"The Cold Mountain" 014



When he was still very young, Song Jia also peeped at the teacher next to him. The dazzling and extraordinary atmosphere of the first emperor in his heyday, the wise Shenwu.

But a quick glance was quickly replaced by another kind of memory.

Speaking of the first emperor now, the first thing that came to Song Jia's mind was always after the teacher left, the one that was still high above but the light was not there, leaving only a vague and vague shadow of loneliness and loneliness.

It is the soul of one person, who has already died following the death of another person.

Song Jia speculated without authorization, and Mingtang was afraid that he would be the same.

Or worse.

Because Mingtang was the only son of the first emperor, and Yu Mingtang, the first emperor, was the emperor and even the father.

Mingtang must remember more than anyone, how majestic and majestic the father he had longed for in his childhood.

For a son, how strong this longing was, how tragic the father's death was.

However, if the father who has been dead for many years suddenly comes back to life in front of his eyes, it is like going back in time—

Song Jia couldn't think of what Mingtang felt at this moment in the face of King Zhao who looked so much like his father.

Mingtang was still stupidly looking at the rare Zhaowang Jiashou in a daze. He was not the emperor at all, but a child who was at a loss.

Rong Wang Jiayu was holding a teacup, and his disgust overflowed from the corner of his eyes.

"What did your majesty bring him for?"

His Royal Highness Rong obviously hates him, and he will be irritated when he sees him.

Song Jia couldn't wake up the Emperor Mingtang in front of the two princes, so he had to bow his head and salute him, "Song Jia has seen His Royal Highness Zhao and His Royal Highness Rong."

With his sound, Mingtang woke up and hurriedly spoke:

"Han Shan knows some methods for finding people and investigating crimes. I can trust him and ask him to help. Maybe he can find Minghua's whereabouts soon."

His Majesty the Emperor protected Song Jia both in and out of his words, so he almost stated clearly, "This is my person, no one is allowed to bully him."

Rong Wang Jiayu sneered on the spot. He didn't want to drink the tea, so he put the teacup aside.

The teacup carved with jade was knocked on the table with a crisp sound.

Zhao Wang Jiashou on the side looked at his elder brother who was so angry that his face was cold, and then at his nephew who was ready to "destroy" at any time, and finally at Song, who was standing with his sleeves up and pretending that he didn't know anything. Jia... had to follow along and put down the teacup.

"Are you Song Jia?"

His Royal Highness Zhao's voice was also much softer and warmer than that of Emperor Xian, with a smile in his mouth.

He deliberately ordered someone to bring a stool over and let Song Jia sit down.

Song Jia had hardly seen Zhaowang Jiashou, who had been in Nanzhili for a long time, and couldn't help but look more carefully.

It just so happened that Zhaowang Jiashou was also looking at him carefully.

"Your teacher has also been my teacher and saved my life. Although I have a shallow background, I haven't been able to listen to my husband's lectures a few times, but after so many years, I still miss him very much. I always think of my husband. The teaching has benefited a lot."

These few words are obviously thinking of the old man, and they are more or less tinged with embarrassment.

Wang Rong chuckled: "Old Qi, to be honest, do you think he looks like him?"

I don't know why, His Royal Highness is so disgusted. Some people always point to Song Jia and say, Xiao is like someone back then.

This visible concern made Zhaowang Jiashou very dumbfounded, and didn't want to answer the question honestly, so he smiled and called out: "Fourth Brother!" It was a little helpless and a little consoling.

Xu Shirong and Wang Jiayu couldn’t bear the seventh brother calling himself with a face that resembled the first emperor, or he quickly understood from the few words that seemed inadvertent: Of the three uncles and nephews, at least two of them are both. Standing on Song Jia's side. If he insists on violating the emperor's holy will and embarrassing Song Jia, Zhaowang Jiashou will not turn to him.

That's it, only if they are all blind.

His Royal Highness King Rong silently rolled his eyes, held up the teacup again with hatred, and signaled not to mention it.

When Zhaowang Jiashou saw this, he nodded and smiled at Song Jia:

"The little girl was strangely missing in her room yesterday morning. Half a day later, a handwritten note demanding a ransom was shot into the palace courtyard with an arrow. Now Wangfuyiwei and Jinyiwei have searched all over Beijing, and there is no news for the time being. In return. If you have anything you need to check, you can walk around in the palace."

It can be regarded as following the meaning of the emperor.

Mingtang was originally worried, but when he heard this, his eyes immediately showed joy, just like a child who had won sweet treats from the elders, relaxed both physically and mentally, twisted in the seat, changed to a more comfortable posture, and took it. The tea Xiao Mingyue handed him.

Song Jia was in a very complicated mood, and a word stuck in her throat. It was neither right nor wrong if he didn't say it. After thinking about it, let's just say it.

"In that case, I have to look at the princess's boudoir first."

Mingtang just rejoiced for a while, was drinking tea, and when he heard such a sentence, he choked and coughed wildly. He turned his head and stared at Song Jia in disbelief, almost smashing the teacup.

It was His Royal Highness that finally sneered and turned into a big laugh, gloating and making no secret of the misfortune. "I see it. This Song Hanshan, just such a master who went on Liang Jiewa, gave him some color and immediately opened the dyeing workshop. You are all used to him. I will wait and see, which big Buddha can drop this? Monkey."