"Chan Shan Zhi"


Song Jia Song Hanshan, the capital of the dynasty, was a young man with great ambition and both talent and appearance. He was not only the Golden Temple Tanhua Lang who was highly regarded by the first emperor, but also the closest cabinet minister around him today. Qingliu is a good name in the world.

However, Song Jia himself thought that the world knew something about him and misunderstood him deeply.

The reason why he even dared to scold the emperor was mainly because he was so clear about seeing each other's stinking troubles every day from childhood, so that he often disliked the kid—it was certain that the kid would never be willing to kill him. In case one day accidentally fails to hide it, the emperor discovers the little secret hidden by his deliberate care, and decides to kill him and the people he would rather die to protect... Generous death is absolutely impossible. It doesn't make much sense to take the lead in the rebellion and labor the people and money. It's useless to kneel down and lie and persuade him to be soft. Then he had to smear the soles of his feet and run away to the end of the world and he won't come back in the next life!

However, before that day arrived, Song Jia felt that at any rate he was the emperor who saw him grow up. Even if the dead horse was treated as a living horse doctor, he would have to work hard to rescue him, right?

The story of a young civil servant with a black belly and feet on the outside of a Zhilan Yushu, with a complicated guard, a princess who does not want to marry, a lady commander in Jinyi, and an emperor who does not want to be an emperor travels across the sea and explores crimes along the road.


古风 – 悬疑 公案 双男主 双女主 耽美


[青] or contains a small amount of sensitive content, young people and above can read under the guidance of guardians


Becca Wolf