No ignorance, no ignorance, in the other evil, the sun gathers, what can you think about;
No ignorance, no ignorance, in this spiritual platform, the sun is shining, and there is so much clarity;
No ignorance, no ignorance, lies in the soul, the day has not disappeared, and all are united.
When she was young, her mother taught her this song. She sang sweetly, and what she squeezed in her hand was the flower that called "Wuwei".
My mother once said to her that this is the clearest flower in the world.
Her word for boudoir is also called Wumei, Shen Che Shen Wumei. Her father is the leader of the rivers and lakes; her mother is a wonderful fairy doctor from the Miao Village in Ningzhou. When it comes to medicine, medicine, gu, and poison, no one can match it.
Father is a big man with a reputation and is busy all day long. Her mother led her to live in the manor in Cuiping Mountain, like a hermit. Since she can remember, her mother has told her that in this manor, there are secrets that are enough to shake the world. And she was born to keep this secret.
She rarely sees her father, except for her mother, the one she sees most is her younger brother, Mengshu.
Meng Shu is the only disciple of his father, and he has been worshipping for six years. At that time, her mother had passed away. She lived alone in the manor. Meng Shu often visited her for her father and brought all kinds of purchases under his father's orders. But she didn't like it at all. She only likes to carry a jar of aging wine, sit in the garden, and watch the garden full of unobstructed flowers bloom, pouring and drinking in the fragrant fragrance, splendidly overwhelming. Meng Shu always accompanied her without saying a word, quietly not thinking.
The people in the rivers and lakes, who are close to the crown, can still maintain such a pure state. She couldn't help being curious, and she slapped him with a flower.
He let her hit him in a daze, clutching the painful spot, looking back at her with a dazed expression.
Father said that Meng Shu was the most talented martial arts wizard he had ever seen in his lifetime. Therefore, the father, who never accepted disciples, made an exception to accept him and cultivated him carefully.
But she felt that Mengshu was the dumbest fool in the world.
The ninth form of Shen's swordsmanship "Nine Styles of Returning Yuan" is the most exquisite "Nine Jiu Guiyi". He can understand it at one point, and the most obvious and easy-to-understand first style "Return to One Yuan", but he has no idea whatsoever. It was the difference in this step that prevented him from achieving success.
My father often blames Meng Shuxin for being sidetracked. However, every time Mengshu practiced the sword, she held on to nothing, as a hazy veil. When she saw through the sunlight, she could only see the sword's energy and spirit. With just this sword, the person who makes the sword is like a Tai Chi, and decides everything in the original.
That is the realm where Dayan is intangible and forgotten.
Mengshu is a contradiction, both clarifying and chaotic, both clever and clumsy, just like light and shadow, inevitably accompanied by each other.
It was such a Mengshu who became her only friend in six years.
His father's strong enemy was the Sirius Cult in the Great Green Mountains of the North, which was regarded as the enemy of evil and evil by the entire Middle Earth, and the wolf's vision of the world was no longer overnight. And the secrets buried in this manor are rumored to be the treasures that seekers desire to seize.
Therefore, her father did not allow her to take a half-step out of the manor, nor did she allow others to get close. Except for his father, only Mengshu can come and go unimpeded.
Mengshu is the heir to his father's high hopes, and the star of restraining greed of wolves.
She often touches the Qin high platform on the bright moon and starless night. The sound of the piano is melodious, the wind is swept away, and the moon shadow is clear, and you can always see the figure of the clear and handsome Bazhuo waiting until she leaves, quietly like a sculpture. But those eyes were clearly burning with stars.
Since the death of her mother, Mengshu has been her only companion when she was alone. She watched him go from short to tall, his lines from soft to firm, and she thought that he had become her ubiquitous and never missed shadow.
However, he finally did not come for a long time.
It was the Sirius Sect's aggressive invasion of the Central Plains, and his father gathered heroes from all over the world to fend off foreign enemies.
"I can't leave." She shook her head.
他沉寂良久,小心翼翼向她伸手。“但天下大义、保家卫国是男人的本分,师姐是女子,不该独自承担。” 他如是说。
His hand touched her fingertips, and he quickly retracted back, feeling hot. He turned away, afraid to look at her.
He was stunned for a long time, then slowly held her Yin Yin, and nodded seriously.
But when he left, he really hasn't paid it back for a long time.
She fumbled the piano every day, her heart was turbulent, the music was chaotic, she broke one string after another, and her fingertips were stained with blood. The battle ahead is unknown, and she can only stand on the top of the mountain and look at it. In fact, she wanted to go out and also to the battlefield where Jin Ge was drawn thousands of miles away. But she can't. In the outside world, there is no ignorant blossom.
When Meng Shu finally came back, it was Sheng Yanye again.
That night, the electric fire slashed the sky pale, the heavy rain poured, and the cold raindrops hit him, and then rolled down, and it was bright red. Blood kept pouring from his chest and abdomen, and his pale face was full of the monster color of death.
He fell on the flower garden in front of the court, his blood was soaked in the soil, stained with fireworks. Behind him is her father's sword, named "Zhengyi".
She was frightened, and rushed forward to hug him into her arms, panicked, and even forgot to hold the umbrella.
He grabbed her hand and pinched her joints so tightly that the joints became white. "There is an inner ghost in Mengdao...Master...Master..." He gasped heavily, and could no longer speak.
It was the worst storm she had ever experienced in her life, even surpassing her mother's death. She knelt under the night dumbly, the fragrance of the flowers was soaked, but she was dizzy and dizzy, as if she had been swallowed.
Meng Shu was so badly injured that a deep and long cut in his chest, close to his heart, seemed to kill him at any time. She wanted to treat him, but he stopped her. "It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, someone will be chasing you soon, let's go quickly." He urged laboriously.
"But you hurt like this..." She couldn't bear to hesitate.
For a moment, her heartstrings trembled, and her tears burst the embankment and collapsed, falling in the rain, splashing big ripples.
The call for chasing soldiers has arrived.
Her eyes boiled sharply, and she was able to draw out the sword left by her father. "Junior Brother, you are optimistic, "One Yuanfushi" should be done like this." Under the cold night, her sleeves and skirts fluttered like butterflies, reflecting the coldness of the sword. The three-foot green front is shining, the brilliance is cold, the blood is splashed, and the coquettish is so grand and magnificent. It was the song that my mother taught to sing when I was young.
Without ignorance.
Without ignorance.
From now on, abandon the piano and hold the sword.
The opponents fell down, and they all sealed their throats with swords.
She mixed up Mengshu and took him out of the garden.
She paused, looked at him silently, and slowly held his hand. The palms that were originally dry and warm were wet and sticky, as cold as if they were breathless, but they were still generous, with slender and powerful fingers. "Let's go. The so-called secret is actually in the sword." She held "Zhengichi" in front of him, looked at the unbearable surprise under his eyes, and smiled with tears.
For the first time in her life, she finally stepped out of that piece of heaven and earth, looking back, there was no ambiguity blooming like the sea, silent in the rainy night.
The catastrophe of the First World War, the Middle-earth martial arts suffered heavy damage, the wolves obscured the sun, and the rivers and lakes were bloody. The wolf owner refused to give in and disdain to share the system. What he wanted was the control of the whole world.
She holds the legacy of her father's sword, gathers the old ministry, recruits heroes, swears to defeat her, and avenge her father. The name of Lady Shen Che Shen gradually replaced the old leader and became the banner of the Central Plains martial arts, leading capable people and lofty people to expel foreign enemies. People respected her as "the king of no ignorance".
Meng Shu is a man of Zhuojun, and he has a lot of favor, but he never puts it in his eyes, and always follows her, sheltering her from wind and rain, and overcoming obstacles for her.
Many relatives and friends of the elders have been matched, and I hope that their heroes and beautiful women can make good peace. But she always smiled and said, "The family and the country are still in peace, the blood feud has not been reported, and what kind of children's affair is talked about."
As a result, some people praised her again, calling her a blood hero and the husband of a female middle school.
Meng Shu didn't say a word, staying at her side willingly.
But Meng Shu calmly shook his head: "Father and uncle hate, the world hates, naturally the heaviest."
She then smiled, and the long sword turned the flower like a phoenix: "Good brother, you have to be a good student, and you must rely on you to pass on your daddy's masterpiece. This "Zhengyi" will one day be yours."
Every now and then, some strange brilliance flashed in his eyes. He pulled her sleeves, looked straight into her eyes, and said calmly every word: "I didn't do it for this."
He is also like back then, still touching the sore spots, still in harmony with her, with two swords in harmony.
But that was just a brief moment of peace during the storm's rest.
In another year, the wolf master raided the Hedong Road, the official army was defeated, and the Taiyuan Mansion was at stake. She led the volunteers to help, but strayed into an ambush and was trapped in the city, struggling to retreat.
"No!" She stubbornly refused. "Zheng Yi" sword light was brilliant and fiercely provoked, but in the end it was outnumbered, only to be distracted, the chill was already coming behind him. She turned around sharply, only to feel that the wind of the sword was splitting her face, and it was too late to return to the sword to protect her.
It's deadly on the front line, but it's shocking to see the shadows. She shook back, but saw Meng Shu leaping in front of her, a scimitar had been cut into his shoulder, and blood was splashed. His long sword was already wrapped around the opponent's neck, Jian Guanghan, that head flew out and fell into the blood pool. "I have seen the tragic death of Master, do you want me to see you and die in front of you?" He furiously yelled, dragged her across, stepped over the cloud and leaped against the wall and left.
The city wall is about five feet high, and he is still climbing a ladder with a person. She stared at him blankly, watching him rise in anger between his eyebrows, shocked and obscure. Never knew that his light work was so superb, even far beyond the limit that his father could teach.
Seeing that it was approaching the top of the wall, suddenly, a huge boulder rolled down from the city. The falling rocks poured out like a flood, with endless rumblings. He embraced her whole in his arms and protected her from jumping in the stream. She was still injured by the flying gravel and dropped the sword in her palm.
In the smoke and confusion, "Zheng Yi" fell straight down, the cold light flickered, like a meteorite falling into the sea, and the waves made a heavy sound.
She lost the "Zhengyi" left by her father, the sword that hid the secrets of the world.
He said to her: "I'll find the sword." He was injured by a knife, and was hit by a stone while lifting his breath in the air. His internal injuries and external injuries were not light, and he couldn't even walk safely, but he just wanted to use the sword. Recovered.
She pressed him back on the couch, not allowing him to behave.
But he went alone at night. He took the "Zhengyi" sword back, dragged with serious injuries, and was covered in blood.
She was furious at him: "The sword is dead, and people are alive. Are you going to lose a life for this dead thing?"
He leaned at the door and looked at her, quietly for a long time, and whispered: "But this is Master's relic. To you, it is not only a sword with secrets." Then he fell down, unconscious.
Her heart trembled, and she was stunned on the spot. When she returned to her spirits, she was already stunned.
At that time, he was injured very dangerously, his left shoulder tendon ruptured, and almost his entire arm was scrapped, his abdomen was damaged, his blood flow was disordered, and he suffered countless skin and flesh injuries. He was in a coma for more than ten days and could not wake up.
Relying on the medical skills passed down from her mother, she forcibly pulled him back from the palace of the king.
When he was dizzy and dizzy, he pulled her to mutter: "I saw Yan Jun of the Ten Temples." His eyes were half-opened and half-closed, and his eyes were blurred, but his lips opened up, "The King of Equality blames me for killing. Deception, cast me into the big hell of Abi."
She put the cold kerchief on his forehead and felt him tremble slightly. He was hot like hot coals, but he couldn't help shivering. "Don't believe in those weird powers, scare yourself." She stroked his head, and tried her best to hold him in her arms, giving him the most direct warmth and comfort.
She fell silent, as if she was suffocating her breath. After a long time, she said one word: "If you violate my country and respect the elders, you will be punishable."
He chuckled, closed his eyes, and fell asleep again.
She quietly pressed her face to his chest, listening to the pulsation of the sound in his broad chest, with mixed flavors.
It took Meng Shu six months to fully recover from that injury.
Her medical skills are superb, leaving him little sequelae.
She leaned at the end of the corridor to watch him practice the sword, repeating the "one yuan return to the beginning" over and over again. The figure is sometimes clear and sometimes fuzzy, and it is also true and illusory in the strong wind of the sword shadow. She stroked "Zhengyi" in her palm, seeing her eyes from the reflection of the sword light. Those who fought side by side and carried on the wind and rain flashed back and forth. She called him, and said: "Let's get married. I will tell you the secret method of opening Zhengyi."
He heard the sound of the sword in his hand and stood there, staring at her blankly, like a frightened child, only the brilliance of his eyes was still exceptionally bright.
"Don't you want it? Then forget it." She frowned and turned to leave.
He panicked and hurriedly caught up to hold her. "I don't want the secret of Zhengyi." He looked into her eyes and whispered, "But I want to marry you."
She raised her hand and traced the outline of his eyes with her fingertips, as if searching. "I just feel that life is meager and fragile, and there is nothing left when I die. If I die first, this secret treasure will always be passed on."
"I... don't want it." His eyes were surging, and he insisted on rejecting, "What I said, I didn't do it for this."
"Don't forget it." She smiled and stuffed "Zhengyi" into his hand, and pulled out a bamboo stick from her sleeve. "Then I will carve it on the bamboo stick and bury it. If I die. , You take it out—"
"Stupid!" He twisted his eyebrows and cut her off, "How could you die. I won't let you die." He took her into his arms.
She leaned against his chest, still listening to the sound of the heartbeat, listening carefully and quietly. After a long time, she closed her eyes and smiled and sighed: "Stupid brother, people are always inevitable."
They returned to the manor of Cuiping Mountain together, and buried the secret bamboo strips under the sea of unmistakable flowers. After that, the heaven and the earth are the evidence, and the flower is the matchmaker.
When he was meeting for a cup, she asked him: "What does it taste like for you to taste this wine?"
"Sweet. The stamina is a bit astringent." He didn't know why, so he just looked at her.
She stroked the wine bottle, and said lightly: "This wine was made from the impenetrable flowers in this garden when my mother was alive, and the strange gu that she has raised for more than ten years. It is already buried under the flowers. It's been ten years." She suddenly paused, staring into his eyes, her eyes flashing, "Meng Lang, do you believe it, Wu Gu can see through people's hearts."
He smiled, hugged her, and said softly: "You are drunk."
She waved her sleeves away from him, her cheeks flushed like a sweet peach. "Have you ever heard that the impeccable flower is poison." She slowly said, "There is a male and female Gu in this world that can stay in people's eyes, but it makes people ignorant.
"This kind of Gu is kept in the flower heart of Wumuhua, a pair of Gu, a flower. As long as it is still alive, it is blocked by thousands of waters and mountains, and it can also be chased by flowers.
"But they cannot be separated. If one of them dies, the other can no longer meet the flower that raised it. Otherwise, it will become a poison, a strange poison with no cure.
"This kind of poison will not kill people, but it will make people blind and never see anything again." She was determined to look at him, her eyes blurred.
"You are really drunk." He still smiled, and embraced her again.
She pushed him away again, and insisted on "Zheng Yi". "I have made a plan. This time, I will cut the evil wolf to the top level." She stood at the center, her wedding dress was like fire, but her sword was out of her sheath. Not like a bride who is married to Fang Xi.
He stepped forward and broke her finger a little bit: "Does it have to be this way?"
She raised her eyebrows: "If you violate my country and respect the elders, you will be punishable."
He watched her fly with eyebrows diagonally, and said softly for a long time: "We just got married..."
He sighed silently: "Father and uncle hate, the world hates, naturally the heaviest." When he spoke, the brilliance of his eyes flickered and became blurred.
She lays down the battle book to the wolf king, meets at the cliff of Cuiping Mountain, and acts as a bait to lure the enemy out. He led people to set up ambushes and mountain passes to prepare for surprise attacks. But they didn't wait for anything. The Wolf King never agreed.
"Go back." He comforted her.
She turned around in front of the cliff and smiled at him: "We have won." She held a snow-white flying slave in her arms and raised her hand to fly.
His eyebrows jumped.
She handed him a small bamboo tube.
He opened it and took out the letterhead and opened it up. In an instant, his heart was shocked.
"Wolf King is suspicious and often does not act according to the card. I expect that he will not agree to the appointment. Instead, he will take this opportunity to attack the rudder of the alliance. Therefore, let the third uncle lead a man and horse and secretly ambush the potential rudder. . As expected." She couldn't hide her joy. "This time we wiped out hundreds of enemies and captured the enemy's head alive, but it's time for the brothers to drink the celebration wine." She pulled him up to go back.
His eyes flickered, and he said slowly: "You... why didn't you tell me in advance?"
He looked vague, was silent for a long time, and sighed slightly: "How could it be. You are right. Righteousness is always heavier than love." He turned and went down the mountain without a trace.
She was stunned for a moment, hurriedly chasing after him, but she was shocked to find that she could not catch up at all. She could only see his thin and tall back, drifting further and further in the world, familiar and unfamiliar.
That night, the prisoner in the rudder chamber died, leaving a bloody wolf on the wall without any trace.
Sirius sent an envoy to make a covenant, please return the remains. She asked the third uncle to send it off. But she far underestimated the cunning and ruthlessness of the wolf. They quickly tore up the covenant and kidnapped the third uncle.
She insisted on going to rescue herself.
"Don't go. If you go, you won't be able to come back." He stopped her.
"My worldly uncles are now only the third uncle. I can't help but go." She pulled his hand away.
"Why do you still have to go if you know you are going to die?" He grabbed her wrist again, frowning his eyebrows.
"Even if there is only one ten-thousandth of the vitality, I have to go." She broke off his hand and handed "Zhengyi" to him, "Meng Lang, you remember what I said, and the bamboo strips we buried." Then , She really left.
He clasped "Zhengyi" tightly and watched her leave until he could no longer see him. He suddenly shook his palm to shatter the case before him.
She went deep into the enemy's belly to rescue the third uncle, and she was hit by the organ. When she woke up, she was in the manor in Cuiping Mountain, the manor where she grew up. The person standing in front of him wore a black fur, his brows and eyes were calm, his eyes were burning, alienated and approaching, arrogant and easy.
It was clearly Mengshu, but it was not Mengshu, but a wolf, the king of wolves.
She wanted to sit up, and immediately realized that she had been sealed off the acupoint and could not move.
"Are you awake?" Meng Shu sat down on her couch, pouring a cup of tea to feed her, with a warm smile, as if they were not here and now, but just in an ordinary morning.
"You..." She closed her eyes, "I have made a decision, but when do you intend to continue to lie to me?"
He froze for a moment, and his hand holding the teacup hung in the air.
She smiled sorrowfully: "I should have thought about it. Only heroes who died on the battlefield, there is no king who committed suicide in prison. It was me who underestimated you from beginning to end."
He put the tea cup down and looked at her deeply. "Don't you feel contradictory?" He asked, "If you take righteousness in your heart, you should understand what sacrifice is."
"So, when your companion fell, you never rescued him, but let him die, or even kill him?" She raised her eyebrows.
"That's my answer. From the time I can walk, I have taken me to ride and shoot the martial arts." His eyes tightened, and he suddenly showed a vicious anger, but it quickly disappeared. "Righteousness is more important than sentiment. This is what you taught me." The corner of his lips smiled, "Unfortunately, my righteousness and your righteousness are inherently contradictory."
She sneered and turned her face away.
He forced her to look back at him, speaking in a low voice: "Actually I have been thinking about—"
"Get out!" She drank him off with an angry voice, and a layer of blood red appeared in Yuan Xing's eyes.
"You forgot, you are my wife." He smiled like this.
"But you are my enemy!" Yinya smashed into pieces, and she shed tears, no matter how proud she was, she couldn't stop it.
He was taken aback for a moment, and slightly narrowed his eyes, their eyes sinking, and they shimmered more and more like wolf eyes. "If you want to give, you will do everything; if you want to take it back, you will not leave an inch. You are indeed a wolf-like woman, and you should ride on the snowy silver peaks of Daqingshan." He laughed and squeezed her. Chin, "I can’t make the "one yuan return to the beginning" bad, just because I haven’t figured it out: the one yuan return to the beginning, the Vientiane renewal, is it really OK? The peaks of Daqingshan will always look like that, white. , Ice and snow." His voice softened, and warmth was flowing between his eyebrows, "Nothing, if the snow peaks of Daqingshan can melt and snow, and new buds will begin to emerge, what will it look like? It will be like our Cuiping Mountain. Is it beautiful?" He stroked her cheek lightly, looking like a child full of expectation.
She looked at him quietly, for a long time, and finally laughed with tears in her eyes. She laughed and said one word: "If you violate my country and respect the elders, you will be punishable."
His eyes trembled, shattered, and blurred into a mess. "I have already placed an invitation. Tonight, there will probably be many people coming to the banquet." He stood up, turned around, and hid into the shadows.
"Mengshu, if you kill evil again, aren't you afraid that you really want to go to the great hell of Abi?" she hissed.
She could only stare at him blankly, her chest painful, almost suffocating, and tears streaming down.
She smashed through the acupuncture path, deceived the guards and escaped.
The flames have burned the night to crimson, and when I looked at it, soldiers were full of chaos. She galloped in the shadow of the sword, light and sword, and jumped on the eaves by the wind. No one knows this place better than her; no one knows where he is better than her.
She saw him sitting on a high platform playing the qin, the guqin that she had played every night. The sound of the piano is quiet and melodious, just like a legacy. Those bloody slaying points that are close to the end of tomorrow, but close to the end of the world, have become the enchanting drums and bells in the sound of harmony. And he closed his eyes, serene and thin, ruthlessly ruthless, becoming a Buddha on the one hand, and a ghost on the other.
She leaped forward, the sword light up, and the flowers bloomed.
But her sword light was scattered all over the carved xylophone, and she couldn't get in more than half an inch.
"If you don't come, I will feel that I love you by mistake." He cut her off with a piano instead of a sword, and smiled.
Wrong love. A touch of self-deprecating flashed across her eyes, and the sword pierced again.
Her pupils rose, and she saw the brilliance flowing in his eyes, which seemed to burn under the radiance of blood. She screamed with tears and violently withdrew the sword from his palm.
However, she failed to pierce the third sword again.
"Zhengichi" Hanren pierced her like a chest. A big mouthful of fishy sweetness fell from her voice, she instinctively stretched out her hand, but did not grasp anything. The one in front of you is out of reach.
She suddenly laughed, held "Zhengyi" and sent a foot forward, rushing to his ear and saying something.
Then, she dug out her eyes, squeezed her fist, red and white flowing tragically...
He was shocked, and closed his sword to hug her.
She fell down, fell to the high platform, and landed in the hunting and burning sea of flowers, splashing bright red.
"Ambiguous!" He hissed, and spread his hands trembling, only a flower of Ambiguous in his palm, blood stained in a mess...
He has restored his original identity. He is the supreme wolf king, the supreme master of the vast grassland under the Daqingshan Mountain, and the evil spirit of the Central Plains people who want to eat their flesh.
It's just that he doesn't care anymore.
The person he cares about the most has long since disappeared before his eyes, forever and ever.
But he hated and hated those people who pointed to his face, screaming as if they were heartbroken: "Mengshu, how can you be worthy of the old leader and the Shen family?"
Whenever he heard such accusations, he would not be furious, he would only cut off the round head with a single sword, so that he would never speak again.
The Central Plains Wulin soon had a new leader. The deceased were not their admiration or miss, but their noble excuses and banners, and it was a weapon used to strike at opponents.
These people are not qualified to blame him. He is the only one who has the right to accuse him, but he no longer needs anyone to understand.
He would often see her when he was half asleep and half awake. She is stroking the piano on the high platform, her silk dress is like feathers, her skirt fluttering, she is still as perfect as a picture.
"Wuwei, you're back...?"
"Wuwei, don't leave anymore..."
"Wuwei, what I think in my heart, why you just can't understand..."
"No ignorance..."
"No ignorance..."
He hugged her and muttered to himself, over and over again, how real the touch was, and the truth scared him.
But she said nothing. She looked at him, tears pouring from her eyes, red as blood.
He always wakes up, covered in cold sweat, no longer see the beautiful woman by his side, only the long sword is Senhan by his hand.
What can he get from this sword?
A long time ago, he thought it was his world and his righteousness. Therefore, he did that without hesitation, and left his homeland, friends, and people to come to this strange place, apprentice, undercover, and wait for opportunities to move.
But he met her without ignorance.
Then he killed her.
Yes, he killed her.
He also wanted to have the best of both worlds, mountains and beauties, and he wanted to be able to hold her warm hands and watch the sun rise and sunset with her when he was proud and windy on the top of the mountain.
But she did not give him this opportunity. She said: You are my enemy. She said: Those who violate our country and respect the elders will be punishable. She also said...
So he killed her, gave up his love and took his righteousness.
From that moment on, he said to himself: One day, he will also let her know how beautiful the prosperity he has been pursuing is.
From that moment on, he could only go on, and there was no retreat to go back.
He returned to this manor in the flowering period many years later, with the "Zhengyi" sword that had long been drained of blood in his palm.
The scars of blood and fire have been buried by the endless life of all things, and the sea of flowers returned to Sheng Yan, as if nothing had happened.
He walked slowly among the flowers, his expression changed from light to dark, and then, lying in the sea of flowers, drinking, one altar after altar, until there was no more wine to drink. He sat up in a daze and dug out the bamboo strips that they had buried together.
However, he saw nothing. There is no word on the bamboo strips, only the strong fragrance of flowers infiltrated, sweet and astringent, like wine.
He was stunned. Suddenly, his eyes went dark, and the fire burned scorchingly.
He let out a low, painful cry from his throat, and clenched his fist subconsciously. The bamboo sticks are pierced in the flesh, and the flesh is bloody.
But he covered his eyes and smiled, with blood and tears streaming down his face.
He lay down, Ren Huahai swallowed himself up, and what rang in his ears was the words she had attached to her ears when she said goodbye.
At that time, she smiled and said to him: "I knew that even if you were really betrayed by you, I could not kill you cruelly. But one day, you will know that when a person suddenly finds that he is blind, How painful it will be."
And what the so-called secrets about the world are really, but who else cares...
The wind came, and it seemed to sing again.
Without ignorance. Without ignorance.