"The Cold Mountain" 013



Gu Cangming said that he would not let him die. Song Jia didn't believe it at all in his heart.

It's not that he doesn't believe in Gu Cangming, but he doesn't believe in himself.

People are inherently dead, not to mention being in this Shura field.

He was rescued by his teacher since he was a child, and when he was seventeen-year-old Jindian High School, he has always been on the side of the emperor.

Ordinary people only say that this is the wealth of the sky.

When he was young, he thought that this was the Tao left to him by the teacher, and it was the only way for his students as a teacher to repay the great virtue.

However, eight years have passed in the blink of an eye, and now he only feels that this is nothing more than a deadly calamity that is useless to escape.

He is different from the teacher in the end.

Until his death, the teacher is still a childish heart, a youthful mind, and has no regrets in his life, let alone changed.

But he quickly grew old in these short eight years, and when he looked back, he looked at the many passions of the past, only to feel naive and ridiculous.

"I won't let you die", of course someone said to the teacher before. The person who said this is a golden mouth, and the world is supreme. so what? The teacher still left.

When it comes time to tell the truth, it doesn't matter what you say.

What's more, this Gu Cangming... Song Jia always felt that if he really couldn't make it through this hurdle in his life, he died young and would not die well, eight achievements would be to die on this person.

The carriage swayed through many gates, from red bricks and gold tiles to market streets and alleys, and finally stopped in front of a majestic mansion, which was the Mansion of Zhaowang.

The driver didn't have a good voice and didn't speak, so he knocked on the door three times with his hand.

On the contrary, the female general who was riding her horse stepped down immediately, set the low stool with her hands, pushed the car door, and greeted the person in the car.

Song Jia was the first to get out of the car and look at Xiao Mingyue, who salutes respectfully, and then at Gu Cangming, who was sitting in front of the car with an upset face. There was no other way, so he went straight up and slapped his family’s head. . Although not heavy, Gu Cangming didn't guard him after all, and he was shot staggering and jumped off the ground.

Ming Tang got out of the car behind him, just seeing this slap, and there was a clear smile on his face that was still worried all the way.

Gu Cangming knew in his heart that he did it on purpose, but didn't want to show Mingtang a joke. He stood there with his neck stubborn, with two big characters on his face—dissatisfaction.

"Go and park your car, and just stay outside and wait for me to come out."

Song Jia had to raise his hand and rubbed his head twice, softening his voice.

Gu Cangming ate soft or hard, and he was immediately relieved after hearing this sound, he nodded and led the horse to drive.

The royal guard in front of the Zhaowang Mansion saw Xiao Mingyue and knew who had come, because he had not received the communication in advance, nor had he seen the emperor’s ceremonial guard, he was a little confused and did not dare to guess what was going on, so he had to kneel first. In one place, another person should be sent to inform King Zhao.

Mingtang waved them to get up and stepped directly into the threshold.

Although Zhaowang and his wife have been in Nanzhili for many years, the Zhaowang Mansion in the middle of Beijing still remains, and the royal atmosphere is maintained even when the owner is away. Today, Zhao Wang and his wife returned with the princess, and they were even more prosperous.

Song Jia followed Ming Tang all the way, and couldn't help but be speechless in silence.

Mingtang is naturally accustomed to seeing it, and while walking, Yixing and Song Jia said that the rocks in this place were specially transported from Taihu Lake, and the pavilions and pavilions in that place are the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River.

When he arrived in front of the main hall of the palace, His Majesty the Emperor suddenly became a little bit timid, and his steps slowed down.

Outside the hall, there were not only the family members of Prince Zhao’s Mansion, but also the people from Prince Rong’s Mansion who followed His Royal Highness to wait on him. After seeing Shengjia and Xiao Mingyue, they bowed and bowed, and they had to enter the inner hall to report the letter.

Xiao Mingyue naturally knew it at a glance, and whispered to Mingtang, "Your Majesty, otherwise I should go in and say something?"

Mingtang nodded repeatedly, a little tangled insecure on his face.

Song Jia watched Xiao Mingyue step into the door, turned her head and looked at Mingtang.

"It's not going to stop... Anyway, it's your fourth uncle. Even if His Royal Highness Rong is notorious, let him be cruel and ruthless to you, and he doesn't feel bad for you. Even if he controls you a little bit harshly, you are so scared. He doesn't need it, right?"

Mingtang stopped talking for a while, and said dullly, "It's not... I... Actually, I don't dare to see Uncle Qi."

Song Jia couldn't help being stunned.

Unlike Rongwang Jiayu, who is in charge of Jinyiwei riding through the city all day long, from the imperial relatives, the princes, the officials and the nobles, to the pawns, the traffickers, and the common people. Loved by people all over the world.

As for the first emperor, the two brothers Rongwang and Zhaowang have the best feelings. After the collapse of the first emperor, the two princes, one literary and one martial artist, one in Beijing, and one in Haijiang, were loyal and dedicated to the nephew of Mingtang.

Now that Mingtang was so afraid of seeing His Royal Highness King Zhao that he didn't dare to enter the door, it was too...unbelievable.

Song Jia was muttering in her heart, and she couldn't say anything, so she could only do her best to comfort Mingtang.

When he followed Mingtang into the main hall and saw Zhaowang Jiashou with his own eyes, he took a breath and realized all Mingtang's cowardice.

Now, His Royal Highness Zhao Wang is so similar to the former emperor.

It is even said that today's Zhaowang, compared with the former emperor of the year, has a lot less violent and suspicious appearances, and a little more gentleness than his former emperor.