"Reincarnation as King" Chapter 28

Twenty-eight back to the breeze and idle clouds, there is an appointment in the Cangshan Junye, there is no bound to think

The wine is not a century-old wine, but the yellow rice wine from the farmhouse. I just took a sip and put the bowl down. The food is not delicious, but the steamed buns made of white porridge made with pickles by the farmer’s own pickles. The salty is too salty. The light is too rough and too rough, so I really don't have any appetite.

"The wine and delicacies are now, you don't want to eat it?" Wuji was eating and drinking with relish.

I gave him a blank look, "Don't be afraid of biting your tongue if you tell lies!"

Wuji looked calm, "Then you can eat while looking at my face. With me in front of your eyes, rough tea and light rice can become delicious in the world!"

I was so sour that I almost made my stomach sour, and turned to laugh at him: "It turns out that you stared at me before eating it. If you want to praise me, just say it. Anyway, I'm not surprised by your cheeky way of speaking. It's weird."

"You..." Wuji sighed, put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands, and walked around from the other side of me to my side, "Why are you so picky? You haven't had a good meal this day."

"Who is like you, you can eat this kind of food so excited!" I muttered lazily. Anyway, I'm a demon. I won't die if I don't eat for a few days. Eating should be enjoyment. I don't like self-abuse.

"Because I have never eaten it before." He answered very quickly, naturally.

I was a little bit dumbfounded: "Should you slap in the face if you haven't been beaten? Eat slowly, eat well, forgive me not to accompany you."

"You don't eat now, what will happen from now?" He looked into my eyes, "If one day you are no longer the sage of the demon world, would you be willing to live the life of the wild cranes?"

I was stunned, his black eyes were like ink, and his eyes were as deep as the endless night sky. He looked at my heart suddenly, "When I am not a demon sage, I don't need to eat anymore."

The hut became extremely quiet in an instant, and the silence like stagnant water suddenly made me feel a little uncomfortable.

There was no trace of emotional fluctuation on Wuji's face, "You don't eat yourself, don't complain when you are hungry."

I just wanted to reply, but the door of the hut suddenly opened, and the old woman from the farmhouse brought in another pot of chicken soup. I looked at the smiling face of the old woman and suppressed the urge to frown.

We have been chasing the breath of the demon fairy Fanmei until the village at the foot of the mountain, but we heard that strange things have happened in the village. Oftentimes some hunters disappear without a trace after entering the mountain, and what makes us feel weird is Fanmei. The demonic spirit disappeared when he reached the front of the mountain. So we decided to stay and check. As for why I live in such a bleak lonely home, one is that the mountain village is almost bleak, and the other is that the old woman’s son is gone. Please help us to find it and insist on thanking you. The third is... the Wuji guy doesn’t. Knowing what kind of water got into my brain, I would rather live in a cave, build a soft bed by myself, hunt a hare to roast, and feel comfortable and happy.

In fact, it's not that others are bad, but I hate being too close to people like this.

Wuji has been leaning on the small broken wooden chair, looking at me with a smile, his eyes bright. I'm familiar with his expression, but I don't know what he is thinking about again. I was about to avoid him, but he still took the first step, grabbed me whole in his arms and hugged me from behind, "I'm so thin already, it's not good to eat." He put his hand around my waist. With a sigh, he took out a box like a juggler, "Eat some, do you really think you are starving."

The fragrance in the box is very familiar, it is my favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake. I thought about it and felt there was nothing to refuse, so I took a piece and threw it in my mouth.

"Such a stubborn temper, but like a child like to eat sweets." Wuji seemed to think it was a funny thing, and while smiling like this, he rubbed his hand to the corner of my mouth like a kid.

I waved him away, but he grabbed his wrist.

When the handsome face approached, I kissed his lips naturally.

His lips are moist and soft, and the aroma of wine still remains between his teeth, which is more delicious than anything, and I can't help but want more. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, and decided to treat him as dinner.

But he suddenly opened the distance. "Do you think about it again?" He asked me in a coercive tone with a little coercion.

"Considering what?" I asked.

"You know, don't pretend to be stupid." He frowned dissatisfied.

"I told you, no." I was helpless, suddenly lost interest, pushed him away and turned to sit aside. He wants me to be with him, he will no longer be the emperor of heaven, and I will no longer be the demon king, to live a happy and leisurely day, the wish is very good, but how is it possible.

He was obviously disappointed again, looking at me unwillingly, his voice began to become self-deprecating. He asked me: "Then what are we doing? Just have fun and forget it when you turn around?"

This person, caring about it just that way, turned out not to be as free and easy as it seems. I sighed and raised my hand to stroke his cheek, "You accept the reality."

"How do you know what hasn't happened yet?" His eyes flickered, and the dazzling purple was boiling again. "After these long years, I have been thinking, I don't accept it, I want to change it." He said slowly, staring into my eyes.

I exposed his dream, "It has already happened, and you can't change what has happened."

"Nonsense!" He jumped up angrily, seeming to be angry, but in the end he didn't scold anything else. I just told the truth. He was quiet for a while, then wailed again: "You are really cruel, you don't even leave me thinking about it."

"If it's not because of you, I wouldn't care about the evil king's tomb. Do you really think I'm full." As I said, I took another cold cake and threw it into my mouth. The taste of glutinous rice is very delicious, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus is permeated.

Wuji was stunned for a moment, "I won't let you do anything, don't let you forget me..." He suddenly hugged me tightly, his arms shackled so that I could barely breathe.

For the rest of the time, none of us spoke until a huge black shadow rushed towards us.

I and Wuji jumped up almost at the same time. Vaguely, I seemed to feel that he raised his hand and pushed a palm directly in front of my face.

The dim yellow oil lamp flashed for a while and the flame disappeared. The open windows couldn't even let in the slightest moonlight. The room was cold and cold, and there was nothing else.

"Escaped?" Wuji leaned behind me, "The speed is not bad."

I nodded, coming and going all in an instant, only a little fishy smell remained in the air, showing that the thing had come, and I couldn't even discern what it was.

The two of us chased after the remaining evil spirits, but for a while, we were already in the mountains, and there was a gloomy and gloomy environment. The wind shook the leaves and rustled back and forth, and the shadows were mottled and erratic.

The demon gas was blown by the mountain wind, and he couldn't distinguish the direction. I stood still, trying to explore my surroundings, and suddenly heard Wuji laugh behind me. I laughed so suddenly that I was terrified. "What are you doing?" I glanced back at him angrily.

Wu Ji finally laughed enough, straightened up, raised his eyebrows faintly, and tried his best to maintain a positive expression: "It's nothing, it just feels like I'm completely blind."

I was stunned, and then I remembered that there is no night in the God Realm, and it probably takes some effort for his eyes to adapt to the darkness... But what's so funny? This guy is really...

He seemed to perceive my thoughts and explained: "I haven't tried it much before. With you, I am afraid that the ghost will eat me?" It seemed that he was here to play.

But the enemy is dark and I am bright. It is not the best policy to rashly light up. What should I do if I really lose him? "Come here!" I helplessly, pulling the guy who turned from the emperor into a blind cat in an instant. When I grabbed his arm, I felt something was wrong. My hand felt hot and humid. I took it back and took a closer look. Only then did I find that the palm of my hand was full of blood! It was dark, his clothes were also dark, and it was not easy to notice if he didn't touch it with his hands. In addition, he was always laughing and humming with me, and he didn't show anything wrong, so I didn't expect him to make any mistakes at all.

I forcibly grabbed his sleeve and inspected it, and I saw two blood-hole-like tooth marks. "What did this bite?!" I frowned and asked, remembering that when the dark shadow suddenly leaped at us, he seemed to stand in front of me and gave him a palm.

"The skin hurts, it doesn't hurt." He said lightly, pulling me away and lowering my sleeve.

"Don't sprinkle your blood indiscriminately. The blood of the god king is very rare." I sighed secretly, and took his hand again, thinking that somehow the wound should be bandaged first. However, the messages mixed in the wind are getting more and more dangerous. The eyes suddenly lit up, floating and swiftly moving closer, like wildfire.

Suddenly, a small black shadow flew over. I raised my hand and grabbed it straight, but it was a black bat with blood-red eyes and sharp fangs sticking out. The thing opened its mouth and was about to bite my hand. As soon as I frowned, there was a flash of fire on the palm of my hand, burning the bloodthirsty monster to ashes.

"Looks a lot!" Wuji found new fun again, "How about a competition?"

I laughed: "If you have bad eyes, just stop it."

Wuji didn't care, "I can't see, nor can I see the bat." He said, but seeing Jin Guang Yiyao, he had a long sword in his hand.

The group of hungry bats had already swarmed up to him. The blood of the Protoss is already sweet, not to mention that he still has wounds on his body. It seems that bats are also picky eaters.

Wuji smiled without saying a word. When he swung the sword, the light suddenly shone like the sun, and it stabbed me to subconsciously cover my eyes. In the dimly, I saw the mysterious man holding the divine sword, his whole body was caged in the holy radiance, and there was filth everywhere. Dissipated into white dust. With a gentle smile on his face, the power of purification continued to scatter from his divine sword in his hands, reflecting the world.

That was the first time I had an inexplicable awe of God, as if he was the supreme existence in the world, symbolizing salvation and purifying everything in the world.

"It's cruel! You can't save me!" The white light dissipated, and the holy god just now approached with a smile, and the tone of playful expression was quite different from the previous one.

"Are you the one who needs me to save?" I lazily spread my hands and couldn't help smiling. "I also said that I would like to try. Obviously, it was already calculated. Sincerely, I didn't keep one for me."

"Do you want to eat grilled bats? Please early next time! As for now—" He pointed meaningfully in the direction where the bat swarms had just arrived.

In the mountains and forests, the wind screamed, and the grass and trees bent their waists. A pair of huge blood-red eyes hovered in the air, like a drop of blood, when the wings flapped, people's tinnitus kept shaking.

"This is only for you to bake, really." Wuji put on a good face of "I will never grab you".

I freed up a red bird at random, and the giant fire bird flew away with an arrow. Wherever I went, lava was splashing, and the monsters in the human world, no matter how powerful they were, they definitely couldn't stand the blow.

However, I really did not expect that when colliding with the bat beast, the red scorpion screamed and instantly scattered and broke. At the same time, the huge bat rushed up like a wind and suddenly enlarged in front of my eyes. Thousands of times, fangs bloody mouth, rushed down!

I dashed away, and heard Wuji smile with embarrassment: "I'm afraid... it sucked my blood..."

I couldn't help grinning: "If you suck your blood, you won't be invaded by water or fire, and you will be full of treasures!"

"Why don't you try it with a sip?" He smiled happily.

"Get out!" I kicked him away, releasing "Broken Soul".

Although the bat beast is strong and dexterous, it is extremely fast, and my blade can hardly hurt it, but it does not seem to be greedy for fighting, and it stops in the distance when it dodges, and then flies away.

I asked Wuji: "Did you hear it called?"

"How can you hear the bat cry? Did you hear it?" There was surprise in Wuji's eyes.

I curled my lips and didn't say a word, but the thoughts in his eyes seemed to have deep meaning.

After a while, the bat flew back again. This time, it no longer came close, but dropped something on the ground, and then looked at me from a distance.

The ear ringing sounded again, and I always felt that it was the bat hissing. I and Wuji looked at each other, Wuji smiled as always, and suddenly urged: "Go and see!"

What the bat dropped on the ground were two fish that had just been caught ashore, and they were still tumbling freshly.

"So there are fresh fish for a meal!" Wuji laughed again, and now he started to play with the two fishes, and shouted at me: "Blue, come and fire the fish!"

"Yes, I am the mobile fire folder that you can't throw away. If you really can't do it, look for the flint, otherwise I don't mind." A big bat. Seeing that Wuji had received its fish, the bat leaned forward happily and rubbed against me slimly. Although it seemed harmless, it always made people feel uncomfortable.

Wuji set up a campfire by himself, grilled the fish, turned around and grabbed the bat's wings, and scolded, "If you dare to stick, I will grill you too!"

The bat seemed to understand what Wuji meant, and then murmured aggrievedly, and then stepped aside, but it always stayed closer to me and only avoided Wuji.

The Emperor of Heaven who can talk to bats is probably not much better than the Demon Lord who loves sweets. Perhaps Promise is right. It is better for the world to wash our hands together.

I laughed and teased him: "How? You haven't done a fire job before, right? Isn't it fun?"

"Don't you know if you come and try?" He smiled back, and then handed the grilled fish fillet to my mouth, "Try it?"

The grilled live fish tastes fragrant and sweet. I took the grilled fish and couldn’t help but praise: “Emperor’s blood this day is really superb. After a sip, the bat becomes so amazing.”

The black bat seemed to understand what I meant at once, and graciously came up again, sticking to my side and not leaving.

"Why don't you say that I grilled this fish?" Wuji was very sad, as if I helped the outside but not the inside.

I was tired from playing, so I just used him as a pillow and leaned on to finish one piece slowly. His black clothes are soft and smooth, with his body temperature, rubbing against his face comfortably and warmly.

Wuji picked up my hair and asked me in a very soft voice: "If I can sometimes grill fish for you every day, you really don't want it?"

I found the most comfortable position to lie down and smiled and said, "Wuji, what about another bet? I said there will be a gale in a while!"

He continued to stare at me with disappointed eyes.

I ignored him, turned over and pretended to sleep. He didn't bother me very much, just followed my hair for a while, until finally it was completely quiet.

This is probably the last thing I can't promise him. In fact, I must admit that I reject these lovely extravagant hopes because once they have extravagant hopes, they may never let them go.

I lay quietly on my side for a long time. Suddenly, I only felt the cold wind hit my face. I opened my eyes in the dark, and the "broken soul" that had been waiting for a long time penetrated the heart of that bat! When the distance barrier is close to zero, it is also the time when the chance of miss is the lowest. Even if it knows to use the trick of bluffing to approach us in order to wait for an opportunity to attack, it will never think that I have been waiting for it for a long time.

However, this thing can indeed be regarded as a very clever monster.

I threw the bat's body away, looked at the Emperor of Heaven who had been a soft pillow for me for a long time, and smiled: "How? I should have won this time. As I said earlier, there must be a strong wind."

He smiled leisurely: "I didn't promise to bet with you again."

"Dangtang Tiandi, why do you lie to me specifically?" I grabbed his arm and drew it to the bat's mouth for a comparison.

Those two tooth marks were not bitten by the black bat. The two fangs of the bat are half an inch longer than those on Promise's arm.

I lit a fire on the corpse of the bat beast and incinerated it completely. This bat didn't suck Promise's blood. Why would the red swallow fail to it? What is it that left these two tooth marks on Wuji's arm?

I suddenly felt upset and irritable. I have not had this feeling for how long.

Promise but it's okay, people circled me from behind, smiled and asked: "Aren't you just cherishing your bat?"

I grabbed his hand and said, "What the hell is going on?"

He casually pulled his hand away with a nonchalant face, and then smiled again, "Don't worry about this, and introduce someone to you." With that, he already greeted in the dark night sky. "Smelly boy, won't you come out for me?" But for a moment, a beautiful child with black hair and black eyes just like him turned out of the thick black fog. Those eyes are clear and tangled with the shadows, which makes people feel awkward. The illusion of melancholy melancholy.