"The Cold Mountain" 010



The Mingyue that His Majesty said was the righteous daughter of His Majesty Rong. The unique female commander of Beizhen Fusi, Xiao Mingyue, now often walks in front of the imperial court and is responsible for the emperor's guards.

But the righteous daughter of His Royal Highness King Rong is, after all, the righteous daughter of His Royal Highness King Rong.

"...Mingtang, when did I offend you? Just tell me, are you afraid that I won't die fast enough?"

Song Jia looked outside the house alertly, and couldn't see where Xiao Mingyue was.

Gu Cangming heard it when he moved his ears, and gestured to him with his eyes—the person was on the roof.

"You're really... annoying. I just came into the house and didn't even eat hot food. What is your urgent matter that endangers society and shakes the country? You must come to me at night?"

As long as he thinks that Xiao Mingyue will turn around, he must tell Rong Wang Jiayu that Mingtang ran out of the palace overnight to find him, Song Jia's heart will be chilled.

Mingtang probably never thought about this.

"Why haven't you eaten yet?" He first stared at Song Jiazai carefully, then suddenly reached out his hand to pull away the scattered and hanging hair, and touched Song Jia's cheek twice, dissatisfied and complained: "I haven't seen him for a few days. You've lost weight. It's only Tongxian, not far from Beijing, so you have no food to eat?"

"I'm going to handle the case, not to eat." Song Jia was rude, slapped his hand away. He looked back at him for a moment, his expression condensed, and then asked, "If Tongxian really has no food, what are you going to do?"

When there were no outsiders in private, Song Jia always called him by his first name, yin and yang blamed him for harming him and complained about him, and only then talked about "Sage" and "Your Majesty".

Mingtang didn't expect it, he was confused for a while before reacting, realizing that it was chaos if he cared, and his face was blushing immediately. But he didn't want to listen to the lesson, so he pursed his mouth and didn't speak, but secretly aimed at Song Jia from the corner of his eye.

Song Jia was too lazy to teach him, turning to ask Gu Cangming, "Is there still some meat and cakes in the kitchen?"

Gu Cangming obviously didn't want to let him and Mingtang be alone in the house. His face was reluctant, but he couldn't make him hungry. After all, he nodded to get some food, and he didn't forget to wash his feet. water.

The front foot was closed and the door went out, and Mingtang leaned forward like a Huaner, and forcibly squeezed onto Song Jia's concubine couch.

"Does your family Cangming hate me? I always think the look he looks at me is fierce, like staring at enemies..."

His Majesty the Emperor really feels wronged.

Song Jia originally wanted to kick him away. Seeing this aggrieved appearance, there was nothing wrong with him, so he shrank his legs and gave him the floor, coaxing: "He just looks fierce. See who doesn't look like staring at someone. Let's talk about it. Now, if you have a business matter, hurry up and go back to the palace to sleep. Don’t be here to ask him to stare at you.

Mingtang thought for a while, always felt that he was not satisfied, but it was not totally unacceptable.

So he searched around in Song Jia’s study, and found two oranges that had been stored for several days and were a bit dry from the pile of books. After hearing that they were not damaged, he began to peel them off and peeled the oranges at the same time. Pi said:

"In the past few days you have not been in Beijing, Seventh Uncle and Seventh Aunt came back with Minghua. Then...something happened."

He fed the peeled orange to Song Jia's mouth.

Song Jia habitually opened her mouth to grab the orange, blinked, and regretted it again.

This is not a good time to eat oranges.

The "Seven Uncles and Seven Aunts" in Mingtang's mouth refers to his Seven Emperors Uncle Zhao Wang Jiashou and his wife.

King Zhao, who had always been in Nanzhili, suddenly entered Beijing and "something went wrong."

If you don't know this, it's fine. You're already forced to know. Song Jia suddenly felt that the orange pharynx in his mouth was not vomiting or vomiting.

Mingtang was very familiar with his expression and quickly explained: "It's not a big deal, it's that Minghua was kidnapped suddenly."

This man named Minghua, you can tell by his name, is the only daughter of Zhaowang and his wife, who is the cousin of today's son.

The only daughter of the prince, the princess, was suddenly kidnapped...

"Is this not a big deal?"

Song Jia felt that he was choked to death by an orange rather lightly.

Mingtang doesn't think so.

"She is so good, she must be fine. It's hard to tell who tied her."

His Majesty the Emperor pouted, as if recalling some kind of fear of being a cousin.

Song Jiaxin said, "You have a problem with this idea," and she was too lazy to catch him preaching, so she had no choice but to ask him: "The princess has been tied up. Then you first find the Department of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple, or you will find the Fusi of Beizhen. It's okay. Why are you looking for me? Our procuratorate is doing the job of admonishing impeachment and picketing. If they catch the wrong judgment, you can look for me again."

When he heard that the three law divisions perform their duties, Mingtang showed an expression of "too complicated and don't want to listen", "Aren't you still leading Shuntian Fu Yin? How Minghua said he was tied up in Beijing. , This matter is just right for you!"

Song Jia wanted to roll his eyes: "Isn't this all the drudgery you forced me to do? I want to go to the Literature Museum every day to read the students and read books. Otherwise, you can let me go now!"

As soon as he said the word "put", Ming Tang immediately acted first, clinging to one of his legs, and saying nothing, lest this person lift his leg and ran away.

But being hugged by your thigh... no matter how you think, it's easy to die quickly.

Anyway, it's a death, it's better to die after kicking it.

But he couldn't move at all.