from going, and walked with him no matter what.
Su Feiwen frowned slightly.
Compared to Fang Yu, he felt that Lou Qingli came a little faster.
It's just... this Lou Qingli is really strange and tight. The bamboo sea here is deep, and the fragrance of sweet flowers wafts slightly, which is refreshing. Why does he say that it smells bad?
"Su Feiwen!" Fang Yu finally exhausted his patience, gritted his teeth and said: "Don't shame your face!"
"Thanks to the wrong love from the head of Fang, I'm afraid that Feiwen can't afford this face." Su Feiwen waved his hand and left. If he talks about kung fu, he knows that he will not be able to defeat Fang Yu, but he was born with pride and refused to lower his head.
Fang Yu lost face, and was so angry that he was about to rush forward.
Suddenly, there was a crisp child's voice.
"Pretty brother! You are here! Come here! I'll take you to see my flowers!"
The little girl in the white coat and white dress actually ran towards the two of them some time ago, with a small pink face and a smile that was as sweet as a flower. She laughed happily and ran, holding a pure white wreath in her little hand, and beckoning Sufeiwen again and again.
Su Feiwen's heart suddenly tightened, and he screamed: "Don't come here!"
However, Fang Yu had already leaped up, slammed and bullied the little girl, only reaching out to catch the birds and taking her into captivity.
"Su Feiwen, if you want this little girl to survive, hand over the sword!"
"You let the baby go first!"
Su Feiwen furrowed his brows deeply, and his slender fingers clasped the hilt of the sword, turning pale with force.
In the big bamboo sea, the wind sounded stern, and the little girl was carried by Fang Yu like a picture on paper, and she had already burst into tears. She cried more and more fiercely, tears kept falling down her cheeks, she couldn't even catch her breath, her small face and nose rose purple.
Fang Yu was upset by her crying, and yelled fiercely: "Cry again! I really killed you!" After saying that, he stabbed her with a sword.
The little girl let out a sorrowful cry, and suddenly there was no more voice.
Su Feiwen saw her drooping her little head, and when she let go of her little hand, the brightly-colored wreath fell silently to the ground.
The bright red blood smeared large swathes of red on her snow-white jacket, as strong as a blooming mandala. The blood flowed like a stream, flowing down the girl's slender arm, dripping on the wreath, making it even more bizarre and desolate in an instant.
Su Feiwen was stunned, looking at the little girl's swaying body, unable to react for a long time.
Fang Yu was also stunned. As soon as he let go, the little girl fell to the ground like fallen leaves, falling into a pool of blood, and there was no more jingle-like laughter.
He died like this...?
Just now, this cute child smiled so sweetly, clamoring to take him to see the flowers--
The little girl's innocent smile quickly flashed in front of her eyes, and the anger burned and spread in Su Feiwen's heart, instantly burning his eyes.
"Fang Yu! You dressed beast! How can you do it!"
The sword screamed into the sky with grief, and wanted to drink his blood to calm the waves of anger!
Fang Yu was shocked, but couldn't argue with words, and had to raise a sword to greet him.
However, when he raised the sword again, his whole body was so weak that he knelt down, like a mouse that had only stepped on an oil bottle, Su Feiwen penetrated his chest with a single sword, and he was not even able to fight back.
As Su Feiwen watched Fang Yu's gradually turning purple-black face, cold sweat gradually leaked from his forehead.
The blood on the sword was black, and it was not him who killed Fang Yu, I'm afraid it was Lou Qingli. When I wanted to come, Lou Qingli Ding calmly left Fang with poison before he left.
In this way, he himself took a walk in front of the Hades Palace. Lou Qingli didn't attack him, he didn't know whether he should be thankful or not.
Su Feiwen wiped the sweat on his forehead, wiped the sword clean, stepped on Fang Yu's corpse and picked up the little girl in a pool of blood.
The little girl was so angry that she seemed to breathe.
"It's okay, uncle's righteous brother is a genius doctor! He is the most powerful doctor in the world! He must be able to heal you!" Su Feiwen felt a little sore in his nose.
Perhaps, he should tell her that the other side is not necessarily terrible. Drinking a big bowl of hot soup when crossing the Naihe Bridge, you can't remember what the pain is.
"Flowers...my flowers..."
The little girl groaned weakly, spitting out a few vague words.
Su Feiwen's eyes trembled violently, and suddenly he hugged the little girl and ran into the wind, almost about to fly.
The child missed her flowers until the end. He had to take her back to her flower garden and let her leave quietly among the flowers.
There was a sacred whiteness in front of him, as if he came from another world.
Every flower is trembling slightly in the wind, but it is still so vivid, vivid and bright.
Only at the first glance, Su Feiwen thought of his Yier.
Yi'er also likes to wear white clothes. This flower was like Yi'er, so beautiful that it was unspeakable, and he couldn't bear to look away.
The air is full of rich fragrance.
Su Feiwen wanted to put the little girl down, but he staggered and fell down, and could only fall into a pure white blossom.
The scent of flowers made him dizzy and almost suffocated.
Su Feiwen didn't know what was wrong with him.
Although his martial arts did not rank in the top ten in the arena, his light power has never been unmatched. How can he be so embarrassed that he is about to fall like this now?
He was a little dizzy and wanted to get up, but his body was already separated from his consciousness, unable to move at all.
"You can't stand up."
The sweet voice wafted into the ears.
"Love flowers will make you die of the most beautiful illusion."
Love flower?
It turns out that this splendid white is the legendary sweet and very poisonous love flower?
Su Feiwen's heart was shaken, and suddenly remembered Lou Qing's words when he left:
The most powerful thing is the charming flower...
No wonder Lou Qingli, who has been with poison all day, will also run away. It turned out that he had already smelled the unusual sweetness in the air. He even asked himself to wake up, but unfortunately, he was clumsy and failed to understand the mystery.
What came to mind was Yi'er's gentle smile.
Love flower, love flower, the most affectionate flower in the world like the sea, is also the world's most peaked poison!
Su Feiwen suddenly struggled.
He is not afraid of death, but he is unwilling to die like this. He can't let go. People are desperate, and the most pitiful is his wife and children left in the world.
However, Su Feiwen understood it only the moment he thought of Yi'er.
He definitely couldn't escape this net of love and poison.
The poison of the flower of love, the love is not in the flower, the deeper the love, the deeper the poison, only the ruthless and desireless people can escape from birth.
The depth of love, the ultimate love, can't be wiped out even if all the catastrophes are gone, only letting the poison of love eat away, every inch of the heart will burn the bones.
Su Feiwen turned his face weakly.
He saw the little girl squatting in front of him, and the tabby on the satin white coat was very clear, and it seemed that there was an aura. It's just that he can no longer see the expression on her face, and I don't know if she is still smiling so brilliantly.
However, he could not blame her. Even if she deceived him with her innocent and beautiful appearance. He just felt sad, for himself, even more for this child who was only ten years old.
She doesn't understand love, but she knows how to kill with love.
"Is the sweet-scented osmanthus cake delicious?" Su Feiwen couldn't help but raise his lips slightly.
The little girl was taken aback for a moment, then nodded:
"You are a good person, but I can't let you live. You are a lonely person, no comrades, no backing, but you are guilty of crimes. There are too many people who want to take your precious treasure. If you are good, you just want to see you die tragically. Get more. Your righteous brother can’t save you from near thirst. Even if it can save you alone, how can you save the world. But if I let you live, my whole family will be dead."
There was sincerity in her eyes, her voice was immature, but she was not like a child at all.
Su Feiwen smiled vaguely and pushed out the sword in his hand.
"I said earlier that I don't want this'great treasure', but it's okay, but I don't want the sharp blade to fall into the hands of the wicked. But since I'm not as skilled as humans, I don't have the ability to hold this sword. Whoever wants it, just take it!"
The little girl tilted her head and looked at him.
"Big brother, is your'treasure' only this sword?"
Su Feiwen was startled when he heard the words, and struggling fiercely.
How is this sword?
His "treasure" is obviously still waiting for him at home. Unfortunately, he is afraid that he will never have his life to go back...
Su Feiwen has never regretted it like this.
Along the way, he escaped a whole eighty tribulations, but finally failed to escape this moment. It was all ninety-nine-one, helplessly don't let him escape, don't let him enter the peaceful and tranquil seclusion.
But he still wants to hold his son to accompany Yi'er, and the family happily waits for his hopeful little daughter to come to the world; he also wants to shelter his family from wind and rain, not to let Yi'er worry about him, suffer and suffer; I want to teach a pair of children to read, read, and learn martial arts, and take them to travel all over the mountains and rivers...
In his whole life, he hadn't lived well yet, he was already dying.
Strong unwillingness to stir the heavy pouring down, almost freezing him.
Su Feiwen laughed silently.
He struggled for the last time, staying in the direction of home, and stretched out his hand with difficulty, begging to be able to grasp the ethereal hope.
He seems to have really caught it.
The familiar warm touch melted in his palm. He raised his head, which was already heavy as lead, and could see the beautiful face of his beloved wife.
Those eyes were gentle and watery, smiling, without the slightest blame.
Su Feiwen suddenly relaxed and let out a weak breath.
The wind whipped up the petals and fluttered all over his face.
Those extravagant hopes that could never be realized turned into the most real illusions, surrounding him, obliterating him, swallowing him, and bringing him forever into the abyss of darkness and sleep.
At the last moment, Junxiu's face still has a lonely and bleak smile.
But even with a smile, so what?
Love flowers and love, love illusion life and death.
The child slept soundly on the bed.
The beautiful woman was sitting on the side of the bed sewing her clothes, her eyes flickering, and finally falling into the shadow cast by the lights on the wall.
There, there was still a unique Moxie sword hanging from side to side, purple light faintly, and there seemed to be infinite loneliness.
He should be back now, why is he still not seen?
The woman looked at her eyes for several times, her eyebrows looked sad, and she sighed.
After a short period of half a year, she watched day and night, eagerly looking forward to him, just begging him to return safely. She doesn't want any fame or glory, as long as the man she loves is by his side, he plows the fields, she weaves, and watches their children grow up day by day, and they are also blessed and happy.
The hut was a bit dim and it was hard to see clearly. She carefully lit the lantern in her palm and hung it out of the house.
It was getting dark, and she was afraid that he would come back and could not see the way in front of the door.
The cold wind rushed towards you, and the path in front of the door was winding in the darkness, not knowing where it stretched out and how far it was.
She looked at the end of the path that disappeared, as she did every day, holding her breath and sighing.
When You Yi was a child, she did the same, waiting and waiting by the verdant bamboo bridge, dressed beautifully and brightly like a butterfly.
But at that time, she was smiling, she was smiling and singing those nice ballads. Because she knew that whenever the sun went down, she could always see him dragging a slender shadow towards her in the afterglow, and Qingjun's face was as elated as her.
But now...
Her face suddenly sore, she hurriedly covered her mouth and nose.
The night was terribly silent, and the child groaned anxiously on the couch.
She turned back to the house with a little trembling, patted her son on the shoulder, and picked up the needle and thread when he was asleep again.
Suddenly, there was a pain in the fingertips, and blood beads poured out immediately. She sucked away the blood stains restlessly, a bitter.
"Mother..." The child on the couch woke up, rubbed his sleepy eyes, and asked vaguely; "Daddy is back?"
The woman put down the needlework in her hand, picked up her young son, and patted him to coax him: "Daddy is on the road, he will be back soon."
The little boy was lying in his mother's arms, his soft little face rubbing against him, "I just dreamed that Dad was coming back. Dad said that I am the elder brother. He wants me to grow up quickly and take care of my mother and sister!"
Tong Yan Wu Ji, the listener's heart is stormy.
The woman only feels her eyes are swollen and painful. She bit her lip, stroking her son's little head, and sighed, "Little Yan is good, Xiao Yan will grow up soon."
"I have to learn martial arts when I grow up, and I must be as good as my father!" The child smiled sweetly, and put his little face on his mother's slightly raised belly, "I want to take care of my mother, and also take care of my younger sister! Mother, you Must give me a younger sister, okay? I want a younger sister!"
"Okay, mother gave you a younger sister, your father... also wants your mother to give you a younger sister..."
"Mother, why isn't Dad coming back? I'm sleepy again."
"Go to sleep when you are sleepy. If you sleep a little longer, Dad should come back..."
"I want to listen to my mother singing, it's best to listen to my mother singing. I just sleep when my mother sings!"
The children are making trouble forever.
The woman was disturbed, coaxing one by one, her eyes drifted away, and she finally landed on the sword hanging on the wall.
Moxie's sword, quietly, as if waiting for another indefinitely, waiting for her leader to return, returning the sword to its sheath, and the swords in pairs.
The tears finally crossed Ruyu's cheeks, and the embankment collapsed... She stubbornly covered her sleeves to prevent the child from seeing, and laughed hard after choking.
"Okay, mother sing for you. After singing this song, you have to sleep well. Green bamboo, green bamboo knots are tall, and the bird in the bamboo forest, don’t make trouble, watch me put on that little flower jacket, looking forward to my little Brother crosses the bamboo bridge..."
The bamboo groves are lush and lush, and the bamboo bridge rests.
However, since then, there are no more glamorous girls standing by the bridge, and no more heroic boys who return with swords under the blue sunset.