"Reincarnation is King"


In a great battle, the blue blazing mark, the sage of the demon world, lost its magic power and turned into fly ashes. The primordial spirit was scattered in the world and reunited in the flesh. Brought back to the Demon Realm, but he has lost all his memory, no different from ordinary people.

The dragons of the demon world are panicked, and the gods are ready to plot wrongdoings. All of the celestial spirits of the eight directions suddenly come and kick in. It's really a chicken and a dog, and the world is in chaos.

The Emperor of Heaven who was sealed in the Forbidden Land of the Demon Realm solemnly claimed that in fact he and the Demon Brother brother were good, but all the heavenly generals kept saying that the Demon Lord killed the Emperor Xiandi and swearing revenge. Who is the real one?

White moonlight and red rose, how can the old and the new love have both?

Lan Zhihen felt... it's better to come and knock him out, close his eyes, and it's a hundred!


穿越 – 耽美 仙侠 小白文 第一人称 1v3 主角可攻可受


[青] Or contain a small amount of sensitive content, young people and older can read under the guidance of their guardians.


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