"The Moon under the Moon"

"Yueqiong, Yueqiong, are you really going to be Qionghuatuo this month? When will you be blooming again?" He took her waist from behind, picked up a strand of blue silk and let it loose, taking a deep breath of emotion. .
She looked back, and while smiling and groaning, a scallion tube's jade finger lightly pressed on his lips and teeth, and she moved and flicked but she lowered her eyes timidly: "It's only for Wei Tuo in the blink of an eye. Would you like to be Wei Lang of the slave house?"
He sighed intoxicated: "If you can get a wife like this, how can your husband ask for it?"
She rolled her hands and pushed him away, twisting her body and groaning: "Wife? Isn't your lady still living in Dongyuan?"
He was a little startled, and hurriedly pulled her into his arms, tenderly and sweetly, comforting in every way. "August. I'll tell her to go before August at the latest." He kissed her with her long black hair, the fragrance and coldness of the water made him addicted, "I only want you to be a wife."
Then she laughed, full of charm. "Wei Lang, don't miss the flowering period. When it's blooming, you want to marry me." Her cheeks are like fragrant peaches, turning to melt into the rich night, hiding her.
The candlelight swayed, the fragrant wind lingered, leaving only the fascinated Langjun, a room blurred.
His surname is Wei, he inherits a family business and has a rich life. His wife Yue's, the daddy-character Tanniang, married him for seven years in a blink of an eye.
On that summer night seven years ago, he went out into the mountains to enjoy the moon, and found a Jiao Tan in the mountain stream. He had never seen such a beautiful epiphany, even though it was only a bud to be released, it was already shy and shy, independent of the moonlight.
He couldn't put it down, forgetting his surroundings and being swept away by a sudden flash flood. When she woke up, she was still holding the epiphyllum in her arms, but she was surrounded by a beautiful girl who was the epiphany.
It was Tan Niang who saved him.
In a daze, he held the epiphyllum and asked: "Can the little lady see the blooming of Qionghua this month?"
Tan Niang smiled shyly and tenderly. "It's a flash in the pan, it's time to thank after the flowers bloom." She responded softly.
He looked down at the fragrant flower in his arms and stubbornly whispered: "But she will open it again."
He clearly saw it, and for a moment when the torrent hit the roll, the epiphany blossomed suddenly, the fragrance was permeated, and the brilliance was dazzling. Such a rare beauty is definitely not a dream, he believes so.
He stayed in a wooden hut in the mountains for half a month, and the Tanniang took care of him all day long, and he soon recovered. The tenderness and kindness of the girl is like a fragrant flower stuffed, soaking into the heart. He couldn't let her go anymore, and took her home with the epiphany.
Years later, he can still clearly remember that night, August, Qiuyue was cool and starless. He picked up the corolla bead curtain, and in an instant, it seemed that he saw the sacred flower affair that was also true and illusion, ice and jade, shocked and inexplicable.
Tan Niang, his bride, sitting on the couch with her fingers intertwined, cramped and shy, with her head down quietly.
But when he held up her face lightly, he saw her smile softly, her brows and eyes were fair and delicate.
In an instant, he was in a daze, illusion that she was Qionghua under the moon that confided her faint fragrance, and only at this moment, she was full of the most beautiful beauty of her life.
However, that was all seven years ago.
After seven years of marriage, the water is light and the wine is cold. Tan Niang was late and childless, and he became tired gradually, thinking only about the scenery outside.
Today's Tan Niang is not Tan Niang, but the Yue clan, an old man who has lost his color in the seven years of relative time, and is no longer comparable to Yuexia Xiangqiong, who is incapable of showing her first blooms.
He loved Epiphany since he was a child. He took it back and took care of it for seven years, but he did not open it again. He called her Yueqiong. He always thought that she would never drive again.
Until he met Yueqiong, the fascinating woman.
She walked from the shadow of the flower on the moonlight, she was a natural evildoer.
He asked her idiotically about her name.
She smiled arbitrarily, her eyes flashing. "A Lang didn't name the slave's Yueqiong, why did he forget it?" She stroked his cheek, slightly cold fingertips, wandering, arousing the tingling heat of his blood.
"Wei Lang, do you like Nujia?" She whispered in his ear, warm Lanfang vomiting on her neck.
With dry mouth and tongue, he couldn't help rubbing his jade arm and fragrant shoulder.
The snow-white Luo shirt slipped, a touch of mellow and bright white.
There was a buzz in his mind, and his breath fell sharply.
But she turned around and pulled up the snow clothes, nodding slightly in anger. "Why is A Lang so impatient? The flowers are not blooming yet, but he wants to pick them first." Half-concealed, he wanted to refuse and greeted, his brows were slightly charming, and all kinds of amorous feelings were contained.
He was stunned for a long while, actually like a young man who was just beginning to love him. Hearing the sound of his heartbeat, he couldn't breathe in a daze, only his face flushed red.
She pointed at him in embarrassment, smiled and bent over, his sleeves were hem, the skirt fluttered, and she drank the warm wine on her back.
She sang slantingly: "Five-flowered horses, golden jewels, Hu'er will exchange for fine wine, and share the eternal sorrow with you..."
She winks like silk. She approached him as lightly as a feathered fairy, holding up his face.
The lips and teeth are charming and the intoxicating fragrance overflows.
I never knew it, wine songs were graceful, and Jiao Tan was also romantic. She danced in the meantime, full of water and milk, poetic and picturesque.
He was dizzy and greedy, and he didn't know how long, but he was suddenly awakened by a soft voice.
"Langjun, I will send you a midnight snack."
He was suddenly startled in a cold sweat, and there was no fascinating flower monster when he fixed his eyes, only Tan Niang standing softly by the door carrying the food box, smiling peacefully and peacefully.
Startled and disappointed, he has frowned inadvertently.
Tan Niang also likes white clothes. He felt that she was just like a piece of white silk, without any glamour.
He slandered in his heart. This wins Xuebai with only Yueqiong.
"Change your clothes. Don't let people think that your home is bad." He said inadvertently, but it was extremely mean. He woke up and frowned, and explained awkwardly, "It's not that you don't have good clothes, why bother...why..."
Tan Niang only leaned on the goalpost in a daze, but quickly lowered her eyes, shaking her head and smiling vaguely.
After that day, Tan Niang no longer wears white in front of him. Green tape yarn, jasper pendant swayed around her waist, and her light green skirt was swayed in the breeze, contouring her body.
But he seems blind.
He was blind and saw the epiphany in his eyes. He took more care of it.
At this time, Tan Niang always smiles gently. "Lang Jun likes her this way." She smiled and sighed gently, "Even if she can no longer bloom, will she still like it this way?"
"No, she will definitely open it. She is about to open it." He was so sure, unable to see the sadness in Tan Niang's eyes.
He only saw Yueqiong.
Yueqiong came to meet him every night. She is really a weird fairy, and when she is good, she will be lingering, and when she is not good, she will throw him to the ground and call him a stinky man with no heart and lungs.
Hot and unruly, arrogant. He became more obsessed and addicted. He has long been tired of Tan Niang's obedient and chaste, he is greedy for this seductive and gushing passion.
He sniffed her Meixiang and asked foolishly: "Yueqiong, may you not leave?"
She laughed: "When the flowers bloom, they can't leave."
"Then when will you drive again?" He kissed her Yurun's collarbone: "Seven years. I brought you back, and you won't drive again."
"It's clearly already opened. Did Lang Jun forget?" She smiled enchantingly, her voice seemed far and near, if there was a fantasy, "Even the blooming flowers are blooming, the time is violent, and the blooming of the flowers is the defeat of the flowers, so what? Dare to ask more?"
He was only ignorant, and his heart flashed between his brows, and it was the beginning of the blooming mountain stream in the old year, throbbing hard to name.
Suddenly she pushed him away, her eyes flickering, and the light was overcast and sunny. She raised the corner of her lips and squinted at him coldly: "Are you greedy? You don't know that a flash in the pan is her life, and you deserve her to be treated like this."
For no reason, he was inexplicably frightened.
Seeing him startled, she suddenly laughed sweetly again. "Wei Lang, you want a woman to bloom for you, but why don't you know the selfishness of a woman? No woman likes to share, she only needs to dominate and monopolize." She raised her eyebrows and smiled, and the corners of her eyes were charming. NS."
He stared blankly at her disappearing, unable to speak for a long time.
The next day, Tan Niang moved to Dongyuan.
"You don't like to be noisy, but you often have socializing in business at home. Dongyuan is quieter and won't disturb you." He explained.
Tan Niang was soft and silent, without arguing or complaining. She just looked at the epiphany under his eaves, the green flowers and leaves were like her long dress, rich and desolate. She smiled softly and didn't want to ask anything. She only raised her hand to caress the corner of his eyebrows, sighed lightly, and finally turned away.
So, every night he sang so much that he almost forgot her.
He thought he had done enough to make Yue Qiong happy. But let him search in every possible way, but Yueqiong never allowed him.
"What you can't get is the best, and if you get cheap, you will lose flowers and willows and weeds on the roadside. Don't you know you men when I am a demon?" She smiled hard and poked his heart with her slender fingertips.
He grinned in embarrassment. She dumped him again, pouring and drinking, dancing lightly, Usi messy.
"Five-flower horses, golden jewels, Hu'er will exchange fine wines, and sell eternal sorrows with you..."
Sell the eternal sorrow with you.
A demon like her also has an eternal sorrow.
He caught her heartbroken.
She smirked slightly: "I have lived for thousands of years, and today I finally realize my sorrow."
He kissed her and sighed piously: "Give me your sorrow, and I will carry it for you in this life and this life."
She laughed so domineeringly: "He is clearly a man who is greedy and greedy, but he also said that he is in this life and this life."
He frowned in astonishment: "I treat you sincerely, don't you believe it?"
She raised her eyebrows and stared at him, unbelieving, disdainful.
He said anxiously: "How can you believe it?"
She still stared at him and smiled coldly: "Wei Lang, how can you tell me the truth?"
He was silent for a long while and said: "I will marry you."
She asked: "You already have a wife, how can you marry me?"
He faintly replied: "Seven out of seven, there is no child."
She was taken aback, staring at him closely, her eyes burning unclear. She suddenly hid her face and laughed. "Well, if you divorced her, I will marry you, husband and godson with you. Mine, Wei Lang." She lifted her face from the gauze sleeve, her eyes dark and far-reaching, she couldn't see.
She made an appointment with him, and the flowering period served as a match.
From then on, she drank and sang song every night.
He only thought about it, the prosperous and dazzling August season.
He went to Dongyuan to look for Tanniang.
The maid greeted each other happily: "A Lang is back! The lady prepares food and wine every day, and waits so hard."
He paused slightly, but saw Tan Niang standing quietly by the door, smiling with worry.
Vegetables are his favorite bamboo shoots and roasted meat, and wine is his favorite flower carving. She waited like this day after day. She poured wine for him and spoke softly.
He suddenly felt a little unbearable, and his mouth was speechless. After all, seven years of kindness.
She hugged him, her cold cheeks pressed against his broad back, her hands were wet with tears, but her heart was in her heart. "Are you really going to leave?" Her voice was small and sad, trembling slightly.
He sighed and turned around and hugged her, not knowing how to comfort him. After struggling for a few moments, she smelled a faint fragrance in her black hair.
He turned and fled.
He fled back and saw Yueqiong.
She leaned against the long case, her cheeks flushed and drowsy. The wine jug was poured randomly, and the smell of wine permeated the room.
He picked her up and placed her on the couch.
She suddenly opened her eyes and put her arms around his neck. She stared at him and chuckled, "You escaped so embarrassed."
He was instantly flustered, but bitter. She is a demon and knows everything. "I...I don't want to hurt her too much." He sighed helplessly.
"Wei Lang is passionate." She stroked his cheek and kneaded gently, but suddenly her eyes were cold: "But do you really think you never hurt her?"
He was dazed.
She said: "Wei Lang, you have to make a decision. I'm still her, you can't have both." Her smile was like poison, with the slightest bit of a bone.
He moaned to himself and rubbed her into his arms.
She suddenly opened her mouth and bit his lower lip severely.
The bloody lips and teeth, mixed with the fragrance of the epiphyllum, are rich and strong, stirring and scorching, filling the mess.
Two women, one like water and the other like fire, he swayed between them and finally had a choice.
Yes, which enemy is enchanting Tian Dan.
As August is approaching, he still divorces his wife.
"Tan Niang, I'm sorry. You...you go find a good person..." He stood in the shadow, turning his face away, not daring to look at her.
Tan Niang looked at him quietly, as if tracing his outline over and over again. "Everyone in the house said that Lang Jun was fascinated by the evildoer. I don't believe it." She said indifferently, tiredly expressionless. She asked: "Langjun, do you really tell me to leave?"
He opened his mouth but was speechless. He still didn't dare to look at her. Somehow, this soft woman made him so scared. Scared to bear.
She smiled, there was no more words, and she was silent.
He looked up in a panic, only to see her lonely and lonely back.
She really left like this, no noise, no trouble, nothing.
Suddenly he was a little lost, and stayed in a daze, not knowing what to do.
He felt cold inexplicably.
Tan Niang left, he suddenly seemed to be lost, and his whole body was cold.
He hugged Yueqiong tightly, as if begging for the only warm light. "You and I will get married." He pulled Yueqiong, as he said.
Yueqiong sniffed: "Can't Lang Jun stand the cold bed?"
He smiled bitterly: "I have done this for you, what do you want from me?"
Yueqiong looked at him for a moment, and suddenly smiled shyly: "Okay. Then we will get married."
On the wedding night, drunk with huazhu, he finally saw the man in the flower crown sitting next to the couch.
Under the eaves of the window, there is still the white tan, waiting quietly.
Suddenly, I was in a trance, like that night seven years ago. He suddenly became nervous.
Trembling, he raised the bead curtain and saw the woman slowly raising her head.
Four eyes meet.
He was startled suddenly.
"Tan Niang...?"
Xi Cheng fell, he staggered back and almost fell.
Tan Niang stepped forward to support him, and smiled: "Why does Lang Jun panic like this?" She smiled wickedly, her eyebrows raised, and she was full of energy. That is Yueqiong's smile.
"You...you..." He was too surprised to speak.
She let go of him and stood with her hands down. "Tan Niang is Yue Qiong, and Yue Qiong is Tan Niang."
"It's impossible." He gritted his teeth, but beads of sweat rolled down.
Tan Niang said, "Do you remember that year? That year, you went into the mountain and suffered a flash flood. You saw an epiphany, and you protected her from the rain and wind. Later, the flash flooded you. You rushed down the mountain stream with her, and you kept holding her without letting go. That epiphyllum is the empress."
That epiphany is the epiphany.
She said so.
He was stunned. Those long-lasting, lost beauty. He clearly never forgot, but clearly he never remembered. He held his temples weakly, still pounding frighteningly.
Yes. Yueqiong, this is the name he gave her. Tan Niang is Yue Qiong, and Yue Qiong is Tan Niang.
But how can they be the same person? Obviously it is such a completely different woman.
She glanced at him deeply and smiled sadly:
"Tan Niang is a flower demon and can't give birth, so Tan Niang just wants to be better to Lang Jun as much as possible, but I didn't expect that you don't like it."
She laughed more and more mournful, "So I thought, changing into what you like, at least I can keep you. But—"
She paused suddenly, stepped on the table with a light sigh, and poured two glasses of warm wine.
She held the wine goblet, she laughed at herself:
"But I found out that it still hurts me. Even if it is me who took you away, I still can’t accept it. It’s obviously me, but it’s obviously not me. If it’s another seven years, I should change again. What kind of appearance can I keep you? It's a flash in the pan, but it's fascinating, and it's okay. How many seven years..."
"I can't accept it. Lang Jun, do you understand." She lowered her head, lowered her eyes, and whispered a little bit of sorrow, but the corners of her lips rose more and more.
He stared at her blankly, the words she said were like a fantasy, which made him feel at a loss. He suddenly panicked. "Tan Niang, you...what are you going to do?" His voice trembled with nervousness.
She handed the wine pouch to him and said, "Drink it. Drink it and you will be relieved."
He was too late to pick it up.
She asked softly: "Langjun, don't you drink your and mine co-wine?"
"Tan Niang!" He waved his hand over the wine goblet excitedly.
She suddenly bullied him and poured another glass of wine into his mouth.
She is a demon, and he is powerless to resist, so he can only look at her, a boiling splendor rises in front of his eyes, and his vision is blurred. Vaguely, I saw her fiery red wedding gown faded to pale and fluttered, as if blood flowed away, with a desolate smile, soaked in tears.
"Forget it, Lang Jun, just treat it as a dream."
In a trance, it seemed to see a sap of snow, suddenly blooming, and immediately like flying snow, pieces scattered in the deep moon night.
Fear, the tide rose instantly.
He wanted to scream, but couldn't make a sound, so he could only get drunk. When I open my eyes again, time is passing, like water fades away. Everything seemed to go back to the past, the summer night when the flash floods. He hugged a pang and looked around blankly, his heart was empty and there was nothing.
The wind rose, only the red candle shook slightly.

—Tan Niang—
In fact, I never told him that he died in the flash flood seven years ago.
I ran out of cultivation base, so I changed him to pay him back. From that moment on, I wasn't even a demon, I was just a touch of spirit, a lost ghost, stranded in the world for him.
Therefore, that epiphany will never open again.
I never told him that his yang energy would hurt me. I was weak day by day, and I didn't even know when I would lose my soul.
I thought that as long as I could stay with him in this way, even if there was an extra moment, it would be happy.
But I never knew that men are passionate and jealous, and women are jealous. It is natural that it is the man who has shielded me from flash floods, and even a goblin and ghost like me cannot escape.
In a flash in the pan, life is blooming.
But, my prince, I have exhausted my life to love you, but even if it is going to die, it is my last dignity. You have to return me completely, even a trace of memory, not to you.