The ice skates ran wildly under the moonlit night, and Ren Xingguang burned his silver-gray fur, shining brightly. In the northern tundra, the wind and snow continued, and he struggling to jump in the deep snow, leaving deep and shallow footprints.

"No matter where you go, no matter what you are doing, the moon god Sulun and her star messenger are watching you." The female mercenary holding the crescent knife once said.

She gave him the name ice skates. He was just an ordinary winter wolf. Yes, the winter wolf with the crown of cunning and cruelty is the winter wolf hated by the northerners.

In the past, he wandered in the northern tundra all day, together with his tribe, robbed of food, and even life, with the dwarves and elk barbarians of the Warhammer tribe. Until, the female mercenary arrived.

In that battle, he lost, lost to the crescent knife. The cold breath that Winter Wolf is most proud of, under the scimitar like a gust of wind and electric switch, is like soft frost, without lethality.

The scimitar struck for a moment, and the cold light flickered, and he saw a cold moon in the vast sky, desolate and lonely. He thought that he was going to die under this moon blade.

However, the female mercenary did not kill him.

That was the first time he saw a guy who was merciful to Winter Wolf's men. Whether it is a dwarf, a barbarian, or a human, he will definitely strip off his evil winter wolf skin without blinking, as long as they can. There are few elves in the tundra. If there are, those magical arrows that pierce Yang with hundreds of steps will definitely penetrate his body and even his head without hesitation, turning him into a huge honeycomb.

This female mercenary is really a weird fellow.

The cunning blood of Winter Wolf's nature urged him to calculate thousands of ways to escape from the bottom of his mind. He wanted to bite the female soldier's throat and drink her sweet and delicious blood in order to pay for the shame of defeat.

Unfortunately, he only tried three times.

When the last sneak attack failed, the sharp blade was cold on his neck, crushing him to the ice. He was convulsed, his eyes were full of fear, and he was panicked like a huge shadow pouring down, swallowing him all in an instant, pressing him so hard that he couldn't breathe. He had never been horrified until this point. At that moment, he felt that the god of death was so close to him, so close that he could blow him into hell with just one breath.

"It's only three things, I don't want to have a fourth time." The mercenary smiled softly, but there was pressure permeating her, and her blood penetrated along the cold blade.

Since then, he has never returned to his race, and he was completely captured by the female mercenary.

The female mercenaries always talked to him one at a time. He could not fully understand human language, but only heard "Moon God Suren", "Stars", "Heart" in bits and pieces... He guessed that the woman was Preaching to him, preaching her faith. However, as a mercenary, he actually believed in a cowardly god like the moon god Sulun. It was as ridiculous as asking Winter Wolf to lay down his minions for survival, wouldn't it?

The female mercenaries did not allow him to harm the business travelers who traveled through the tundra, and did not allow him to use the northern flying squirrel as a target for hunting and playing when he was bored. She forbids all unnecessary killings. Only when she is forced by hunger and helpless, will she travel through dozens of miles of snow and go to the center of the broken ice lake to pick a kind of strange red fruit and return it as food for storage.

His appetite is amazing. The female mercenary eats half a fruit, and he wants to eat twenty. But the female mercenaries always smiled gracefully, and will bring back more food in the next hoard.

When he wondered why he didn't run away while the woman was leaving, he thought for a long time, and finally, he found a plausible explanation-he loved the fruit that the female mercenary picked, so he continued to stay, as it should be. , Jumping for joy beside the female mercenary, watching the tundra covered in snow and wind.

The female mercenary's crescent knife is peculiar, and when she is not fighting, she gathers it into a nine-string lyre. She often sang desolate and euphemistic ballads on starless nights, with her fingertips passing, the sound of the piano sounded through the sky:

The stars looking at the wind

Tabard smile

The silver moon shines in the night

Ge Mao has already fallen asleep

The gentle ballad of the goddess


Bless our continent

Every corner

He couldn't understand, but the soft singing sound burned in his heart, making him feel excited and excited. He raised his head, looked at the silver moon in the sky, and howled.

"You should have a name," the female mercenary smiled, her black onyx-colored eyes, shining brightly, "Ice skates, this suits you well. When you run in the wind of the tundra, it's like a shiny silver ice skate. Pretty!"

As a result, he has a new name, Skate. He was proud and happy.

He lowered his head and rubbed the hand of the mercenary, surprisingly docile. Is the nature of Winter Wolf fading from his soul a little bit? he thinks. Although, that was what he was proud of. However, just looking at the female mercenaries smiling brightly, he suddenly felt a sense of boldness without complaint or regret. For her, he might really let go of those so-called glory.

Together with the female mercenaries, he haunted the business roads of business travel and business, and joined forces time and time again to repel the ferocious wolves.

The fellow tribes spurned him, despised him, and attacked him mercilessly. He became more steadfast. He has become accustomed to jumping for joy by the female mercenary, watching her crescent knife shine brightly in the silver-white snow.

He thought she was stupid. She possessed one of the best martial arts, but she was kind and unwilling to hurt any other life, even the Winter Wolf, who was known for her ferocity and evil.

Therefore, he cannot leave this fool and leave alone.

He could already clearly understand the meaning of every word of the female mercenary. In fact, he always wanted to ask her why, she would live the life of mercenaries licking blood, and even ran into the deserted tundra, guarding the golden road of businessmen day and night. She is clearly such a gentle and innocent woman.

"Ice Blade, do you know why I came to the North?" The female mercenary seemed to see him through, and said lightly: "I used to go to the legendary mainland Karatu in search of power, where I experienced a lot, and finally , I finally understand-the strongest force in the world is not force. No matter how strong force is, it cannot be subdued. So, I come back all the way, I want to prove that the force I am looking for is correct. Then, I want that People know that I finally have the power to be his arm! It’s a pity, there is no more shadow of him in this northern land. I don’t know where he went, maybe, that’s one, I’ll never be able to To the world."

When speaking, the female mercenary lowered her eyes, her long and curled eyelashes trembling slightly, and her long chestnut hair hanging down her shoulders, shaking with her, subtle.

He also suddenly became sad. The female mercenary's voice sounded so sad that it gave him the illusion that she was crying. He didn't dare to lick her hand, fearing that the barb on the wolf tongue would hurt her, so he could only use his head to grind together, hoping that the comforting feeling would be passed on to her.

At that time, he secretly made up his mind that if one day, she would leave the Northland to find someone she cares about, and he would definitely walk with her. Even if he left the homeland where he grew up, he would never leave her.

Only then did he finally realize how terrible the force that the female mercenary said was enough to conquer the heart. Obviously a ferocious winter wolf, he would still be attached, reluctant, and unforgettable.

However, he never thought that the female mercenaries would drive him away.

She pulled him away again and again. He stared, sobbed sadly, raised his front legs and grabbed her, unwilling to leave.

"Let's go on the ice skates! You are a wolf, and the wolf has the way of living as a wolf. You can't stay by my side and become a dog!" The female mercenary frowned, turned and left, extremely firm.

In the cold wind of the tundra, he was left alone on the icy surface, until he was unconscious, still sobbing in pain.

He waited a full month in the cave where the female mercenary used to live, and finally had to believe that she would never come back.

As a result, he became a silver lone wolf in the north, living alone, like an ice blade galloping through the wind, galloping lonely and firmly on the tundra.

When a thick bloody breath came from the howling north wind, the muscles of his whole body tightened in an instant.

The smell of snow ape was floating in the air.

The Snow Ape is the overlord of the tundra. This huge monster is more difficult to deal with than the Death God wandering in the north. Even the Winter Wolves will never block their way.

His pointed ears stood upright, trembling astutely, and a sharp cold light flashed in his eyes. Sensitivity and alertness to blood and crisis urged every nerve in him, and he began to run wildly, following the message from the wind.

There are no stars in the dark night.

On the snowy ice field, a snow ape monster screamed, but between the fangs and claws was the scimitar, the cold light was dazzling, like a cold moon.

He saw the female mercenary again. He thought she had left the North Land to find the person she had been looking for, but he never thought that she was fighting Snow Ape here!

The crescent knife tore the world and the thick fur of the snow ape. The huge white monster roared and danced its giant palms at the female mercenary. The female mercenary turned over two tumblers and dodged, then swung another knife. The silver sword light flew up and down, drawing a dazzling arc, but it never hurt the vitals.

In front of Snow Ape, she looked so thin, like a praying mantis with her arms raised to block a car.

He roared and rushed forward, restless, every wolf hair trembling with tension.

Why not make a killer move? Is she still trying to subdue Snow Ape's heart? She is really the most ridiculous fool in the world!

The strong freezing attack of the winter wolf is so weak in front of the snow ape's fur that is accustomed to the wind and snow of the tundra. That is simply the worst trick, even a child can't coax it.

He then rushed straight up, trying to use the most primitive melee combat to make the enemy surrender. The sharp wolf teeth bit into the snow ape's skin, and the monster roared in pain, with its big palm like a hammer, and slammed at him.

He was knocked out and slammed into an icicle a few feet away. With a crisp sound, the ice needle smashed all over his body. He stood up unyieldingly, shaking his body, feeling a trembling pain in his spine. He gritted his teeth and rushed into the circle again.

"Ice skates!" The female mercenary called his name, but soon there was no time for him to take care of it. The Snow Ape’s giant palm is pressing against the top of the mountain, and she can only use her full strength with the knife. Her thin arms trembled because of physical exhaustion, but she shouted: "Go away! Ice skates!"

Of course he can't walk away, if he walks away, this silly woman will definitely be beaten into flesh by the snow ape!

He jumped up, biting the thick neck of the snow ape, no matter how violently the monster shook, trying to shake him off, never let go. The sharp wolf teeth squeezed into the snow ape's hard muscles, and as the body shook violently, it was almost about to fall off. The blood and pain diffused in the mouth, and it was unclear whether it was the snow ape's or his own.

The snow ape's big palms smashed down like a drum and chest, and his gradually numb body no longer reacted to the pain. He only felt that his ears were constantly buzzing, and his eyes were full of colors.

The severe pain of cracking gums made him wailing. He was finally pulled away abruptly. The sharp wolf teeth rose from the roots and embedded in the musculature of the snow ape, leaving four big bloody holes in his mouth. He felt as if he was being thrown in the air, and the sky was spinning in an instant, making his head dizzy. The hot, damp, fishy liquid continuously poured into the mouth and burned on the pure white ice surface, blooming like spring blossoms.

There has never been such a rich and enchanting Northland tundra that has been frozen all year round.

"ice skates!"

The female mercenary called his name again, and the crescent knife whirled up, cutting down the snow ape's arm with precision.

He fell sharply to the ground and soon fell into a warm embrace. Familiar body temperature, familiar breath. For so many moonlit nights, he listened carefully to the melody of the nine-string piano and the poignant and moving gentle songs in such a warm surrounding.

The Snow Ape tumbling and howling, frantically waved his broken arm and rushed again, murderously.

Crescent Knife did not show mercy anymore, she penetrated Snow Ape's chest, cut out the blood-red heart, and shattered it into pieces, firmly without hesitation. The world is in full bloom, and when you look at it, the bright red is gushing.

The blood drenched his silvery gray fur, his mouth was wide open, and the fuzzy wound was still dripping with viscous red liquid. The mercenary picked him up and gently wiped the blood that was constantly oozing. "I was wrong." She whispered regretfully, tears falling from her wheaten cheeks, "I always fall from one extreme to the other. I shouldn't want to change the world."

He wanted to smile at her very much, but he wasn't sure that she could really understand the smile of Winter Wolf, so he had to lift his head hard and rub her palm, just like before.

However, his narrow eyes suddenly widened. He saw another winter wolf, which was croaking, not far away. The brilliance in the red eyes could not be clear to him. It was the hunger and thirst to catch the prey. The winter wolves are a cunning and cunning race. They always know how to compete with each other for profit.

He trembled all over, and murmured vaguely, feeling the blood all over his body boiling cold. He must stop, he will never let her suffer any harm.

The female mercenary turned around alertly, but it was too late for the knife.

Before the Crescent Knife was swung out, an ice-condensed sharp blade pierced the attacker's heart. The blood water soaked the crystal blade, like a flame jumping fiercely in the ice, cold and desolate.

That was the most violent cold air attack in his life, consuming his life.

He smiled vaguely on the ice, making sure it was a heart-felt smile. The fishy sweetness soaked his throat, and then slowly flowed on the ice of the tundra, and gradually froze into blood-colored crystals. He heard the female mercenary shouting his name and felt her tears fall on his face, turning from heat to cold. He wanted to tell her that he was very happy, really. He didn't insult the name she gave him-ice skates. However, he has been unable to respond.

The red and white in front of him were intertwined, and all the secrets were gradually blurred, and he finally breathed out the last bit of warmth, and a pure white frost flower bloomed in the sky of the tundra. He closed his eyes comfortably, covering all his nostalgic eyes behind the gradual darkness.

I vaguely heard the mournful singing of the female mercenaries lingering over the tundra.

The gentle ballad of the goddess


Bless our continent

Every corner

He thought that he didn't need the so-called gods, true gods, even without those emptiness auras, he could still give him everything, including life, without complaint.

"Moradin is on!" The short man with the red beard rushed towards her panting, dragging two axes, staring into his small round eyes in disbelief, yelling: "Miracle! This is a miracle! You cut it all by yourself! Killed a snow ape and two winter wolves!" Behind the dwarves, hordes of dwarves rolled across the sky; the barbarian's banner got closer and closer in the voice of "Tampus". ; The knights of Prinsand Town urged their horses and stepped on the ice with a creaking sound.

At the end of the battle, it seemed as if the whole world was alarmed and swarmed like a high tide. Everyone is praising her, praising her for her outstanding achievements, praising her for her magnificent glory. No one knows that she has just lost a friend, and no one believes that the best friend who gave her life is an evil one. Winter wolf. She was silent amidst the overwhelming carnival hymns, bitterness and sparkle constantly overflowed from the depths of the soul, filled with blurred vision, feeling that the world was terribly silent, terribly making her at a loss.

The crescent knife cut through the snow monkey's throat silently. She dug out the four wolf fangs, washed away the blood stains with tears, and watched the white wolf fangs reflect the crystal clear luster in the sun. She put the wolf's teeth in her arms, picked him up, pushed away from the cheering crowd, and left without saying a word amidst the shouts of everyone's astonishment.

In fact, the friendship between them does not need to be understood by others, as long as she understands that he is her friend and his name is Skate, that is enough.

The waning moon pulled away the dense clouds, struggling to jump to the sky, the bonfire faintly extinguished in the distance, and the joyous song was faintly endless. She hugged his increasingly cold body, knelt down towards Yinyue, and sang silently:

No matter where you go

No matter what you are doing

Moon god Sulun and her star messenger are watching you

May Lady Yinyue protect

my friend

ice skates

【—End of full text—】