"The Cold Mountain" 012



Gu Cangming was not surprised, got up and took a soft cloth back and wiped him clean.

Song Jiafei almost coughed into the porridge bowl, "Where is it so good for me? Tell me, I'll change..."

Mingtang patted him tightly on the back, "My fourth uncle also said it was appropriate. He also said that he should let you go to Nanzhili with Minghua."

"Then you won't stop it?" Song Jia choked with a cough.

Mingtang sighed, "I stopped. But the temperament of Uncle Si——"

Mingtang has difficulties with Mingtang. Regardless of being an emperor, there are also His Royal Highness and His Royal Highness Dowager in charge. These years, there is no lack of wits and courage to choose a daughter for the harem. This is more wrong.

Song Jia knows the truth, but it happened so suddenly that she couldn't help but scratch her heart, she just wanted to pinch her thigh madly.

"No, even if you don’t care about my feelings about this matter, don’t you need to ask the princess himself what it means? It’s not that the two princes choose the concubine. What do they think I’m good for? I don’t think the princess does it. People kidnapped were scared off by Dad!"

Although he also knew that such complaints were all for nothing and it was useless, so he started to ponder as soon as he rolled his eyes.

"...Then if I get back the princess, all the beards and tails of the princess, for the sake of my dedication and dedication, can I forgive me?"

Mingtang nodded and said it was feasible: "You get Minghua back first. Let's talk to Aunt Qi. Uncle Qi listens to Aunt Qi."

This... sounds unreliable.

Song Jia pressed her heart, and suddenly felt that his dinner was not fragrant.

"Hanshan, I don't want you to go. How far is Nanzhili. You can't see each other twice a year."

Mingtang still tugged his sleeve tightly, with a bitter face that he was going to send him to Lingnan tomorrow.

"Hey, don't be like this, it's Nanzhili anyway, even if it's really gone, it won't be as if I have been sentenced to death." Song Jia had no choice but to coax him first.

But Mingtang couldn't listen to what he said to go, so he bit his teeth and broke his wrist.

"It really doesn't work, I'll just say--"

"Stop talking about you, I dare not listen!"

Song Jia was so frightened that he quickly interrupted him, for fear that his words would not be astonishing and he would die.

But Mingtang obviously swelled up before talking to her mouth, and was blocked like this again, she could only bite her lip dullly, with a somewhat sad expression in her eyes.

Song Jia could only look at him, not knowing what else to say.

Neither of them talked anymore, they just looked at each other silently.

The atmosphere in the room was suddenly subtle.

Gu Cangming looked at them and threw the cloth that Song Jia had just wiped away, and wiped the table as well.

"Are you still eating? I will accept if you don't eat."

Song Jia shuddered and woke up suddenly.

"Anyway, you let me rest for one night at any rate, and I will check it out tomorrow, okay?"

He touched his face vigorously, let out a deep breath of fatigue, and said:

"Leave aside anything else, your cousin is lost! You have to look for it."

He coaxed and persuaded Mingtang again, so that his Majesty the Emperor promised to go back to the palace to sleep first, and talk about the rest tomorrow.

When she got up and sent people out of the room, Xiao Mingyue, who had been cat on the roof, leaped down lightly and guarded Mingtang's side.

A young woman in her early twenties, dressed in a black shirt, her eyebrows are not tender or gentle, she is full of murderous heroism, just like a black female leopard hovering under the moon, and her long black hair is just like a leopard tail. .

She didn't make any noise before, Song Jia almost forgot her, and was shocked when she suddenly appeared.

Xiao Mingyue was expressionless, putting on a face that "I didn't hear what you all said and didn't want to worry about", just guarding Mingtang, standing guard between Mingtang and Gu Cangming as a self-evident sharp sword.

This apparently guarded attitude made Gu Cangming tensed. When he met the wolf of his opponent, Mi Er put on a posture to fight at any time, and there was no deterrence and a low roar, until Xiao Mingyue and Mingtang got on the car at the discharge gate, and they were far away to see. Gone, still stiff back, very upset.

"I didn't notice it beforehand. They were all admitted to the hospital, and I didn't even notice it at all."

He twisted his eyebrows and stood in the courtyard with his arms folded, wishing to wash the ground that Mingtang had stepped on.

Song Jia looked at this annoyed and disgusting appearance, and couldn't laugh or cry.

"When one has to breathe a sigh of relief, why do you be so strict with yourself and be tight all the time?"

He raised his hand habitually and squeezed Gu Cangming's arm comfortingly.

Gu Cangming's face was dark, and he was silent for a long time, lowered his eyes, and hummed, "Blame you."

"...Well, blame me, blame me." Song Jia was taken aback, almost unable to hold back a laugh.

Gu Cangming was still extremely upset, and said angrily: "I can't tell what is good about him. You protect him like that."

Song Jia felt somewhat embarrassed by the true words of this day.

"I have to protect him."

He sighed involuntarily, thought about it, squinted, looked at Gu Cangming, raised his hand and touched the head indiscriminately.

"But I also protect you."

"Who is protecting whom?" Gu Cangming immediately turned his head and avoided his hand, as if unhappy that he actually treated himself as a child to coax him.

Song Jia quickly changed her words: "You protect me! Without you, I will die tomorrow."

"Bah!" Gu Cangming quenched him face to face.

"You won't die."

He was silent for another moment, to make sure what was the same, he looked at Song Jia solemnly, and said every word:

"You are a very important person. I won't let important people die again."

It's like an oath.

Song Jia raised his face slightly, looked back at Gu Cangming for a long time, finally curled his lips and smiled.

"Okay. Whatever you say is fine."