"The Demon God's Record · The Debt" (8)


The Yinsi Ghost Territory's "Departure Mountain and Sea" is named not because it is truly a mountain or a sea, but because it is boundless and full of volumes carrying the past lives of all living beings, like a sea like a mountain.

Zhang Mingzheng was sent to the door by Yan Jun’s formation. He was on a high hanging platform. In front of him, there was a gilded plaque hanging on the solitary door of the high pavilion. Everything is darkness, the sky is not connected to the sky, the bottom is not grounded, and there is no way to return.

He stretched out his hand to push open the copper door, but the door leaf leaned back inward on its own. A pair of ghost servants greeted him respectfully, with exquisite lights in his hands, and green faintly flickering.

"The volume that the son is looking for is in the main volume of the East Pavilion Tianzi." One of the ghosts lowered his head and said to him, with a panic look, he didn't even dare to look up at him.

Zhang Mingzheng felt weird in his heart, but didn't ask much. Crossing this threshold, there is darkness in front of you, only the overlapping shadows are faintly discernible, not even the slightest light. Zhang Mingzheng took a step forward, feeling that he had stepped into the bottomless deep pool. For a moment, his heart trembled and he didn't know how to take the second step. He couldn't help asking the two ghosts: "Can you borrow Use the lights?"

I didn't want the two ghosts to hear the sound but jumped up, "No, no, the fire can't enter the cabinet!" The two ghosts are like enemies, shouting repeatedly, hiding the lamp behind, and bowing their heads to him. Praying: "The book of the rebirth can only be viewed with your own eyes, please don't use fire to light it!"

Zhang Mingzheng had no choice but to walk in in the dark before taking another step forward. The door behind him was creakingly closed. He only heard a muffled sound at the end. If the black tide rose in an instant, the whole person was completely completely. Was submerged.

This pitch black has no clue, if you can't find it, wouldn't it be imprisoned to never get out? In this way, what the settlement debt brought the little wolf back, was nothing but empty talk.

Could it be that King Yamalo is sincerely criticizing him?

The darkness was overwhelming, and Zhang Mingzheng suddenly became suspicious, and his heart became cold, and he immediately became angry again.

Now that I have come this far, there is no reason to look back empty-handed. Ten Palace Yan Jun is known as the King of Equality, how can he deceive him like this? Regardless of whether it was true or not, he wanted to make Yan Jun have nothing to say.

If I thought about it, I gradually became calm. "All things work together, and I regain it by observing. The husband and the thing are all, each reverts to its roots. Returning to the root means tranquility, and tranquility means resurrection. Resuming fate means constant, knowing everlasting means Ming..." Zhang Mingzheng chanted in a low voice, white light overflowing from the center of his eyebrows. Tactfully and wafting like a beacon, leading him to an unknown depth. He opened his eyes, and all the scenes in front of him suddenly changed their appearances. Lines of elevated towers reached the sky, and the scrolls on it were densely lined in order and endless. He was not in a hurry to look for it, he just closed his eyes and chanted a spell, and when he flicked his sleeves, a volume of books had flew out of the shelf.

The white and moon-colored paper stretched out in the air, like a silk yarn into the ink, but a little bit of Dan Zhu handwriting appeared in front of the eyes:

"The god Wang Yuanxi made a fairy with the horn of Tianlong as the bone, the snow of the mountain, the core of Tianlian, the tears of the goddess, and the blood of the goddess. The god king treats him like a father and son, and he cherishes very much..."

Suddenly there was nothing in front of me, as if a layer of clouds flew away. Zhang Mingzheng vaguely saw some images surrounded by clouds. He saw an immortal who resembled his own eyebrows, with white robe like feathers and green silk on the ground. He was sitting on the rocks and playing the piano. The gurgling water flowed through the rocks, and the shimmering hair was wet. There was another god general with sword eyebrows and electric eyes standing aside and listening quietly. He was dressed in black armor and wings. The scales on his forehead were so mighty, he was actually a little wolf.

It was the little wolf, even though it looked quite different, he could immediately recognize it with just a glance.

However, it didn't look like his memory. It didn't recall the past from the heart, but just looked at it outside the incident, as if watching someone else's story.

Zhang Mingzheng was a little startled unconsciously.

He saw that the god who was about to leave would be summoned by Young Master Chonghua, and the fairy approached with the piano in his arms, and he was about to say something.

Suddenly, a sky thunder slashed down with electric fire, tearing apart thousands of phantoms.

In an instant, there seemed to be thousands of sharp blades pierced through my mind.

Zhang Mingzheng woke up in pain, as if something exploded in his head, and small fragments pierced his body along the bloodline, making him unstable to stand, so he could only bend and press his temples, gasping for breath.

"Neither the demon, the fairy, the god, nor the demon should have a peek at their own fate, otherwise they will inevitably lead to a fatal dish of confusion and disaster. The son Chonghua is here to browse through his death book, doesn't he know that he has already committed a big taboo? The thief, Yan Luo, is not calm and thought. You are just a fool for trapping us in this secluded area of the underworld. But, anyway, thank you for finding this book of death for me." A strange voice pierced into my ears coldly.

Zhang Mingzheng held up his head, his vision swayed and blurred for a while before finally becoming clear.

In front of me was a cloud of black and purple air, which was almost indistinguishable from the boundless darkness. What was entangled in it was the little wolf demon A Wu, who always loved to follow Bai Ye. In the palm of his hand, he was too hard to tear it apart at once.

But this is not the real Ah Wu, it is just a ray of lone ghost with a disfigured appearance, half of his body is glowing with transparent red light, as if it will dissipate at any time-that is a symptom of damage to the original spirit.

Zhang Mingzheng's eyes opened immediately, and he was surprised to see that the three souls and seven souls of this monster were mostly missing, and there was only one soul and three souls left. If it were ordinary creatures, I am afraid that it would have been wiped out in ashes and dissipated. "Are you the wandering soul of a demon that Yan Jun said?" Zhang Mingzheng couldn't help but curl his eyebrows.

"Devil?" The monster seemed surprised when he heard the sound, and laughed again, "I am not a demon. I am the left-handed horned dragon Xingyun of the God Realm Dragon Army."

As soon as the voice fell, I saw Wuzi skyrocketing, and the shrinking little figure suddenly enlarged. It was no longer in the form of Ah Wu, but turned into a white horned dragon that thrived on the sky and proud of the sea. However, his current appearance is that of dragon scales. His eyes were stained with blood, the tail of the dragon diverged behind him, and his forehead was sharp with a single horn. This is clearly not the dragon guarding the heavens and the earth, but the violent and bloodthirsty evil.

Zhang Mingzheng's pupils rose, facing the red longan on his back, he couldn't make a sound with his mouth open for a while. He vomited deeply, recited the incantation silently, and forced himself to calm down, before he asked in a deep voice, "Why do you...why do you plan to harm the little wolf?"

"Hurt him? How could I kill the general? I'm helping him!" Xingyun snorted with disdain. He drew down the huge dragon head and approached Zhang Mingzheng, looking carefully, the fishy breath was sprayed on Zhang Mingzheng's face. "You really don't remember anything. But we remember it clearly, one by one, one by one, if you want to forget it, you can't forget it." He swung his tail fiercely and pushed Zhang Mingzhen away, but his blood-red eyes were still condescending. Staring at Zhang Mingzheng, he made no secret of his disgust.

Zhang Mingzheng was swept on his chest by the dragon's tail and staggered out. There was a fierce pain in my chest, and it was so stuffy that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't help but coughed out a mouthful of bright red. But Zhang Mingzheng still does not hide. He stood up, wiped the blood stains from the corners of his lips, looked up at the horned dragon, and still had no fear when he asked in a dumb voice, "What have I done to make you hate you so much? If I owe you, you come to me, why bother Toss the little wolf?"

Xingyun stared at Zhang Mingzheng uncertainly for a long time, and suddenly violent, "I just hate your innocent look!" He screamed and swooped down, and the dragon's voice was low and shaken in all directions.

The sharp horns were like guns and knives, and Zhang Mingzheng had only time to raise his hands and touch them, already distorted by a burst of heart-piercing pain.

His chest seemed to be hollowed out suddenly, and the blood was rushing out, but something else poured in, which was hotter than the blood, and it was painful and unbearable.

That is the memory and blood and tears of the dragon.