"Evil Mountain, Daughter of Fox"

In the third year of Xianchun in the Southern Song Dynasty, Kublai Khan, the Mongolian great khan, besieged Xiangyang with his subordinate general marshal Ashu. The following year, the city of Xiangyang was surrounded by water. The situation in Xiangyang is imminent.
Three hundred miles outside the city of Xiangyang, there is a mountain named Wudang. There are two demons in the mountains, one is a sister fox, and the other is to avoid evil.
The sister fox is a fox fairy, with bee waist and lotus feet, graceful posture in Qingwu, with willow eyebrows and apricot eyes, circling hundreds of rainbows in Gu Pan, clever smiles, fascinating, fascinating; avoiding evil from the West Sea, talented and capable of healing It can solve all kinds of poisons, but it has markings on the face, double horns on the head, and a deer head. It looks very hideous. The world judges it by its appearance, saying that the fox girl is good, and the mountain is evil and fierce. The two demon said the laughter.
In August, the heat is extremely hot. The evil sister fox was splashing in the mountain stream, and saw a young man slumped by the water, with blood on his chest, eyes closed, and not awake. Sister Fox Yang avoids evil and saves it. For a moment, the young man woke up and said that his surname was Yue Mingzheng. He was a general of the Song army. In order to solve the siege of Xiangyang, he went to stab Kublai, not wanting to fail, and fleeing here.
At that time, Mongolia was chasing soldiers. To avoid evil, Ling Meihu took Yue Zheng first, and died alone. The Mongol army bowed and retreated when they saw the evil avoidant heads. After Kublai Khan heard the news, he went to find it in person. Evil avoids and disappears. Kublai’s search failed for a long time, but he returned with disappointment.
Yue Zheng was anxious to go down the mountain to fight to death. The sister fox loves his handsomeness and can't bear to die. Please help the evil. Avoid evil Xu, said Zheng Yun: "Mongolian soldiers are brave, single-handedly, what is the enemy? Generals are heroic, safe and courageous?" Zheng Shanzhi, consult with countermeasures. The evil said: "There are mysterious iron on the top of the mountain, the god stone, and the sword, which can rejuvenate the country and the country." Zheng was overjoyed, and he opened the mountain to fetch the stone and cast the gods. The sister fox is a companion all day long, and she is very grateful for her kindness and takes her as his wife.
In the blink of an eye for five years, the divine sword was opened, and the sword light rushed to the stars, and it was absolutely perfect in seven days. With it splitting the mountain, the rock collapsed in an instant, the waterfall flowed upstream, roared through the sky, the sword wind was swift, blowing and the grass and leaves were shattered, with a radius of a hundred miles, the birds and the beasts, the fear of hope, the charm of the ghost, the fear of the smell. Zheng embraced the sword and smiled, to avoid evil spirits. Xie condensed his eyebrows, buried his head in silence.
When the younger fox asked, she smiled bitterly, and said, "I came to Xihai." The younger fox was puzzled. Xie also said: "I have a sister, but I am a white giant deer. This is the end of my sister's life. It has been a long time since my sister's life." Meihu asked again, but Xie didn't answer. The younger sister told Yu Fu helplessly. Shocked when he heard it, he drew his sword out of its sheath, trying to kill and avoid evil. The younger sister was horrified and asked the reason three times. Yue Zheng said: "Huai Maranle, Mongolian name, white deer, Mongolian regarded as an ancestral god. When the country is in trouble, how can the evil spirits of Tarzi not kill?" The sister fox was furious and said: "The former general is downhearted and has to avoid evil. Dingli, Fang is difficult to escape from the mountains and forests. Today, he wants grace to avenge his enemies? Tianli is calm? If you want to avoid evil, how about beheading your concubine? Zheng was helpless, and went down the mountain to Xiangyang to help out.
In the nine years of Xianchun, the city of Xiangyang was trapped for more than five years, and soldiers and civilians were exhausted and miserable. Yue Zheng cleared the way with his sword, broke through into the city, discussed with the guard Lu Wenhuan, and led 20 people who dare to die, and rushed into the Mongolian camp by night, hoping to get the head of Kublai Khan.
Yue Zheng's divine sword is in hand, invincible, bloody, and no one can beat the enemy, directly driving Kublai’s tent. Kublai Khan drew his sword to greet him.
It was in danger, but seeing the white light shining, Yue Zheng was suddenly blind and missed the opportunity. Kublai Khan immediately raised his hand and drew an Eviscerate Knife, so that Yue Zheng's heart veins were nowhere to be found. Yue Zheng's eyes were cracked, but he saw the evil spirits standing in front of him, his eyebrows mournful and sad, like infinite grief. Zheng looked up to the sky and laughed: "You who save me, and those who die are also you, good, no debts." After the words were finished, he died with painstaking effort.
Kublai Khan had seen the evil spirits, rejoiced, and worshipped three times.
Avoiding evil said: "Sister ordered the sword Khan. The sword is the heaven and the soul, and protects the Khan for ten years. After ten years, return the sword to the world, remember to remember."
Kublai Khan repeatedly promised to avoid evil and protect the country.
Quxie shook his head and shed tears: "Murdering a close friend is a serious sin, and there is no face to return. Then I offer another treasure, hoping to help the Khan to calm the world and become a unified one, so that the people will not be miserably displaced." After speaking, he tried his sword. The divine sword pierced the heart, and the blood was splattered.
Kublai fell to the ground in grief, and his corpse was crying. After crying and pulling the sword, the heart of seeing evil is strung on the body of the sword, and it is eaten. Afterwards, he was buried to avoid evil spirits, and the divine sword was named to avoid evil, as a memorial service.
In ten years and January, the city of Xiangyang was broken, and for another three years, Emperor Song Gong led hundreds of officials to Lin'an, the Southern Song Dynasty was destroyed, and the Great Yuan was established. Khan bows to worship and avoids evil spirits, invites the sword into the temple, and enjoys the worship for all ages.
The winter from Yuan to Yuan seventeen years is worth ten years. The Evil Sword whimpered and roared above the ancestral hall, and the sound spread for three hundred miles, seven days and seven nights. Kublai was frightened and wanted to return the sword to Wudang. Pingzhang political affairs Ahe Ma Zhuzhi, said: "The sword is an artifact of the country, you can't lose it, and you should wear it with you with sweat." Kublai Shanzhi, saber. The sword light dimmed, and there was no more tweet.
In the first month of the eighteenth year, Empress Chabi sorrowed, Kublai was griefed, suspected of being a scourge, and the heart of returning the sword was raised. Ahe Ma stopped again.
In the nineteenth year, Ahe Ma was killed by a copper hammer for the imperial edict.
In twenty years, Hongjilai's Nan must be sealed. Post-enchanting, its beauty can spread all over the world, the wrist is strong, the power is in control, and the khan is in control.
Twenty-two years, the real gold crown prince. Rumors spread for a while, saying that the queen of the South will be the demon fox in the mountains, and he will punish the prince.
In the thirty-one years, Kublai Khan collapsed, and then he did not know what he was going to do. The Temple of Avoiding Evil was gone overnight, and the divine sword disappeared.
For several years, a traveler walked in Wudang at night, and saw Yisheng Snow White Fox dancing in front of the monument, his posture was graceful, graceful and sorrowful. There is a sword in front of the stele, with dazzling spirit and sword energy. The traveler was frightened and hurriedly turned back down the mountain, inviting others to watch it together. Later, I suspected that it was a phantom, but because of fatigue, I gradually forgot.