"The Cold Mountain" 011



When Mingtang was a child, he followed his mother to escape from the capital due to turbulence. He hid outside the Northern Pass for three years to avoid disaster. In addition, the first emperor was also the master of warfare in the Northern Territory and Nanjing Sea. Mingtang has to learn even if he doesn't like it at a young age. Although it is not good in actual combat, compared to Song Jia, who has not moved heavy objects for many years except for books, he is still much physically fit.

Song Jia was trapped on the couch, and it was useless to struggle and scuffle. She was anxious and yelled, "There are so many talents in the holy dynasty, I am a lot less! Why do you have to call me?"

But the more he was like this, the more Mingtang had to press him with his hands and feet, saying, "I am doing this for your own good! Minghua is the only thing you can do!"

The two tossed on a couch for a long time, neither of them would follow the other, instead they were sweating. Except for Song Jia, who was already disheveled and disheveled, even Mingtang was no better.

The door of the room opened now.

Gu Cangming was holding a food box in one hand and a can of millet porridge in the other. He came back to deliver the meal. He saw this picture of tearing the skin and smashing the meat. He stood there for a long time without speaking, and his frowning and cold expression seemed to know at a glance---thinking. After going straight up to kill this "dog emperor", the question of how to lead people to run away.

Seeing Gu Cangming's return, Mingtang was obviously still a little scared. After a moment of stunned, he slowly hid behind Song Jia.

Song Jia's tooth hurts, and she can only bite the bullet and smile at Gu Cangming, "That... it's okay, the jokes... are all his own... there are people watching on the roof!" As he explained, he subconsciously said. Take the body to block Mingtang more tightly.

Gu Cangming was too lazy to take care of this small gesture, so he put his food on the table.

"Come to eat."

Although his tone was not good and his expression was fierce, he was very careful, first served Song Jia a bowl of hot porridge and placed it in front of him, then opened the food box, and took out a stack of sliced cakes and a plate of cooked slices. The sauced meat and a dish of hot-fried cabbage are arranged on the table.

In a short period of time, even some meat and vegetables have made a table, but you can't tell the appearance of this man's tall martial artist.

Only after smelling the food, Song Jia forgot everything, and hurried over to pick up the bowl, his mouth was so hot and his tongue stuck out.

"Eat slowly. No one is robbing you." Gu Cangming frowned and disliked him, cursing while adding meat and vegetables to his bowl.

Song Jia was really hungry. He ate a few mouthfuls of porridge in a hurry, and he didn't notice the millet sticking to the corner of his mouth.

Gu Cangming sat next to him, chewing slowly on a piece of cake, and saw it, so he naturally reached out and wiped him, then took it to his mouth and licked it and ate it with the cake. The grains of rice were not wasted. .

This situation fell in Mingtang's eyes, the whole person was stupid, and he only felt that the oranges he had fed into Song Jia's mouth were all for nothing.

He was sour in his heart, and his face was not hidden. He looked at these few porridge and side dishes made by Gu Cangming with a bit of disgust, and curled his lips: "I knew you were busy outside for so many days. I would eat some of this when I came back. Go directly to the palace, and let the Superintendent Shang's cook some serious dishes for you."

"Farewell." Song Jia didn't show her face for a while, refused, and turned to dislike him: "You have to try poison for a long time before you have a meal. I'm starving to death after the test."

Mingtang was splashed with two scoops of cold water one after another, causing his head to hang down.

Song Jia was still stuffing cakes in his mouth, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of him, and he suddenly felt "puff" in his heart.

He met Ming Tang as a teenager. Although this affection is not comparable to the teacher and the first emperor, it is not a sentence or two that can be clear to outsiders. Mingtang has always treated him extremely well, far better than his own hands and feet. Even if he is always mean in his mouth, he really wants to make Mingtang sad.

I didn’t know how to understand it. It was because my heart had already softened. Song Jia quickly put aside his job and asked Mingtang, “You just said, why do you have to take care of the princess?”

Seeing him take the initiative to pick him up, Mingtang raised his head quickly, "You still want to know?"

"Yes." Song Jia coaxed and soothed her hair. "You made a special trip, doesn't it mean this is here. Don't I want to know?"

With just two or three sentences, Mingtang suddenly realized that this person still cared about himself in his heart, and his eyes lit up.

He first put the rice bowl back into Song Jia's hands, staring at him to eat quickly, don't let it go cold, and then added a few pieces of meat to Song Jia's bowl like a demonstration before he watched Song Jia eat his meal and said:

"Minghua is 19 this year. The seventh uncle and the seventh aunt took her back to Beijing this time, mainly because he wanted to find a suitable husband and wife for her."

"Ah, it's good. What does it have to do with me?" Song Jia replied casually, in fact, eating attentively, so as not to have to eat.

Mingtang sighed: "As a result, I picked up the men of the right age from every family in Beijing today. Uncle Qi didn't take a look at him, so I thought you were particularly good."

Song Jia was trying to drink porridge, but when he heard this sentence, he choked sharply and almost sprayed it directly on her face.