"A general success"

She met two people in the Hu Ji wine shop in Ping An Fang.
One is the trick of the wine shop. The other is Zuo Ying Yang Wei Zhong Lang general Zhao Yu, whose name is Jing Yao. And she is the most prestigious Hu Nv dance performer in the gods. Her name is Hulan Duoer, and she is often called Yu Jiaoman by the natives.
Ah Jue is also Hu Jiaer, tall and thin, with white skin and deep eyes, and he dances well Hu Xuan.
She often guessed secretly, where should he be out of the grassland? She came to the Central Plains since childhood, was rescued and adopted by the Tang Dynasty, and never set foot in the Khanate again, but the appearance of him dancing wildly, always evoked some micro-star memories for no reason, vague and clear. He was like a wolf standing proudly and galloping on the broad grassland, quiet and bold.
Ah Jue rarely talks to others. In his free time, he picks up a piece of gold leaf and sculpts it carefully, just like a metalworker.
She never knew how he could have so much gold leaf, as if he couldn't finish carving anything.
The nobles often ordered tricks to go to the mansion to sing and dance, and the rewards were abundant. A Jueyi should Xie Wan. Every now and then, his eyes seemed to not see the glittering treasures, but they were clearly brighter than the treasures.
"You don't love money, so why bother to do this trick. What do you want?" she asked.
He raised the corners of his lips slightly and looked up at her, "Hulan, do you know how many fine silks can be exchanged for one such golden embossed flower? If there are thousands or tens of thousands, you can get grain, grass, and Hummer. How many? But that's not enough." He held a golden flower and handed it in front of her. Everyone called her Yu Jiaoman, only him, he called her Hulan.
Hulan. Hulan. This annihilated name is kind and touching.
Ah Jue often goes out at night, goes when he is young, and pays back when he is ugly. She caught a glimpse of him jumping across the high wall from the slightly opened window, dressed in black, just like a Jaguar.
But one day, he returned late. He didn't show up until three poles in the sun, and his face was exhausted. The owner of the wine shop blamed him and beat him with blood.
It was the afternoon of the day, for the first time, she saw the Zuo Ying Yang Wei Zhong Lang general Zhao Jingyao. Zhao Jingyao led a team of Yingyang athletes, and bluntly said that a thief had stabbed away in Beijing last night and that he had to conduct a search.
At that time, Zhao Jingyao was dressed in armor, with a cold sword on his waist, and on the jade pendant hanging down, how majestic the word "Zhang Xian" was bestowed by the imperial court. Zhang Xianjun is a name bestowed on him by the Holy Mother Goddess. He was the just and rigorous man before the ban on the holy dynasty. "The thief hit me with a sword in his left shoulder blade." He held his sword around the spot, his eyes scorching, beyond doubt.
Ah Jue slowly lifted his shirt and exposed his entire back. "Excuse me, the general, I got up late this morning, and A Lang was punished." The white skin was full of new wounds, blood and blood, and it was terrible.
Someone gasped.
Zhao Jingyao was shocked. "According to the law of the sacred dynasty, the lynching person will fight for fifty." He called the guard in a deep voice, and then sent the owner of the wine shop to the government office.
"Hold on," Ah Jue stopped him and said, "The general is not afraid of wronging the innocent being exploited?"
Zhao Jingyao smiled faintly: "Do you know how many heads were cut off during the imprisonment last night?"
Ah Jue's eyes rolled, but he didn't answer.
"Two halberds and two sages are on duty. The rest are related to impeding the palace, the guards, and the scepters." Zhao Jingyao suddenly grabbed his mind, and his eyes were bright. "Four lives, many people suffer, just for A thief who doesn't know how high the earth is."
"The king is tyrannical." A Jue coldly scoffed.
Zhao Jingyao raised his eyebrows: "Your Hu family’s dentist is sweaty, but anyone can walk around at will? I'm afraid it's not the king's tyranny, but the child's harm."
Ah Jue stopped speaking, and his eyes grew deeper.
The searched the guards did not find any evidence that could be presented to the court, so they had to leave.
Ah Jue smiled coldly, turned around and closed the door, took up the big broom, and swept the place where Zhao Jingyao walked clean, and there was no dust left.
Qianye, she went to see Ah Jue holding the honey-refined golden sore medicine.
Ah Jue was washing his wounds, half naked, exuding a young and vigorous breath. He stabbed a wolf head on his left arm, mysterious and unpredictable, like a totem.
She applied medicine to him, and sighed softly when she touched her softly. "Why do you want to break into the palace?" she asked.
He took out a round gold thread from nowhere and threw it in front of her.
The gold thread is slender, shining dazzlingly with candlelight.
"Just to steal this?" She was unavoidably surprised, staring at him in a daze.
He stuffed the gold thread into a weird small furnace and lit the candlestick to light the fire. "Those princes and ladies used gold to paste their dresses and weave cloths, but the people of my Khanate can only milk goats in the wind and sand!" He suddenly became a little angrily excited, and took out a glass bead. Pass it to her. "Hulan, do you remember this?" He became gentle again, his voice low and hoarse.
The colored glass beads are perfectly round, translucent, and glowing. She blinked, lowered her eyes, and shook her head.
"You forgot." His voice revealed strong disappointment, biting his lip, "Hulan, you are a white deer on the grassland. You shouldn't forget the smell of being in the blazing sun!" There was something in his eyes. Deep reproach.
She looked at him, silently.
Ah Jue still travels at night, stealing gold from the houses of the big households in the capital of God, melting them, breaking them into foil, carving them into flowers, handing them to others, transporting them to the border and reselling them in exchange for food, horses, and soldiers.
Zhao Jingyao still besieged him, repeatedly confronted him, but he could not win.
She danced every day in the halls of the gods, and at the banquets of the kings and nobles, the sound of the drums and the enchanting Hu Xuan. The most favored princess Taiping and her husband Xue Shao are her most frequently called benefactors.
One day, when she went to Xue Mansion to sing and dance, Zhao Jingyao came to look for her. "Where did Hu'er come from? The lady should know better than Zhao. She thinks that she can just let it go?" He said bluntly.
She turned around in the waterside flower pavilion, with her long hair hanging down, and sighed softly: "The general is showing love, Jiao Man'er is just a maiko."
"Is it the dance performance of Ping'an Fang? Or the dance performance of Duoluosichuan Grassland? Or Xue Luma——" Zhao Jingyao asked, the jade pendant lightly moved around his waist, and the two characters Zhang Xian flew and danced madly.
"Which general is the general? Last name Zhao? Last name Wu? Or last name Li?" She didn't wait to finish her sentence, but the sharpness that appeared suddenly, like a cold light, suddenly emerged in the gentle Jiaoyan.
In an instant, Zhao Jingyao's expression changed drastically. He was silent, as if dead, two phases were silent, silent. Then, he left without a word.
She looked at his lonely back, and for an instant, she had the illusion that he was a tree isolated on a snowy field, walking forward in the white world.
She returned to the wine shop and got out of the car.
"Where have you been?" Ah Jue asked.
"Princess Taiping hosted a banquet and went to Xuefu dance. I met General Zhao." She replied lightly.
"It's the kid who recognizes the thief as the mother again!" Ah Jue snorted coldly, and grabbed her wrist. "When I have another major event, I have to go back to Duoluo Sichuan. At that time, China was in chaos and I was sweating. The country has a chance to rejuvenate and grow, waiting for its rejuvenation. You come back with me." His eyes were bright and hot.
She pumped a glass of milk wine and handed it to him. "On the Mid-Autumn Festival of August 15th, the Holy Mother Goddess ordered me to dance and go to the pavilion to sacrifice Guanghan. It was Xue Luma who recommended it." She watched him drink up the wine and slowly said, "You might as well go back now, I I'm afraid that if your big thing happens, you won't be able to go back."
Ah Juewen raised his eyebrows slightly, and was about to speak, but he heard what she said to herself first.
She spoke in Turkic language.
Suddenly, Ah Jue shook his whole body, the wine goblet fell, and there was a crisp sound, but the whole person collapsed to the ground like a mountain.
The owner of the wine shop opened the door and rushed in, tearing her tears again.
"Go! Go! Don't wait for him to wake up!" She waved her hand and pushed Lao Hu, who was carrying Ah Jue, anxiously.
Suddenly, a crystal-clear glass bead rolled out of Ah Jue's arms and fell on the ground, "dangdang" with a clear sound.
She leaned over, quickly picked it up, and held it in her palm. She looked at the car barrier he was going away, until she couldn't see it anymore, and then slowly stuffed the glass beads in her heart.
How could she not remember?
Only when she saw it at first sight, she knew: this bead was a parting token she gave him.
That year, Tang Jun made the descendants of the Turkic nobles the gods as protons. She gifted him a colored glaze. He once swore that he would inherit the legacy of his grandfather and father and would never call the tribes slaves again. Jie sent Tang Jun and snatched the glass bead. He clashed with Tang Jun and finally escaped. She was also saved by a good man halfway through. Now, he finally found the glass beads again.
He is Ashina Qinjue, the grandson of the late Shabhara Khan, and also her cousin who had been separated since childhood.

The Mid-Autumn Festival night is thick, the bright moon has no stars, the torches are bright in the surroundings, and the eaves on the carved beams of the palace are also red. She touched the throat of the Virgin God Emperor Wu with a small piercing thorn, and her eyes were dark and sharp, different from the past, like a hovering eagle.
Wenru's thin and thin horse, standing jade, shouted in front of the battle: "Please move to Taipingguan, return to the emperor, and pray for my holy dynasty." It was unprecedentedly loud and imposing.
Emperor Renrou was paralyzed on the dragon's bed, with no expression on his face. The Holy Mother God Emperor whose lifeblood was threatened was cold and indifferent, and his grace and exquisite face couldn't get a glimpse of the mind.
"Xue Lang! Are you crazy?!" Princess Taiping was astonished and horrified, she screamed, and the large palace dress with gold and embroidered jade made a "rusty" trembling, "Think about our five mothers and children, and quickly admit our mistakes to the queen. !"
Xue Shao was unmoved, but sternly shouted: "Man!"
She responded with a knife, and instantly, it was painted bright red.
"Mother, please think twice." Xue Shao hugged his fists and knelt.
Chen Ge Xiao Su, silent all around. There was a red mark on the neck of the lady on the phoenix platform, and the blood dripped, but she was cold and rebellious, still not saying a word.
Xue Shao sighed: "Lang's son-in-law gave A-Niang an expensive car."
Before the words came to an end, Princess Taiping, who was leaning on the case for support, was already in a sad voice.
She heard Wu's strong heartbeat and looked at the blood of the knife tip, and couldn't help but admire: How brave and calm this woman is, not at all like the delicate flowers that bloom in the boudoirs of the Central Plains, but rather like the heroines on the grassland. If you have to fight against the long grass, it will not be called slaughter. She sighed secretly, then raised the knife to stab.
Unpretentiously, Wu Clan strangled her wrist just as soon as she raised the sword. The noble lady who has lived in the deep palace for a long time is unrelenting in the hand-to-hand combat.
What a virgin god! Was already waiting for this moment of life! Really deserved to be Tian Khan's concubine!
Her eyes flashed, and she took Wu's throat to follow up with her left hand.
Suddenly, a strong arrow rushed towards her, piercing her palm. The blood suddenly poured out, the pain was like a heartbreak, she let out a sad cry, and paused her palm.
Bing Ge sounded, the guards surged, and one person took the lead and shouted: "Xue Er! Dare to seek rebellion?!" The heroic spirit was dignified, and it was Zhao Jingyao. Wherever he went, there were gods and soldiers, and all the Xue Jun How dare to stop.
Seeing Zhao Jingyao's arrival, Xue Shao's eyes trembled, and suddenly he withdrew his sword from his waist, the sword phoenix rose, and he wanted to intercept him.
Zhao Jingyao's sword didn't go out of its sheath, and he held the sword in his left hand. It was precisely forced by Xue Shao's neck and voice, and with a beat of his right hand, Xue Shao's long sword had landed. He held Xue Shao, but a pair of tiger eyes stared at her, sternly: "Yu Jiaoman, the emperor of Wenwu and the emperor of the emperor has repeatedly caressed the Hus such as Er, the emperor of the Holy Mother, the benevolent of today's saint, why do you want to assassinate? Disobey? Don't let go of the fierce blade!"
"Tension?" She sneered, "Tengger opened her eyes and looked at this ridiculous lie!" She dragged her injured hand, but her vindictiveness rose, the sharp knife still reached Wu's throat, half an inch, clearly no longer It was the beautiful maiko, and more like a female leopard. "How plundered and oppressed the Tang army back then, if it hadn’t happened to meet Xue Gong, I would have lost my life. Our Hu family’s sons and daughters will only have gratitude and revenge. Tang Emperor killed me and Xue Gong saved me. This great favor, I deserve to pay it back. With Xue!"
Zhao Jingyao moved his eyes slightly and went to see Xue Shao. Xue Shao was also looking at him, proudly looking at him.
She stared at them, the sharp knife in her palm tightening.
"Qin Jue?!" She trembled and couldn't help but exhale.
Ashina Qinjue wears a hu robe, braids, forehead straps, and the curvature of a shaver on his waist, all of which scatter the peculiar breath of the prairie, wild, strong, and strong. He has flashed forward like an electric switch, and when he lowered his waist, like a wolf hunting, the shaver's cold light shone, and he went straight to the Wu clan's heart.
But the killer was stuck on the front line of death.
The three-foot green front in Zhao Jingyao's palm is comparable to her neck, and the whole body is already cold, and he roars: "Thieves dare to hurt the emperor, I will kill her!"
Ashina Qin Jue stunned his shaver, but did not withdraw it, his eyes full of hatred.
For a while, Qin Jue was compared with Wu Clan, Zhao Jingyao compared with her, the sharp knife in her palm was still under Wu Clan's jaw, but Wu Clan's hands were strangling her wrists. The four stalemate, the situation is mysterious and difficult to tell, the tripartite athletes dare not act rashly, so they have to wait and see.
Zhao Jingyao's eyes changed drastically, the time was clear and the time was turbid, as if heaven and man were at war. After a long period of silence, he persuaded: "You and I let go together, just don't commit each other."
Qin Jue sneered when he heard it, with a face full of disbelief.
Zhao Jingyao said to himself: "Please raise your hand first." On the jade pendant with solemn meaning, the two characters Zhang Xian are still glorious. He is a Titan who was personally promoted by the Emperor of God.
Wu Clan was silent for a moment, looking at the young general in front of him, his eyes were uncertain for a moment, and then he really let go of his hands.
Seeing that the sharp knife is in the throat, if the fish die and the net breaks, there will be great chaos. Everyone's expressions suddenly tightened.
Zhao Jingyao said to her again: "Please take the sword."
Her eyes flickered, only looking at Qin Jue.
"Hulan!" Ashinaqin Jue's voice was low and hurried.
Her eyebrows trembled slightly, her heart pounding.
Ashina Qin Jue immediately called again. "Hulan," he called softly this time, "let go."
In an instant, her eyes vibrated, staring at him for a moment, slowly bending her arms back to the knife.
Zhao Jingyao exhaled a long breath, paused for a while, and then said: "Now, let go of you and me."
Ashina Qin Jue's eyes flickered, as if he didn't know what he thought.
Suddenly, Xue Shao screamed: "His Royal Highness!"
Xue Shao called again. "His Royal Highness, I can't let it go!" He was drenched in grief and anger, and even his fingertips were trembling, and he shouted with passion, "Awuzi usurped the country and harmed my Huangshuo orthodoxy. Your Royal Highness is the grandson of the great emperor of Wenwu, he has forgotten. With the blood of Bo Zhou's parting time as an alliance, he wanted to save this enchantress?"
"Shut up!" Zhao Jingyao sternly shouted, "Who is your Highness?"
After a sudden turn, Zhao Jingyao's cheeks rose, and the bottom of his eyes appeared from the tide, "Huangshuo is orthodox." He laughed out, "Apart from you, them, and us, who cares? Li people just need to eat and wear warmth, who What do they do with this big treasure? Do you really treat yourself as something."
He actually said this. Xue Shao's eyes shattered, and he couldn't speak anymore.
So fiercely, a long sword was pierced from Xue Shao's chest. Xue Shaotongren rose sharply and looked back in amazement, but saw Taiping who was pregnant with Liujia, holding his sword and falling into tears. "You..." He opened his mouth to cry, but Yin Hong first rushed down, big and big flowers, just like seeing the sun at the beginning of the year, the most enchanting peony in the flowers of Gods. He fell, fell in Taiping's arms, blood shed all over the ground.
The princess hugged the prince who had lost his soul and let out a sorrowful cry, just like a sad beast.
She stared blankly in her eyes, her heart trembling, inexplicable.
The situation has changed suddenly.
Wu Clan immediately stopped drinking: "Yue Prince Li Yu, punish the rebellious party, I will seal you ten thousand households!"
Yue prince Li Yu. Ten thousand households were closed. Everyone who heard it was shocked. She looked at Qin Jue subconsciously, and saw the murderous intent in Qin Jue's faintly shimmering eyes. For a moment, her heart was shocked.
Zhao Jingyao's eyes trembled, and he closed his fists fiercely, holding the jade pendant around his waist in his palm, pinching the joints white and shaking, but he was at a loss.
After this instant, Ashina Qin Jue's wolf eyes burned, and Hu Dao turned to send it away.
The sound of broken muscles and bones, bright red splashes.
"Good Hu'er!" Zhao Jingyao was shocked, and immediately raised his eyebrows and laughed, holding the Qin Jue blade with both hands, making it impossible to withdraw it. "If you are really a man, just lead the ten killing gods, and see if the sky can call you to wait for the nomadic Central Plains! But you better remember that once you succeed, you will die, and you will step on the ground. The dead corpse mountain and the blood sea will never be filled by me, Tang people! Those who mess with the common people will be punishable by the sky! Even if you can stand back here again—" He suddenly laughed miserably.
The corner of Qin Jue's lips evoked a trace of anger, and he twisted the Hu knife fiercely.
The laughter suddenly burst.
She only felt her body sway backwards, tried her best to stop, and raised her head, but saw Zhao Jingyao standing on the ground with Qingfeng, but she could not fall down. Yin Hong fell smoothly, winding into a river. The blood soaked the jade pendant, and the word Yuci Zhangxian moved lightly with the fishy wind in the stillness, blurring into the last perseverance in the dark night.
The state of arrogance to death is like a bright spirit holding his body, his eyes are like a torch.
She staggered back, in awe.
"Hulan!" Ashina Qin Jue couldn't draw a knife, and shouted to her anxiously.
She woke up suddenly and jumped in shock.
However, she was stopped by a figure.
The originally flinching Tang Emperor Li Dan's broken text was weaker than that of an instant, and suddenly he violently defended the Wu clan. He hugged the woman who regarded him as a puppet, held her tightly in his arms, and wailed in the most heroic posture: "A-niang! A-niang!"
In an instant, her palms burned. If the handle of the knife burned, the pain made her utter a long whistle, but tears flowed unconsciously.
Ashinaqin Jue grabbed the lamp full of sesame oil with his hand, and poured it on the high platform with the flame. As soon as the fire dragon was released, it was instantly overwhelming. He pulled her away, taking advantage of the chaos.
Not guarding against a startled string tearing the night sky.
Her pupils trembled, and she instinctively pushed Qin Jue away and rolled over and stretched her arms.
A swift arrow from nowhere was piercing her heart, cracking and resounding through the sky.
The storm was raging, and the wind and clouds changed so rapidly that she fell down and laughed. After a flash, I saw Wu's phoenix eyes, piercing and cold.
Qin Jue let out an angry cry like a wolf howling, his eyes were red, and he was about to bite when he turned back.
She held him tightly and whispered: "Go! Go!"
He picked her up with hatred, turned and dived into the night, disappearing without a trace.
Behind him, the soldiers shouted, the fire screamed, the soldiers resounded, and the dome was dyed red, until the sun broke through the clouds and stopped.
At the end of August in the fourth year of Chui Gong, the father and son of Yue Wang Li Zhen and Langxie Wang Li Chong hurriedly raised an issue and were defeated. Xue Shao and his brother Xue Wei, the governor of Jeju, argued against the party. Yue Wang Yaozi Li Yu was loyal and heroic, with outstanding merits, and Rong Shang behind him.
Outside the Northwest Great Wall, the wind is blowing low and the grass is slightly yellow.
Two tall horses roaming among the long grass, cross their necks comfortably.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier, that night, you broke into the palace, not to steal the gold thread, but to negotiate with the Wu Clan as an alliance?" On horseback, the pretty Hu Nu asked.
Qin Jue smiled: "But you never told me about your relationship with the Xue family and the General Zhang Xian."
"I have nothing to do with General Li." She lowered her eyes.
"He is such a good guy!" Qin Jue sighed, and then shook his head again, "but he has betrayed his father, brother and friends after all. He has been lurking next to Ah Wuzi under the alias Zhao Jingyao for many years. If he did it earlier, I'm afraid that the big deal would have already happened. It's done. He forgot that he was bleeding from Heaven's Khan!"
Seeing the sincerity of the praise and confusion in Qin Jue's eyes, she couldn't help but sigh, leaning the rein on Lang Jun's shoulder, and turning away: "How terrible is the woman's scheming! She clearly sees through the identity of General Li, but she wants to kill with a knife; She made a covenant with you, but she was about to kill her. She almost won a big victory! But when she returned this bead to you, she must never have thought that it was a letter of'alliance', but by chance, she broke her by chance. The murderous intent that I planted. You said, should we hate her, or should we thank her?"
"But I almost cut off her head! Will I really form an alliance with her?" Ashinaqin Jue snorted angrily. He stared at the flying birds in the distant sky, silent for a moment, as if wandering outside the world. "One will be accomplished." He muttered to himself. Suddenly, he pinched the horse's stomach fiercely, and his crotch stepped on the wind.
"Where are you going?" She was shocked and slapped her horse to catch up.
"Back to the tooth court." Qin Jue's sword eyebrows were twisted, sonorously beyond doubt.
She was shocked when she heard it, and subconsciously clenched her fist, holding a handful of residual glass fragments in her palm.
"I know." Qin Jue whispered to her in the wind, "but I only think of those eyes that are already cold but still unwilling to close, and I will feel that if you stop, you will be more guilty."
When he spoke, he frowned, and his eyes were on the boundless grassland.
She was dumbfounded for a while. For a moment, the deadly arrogant figure flashed in front of him, as well as the majesty in the blood and fire on the Chen Pavilion, startled, and sighed in melancholy. She was silent for a long time, then suddenly raised her whip and walked away.
"Hu Lan?" Turkie Erlang who was left behind shouted out in confusion.
"You said, the white deer in the grassland shouldn't forget the taste of being in the blazing sun!" She rode her horse back to look back, raising her eyebrows and smiling openly: "Although the prosperous and perishable sweats and the perishable sweats are cast in the Tang, they are also the grasslands. There are two great vultures, and the wolf cub that can't even catch up with the deer, how do you want to take back ten from them?"
Qin Jue was shocked, his eyes shone blazingly, but he was determined to conquer, and he slammed a horse's leg with the heel of his boots. Gao Yun grows grass, and the gods are proud of them, galloping in tandem, and Jin Xia is full of her body.
One will succeed in everything. However, there were originally many paths in this world, but once they have set foot on them, they can no longer turn back.