"The Cold Mountain" 016



Mingtang was obviously gloating, standing at the gate of the courtyard, holding hands behind his back and making jokes that he was scared by the two maids so that he was stuck on the wall of the courtyard.

Song Jia had always been too lazy to compete with His Majesty the Emperor, so he was pleased, and he slipped back to the courtyard gate by sticking to the wall like a yellow croaker.

"From this door to the inner courtyard, let the maids lead the way."

The two maidservants put their sleeves together and hung their heads. They spoke respectfully. In fact, they looked like they didn't want Song Jia, the "foreign man" to run around.

The two little girls are petite, and their accents in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are soft and soft, completely different from the crisp accents of Shuntian Mansion people.

Song Jia stretched out his hand and touched the door panel a few times. Without saying a word, he was the first to raise his leg and walk into the courtyard.

The inner courtyard of Princess Minghua is also very different from the boudoirs of other imperial family members.

Before entering the door, Song Jia caught a glimpse of two half-person-height huts on the left and the right. He didn't know what it was for, but he could see that the materials were all high-quality rosewood and the craftsmanship was very exquisite.

Song Jia couldn't help but stop and glanced more.

Mingtang patted him on the back, urging him: "What are you doing? What's so good about this. Minghua has two dogs, this is a dog house."

"..." Song Jia slowly turned around, looking at His Majesty the emperor with a natural look on her face, and choked silently for a while.

Ordinary people just make furniture and build houses for themselves. I am afraid they can't afford such wood and craftsmen. But the dogs raised by the princess can sleep in such a dog house.

"Is the lawn outside this courtyard specially repaired for dogs...?"

Master Song stared at him with the eyes of "The Zhumen's wine and meat smelly, why didn't my God freeze your whole family to death first".

After all, Mingtang understood him, so he immediately figured out the meaning. He felt guilty and quickly looked back: "...Aunt Qi was married from the grassland, and Minghua followed his mother. Some habits are different from those of us Han people!"

Princess Zhao is the sister of the Mengyuan Khan, the princess on the prairie outside the Guan, and the Prince Zhao is the beauty of marriage between the two countries, which has completed the peace of the North and the South for more than a decade of truce and trade.

But even if this Princess Mengyuan married south, she still retained many Mongolian customs. She didn't think she had any need to "marry her husband". She would still bend her bow and shoot on the battlefield. Her husband.

Song Jia used to hear the teacher talk about Princess Zhao, and he always respected him as a true hero. In his spare time, he had said to Mingtang several times. How could he have thought that Mingtang would move out of Princess Zhao to stop his mouth.

Mingtang himself was a little proud, with a dark and cool look that "can be considered blocking you once".

His Royal Highnesses, King Rong and King Zhao, who came to "watch the excitement" not far away, are already watching their excitement.

Especially Zhaowang Jiashou, always staring at him with the eyes of observation and examination, making his heart frizzy, unable to tell the strangeness, as if he was not called by Mingtang to help solve the problem in Zhaowangfu, but... he Oneself is the problem that needs to be solved urgently.

Song Jia didn't have any thoughts to grasp Mingtang's lesson, so he silently rolled his eyes and continued to walk forward.

In the middle of this inner courtyard, there is a small school field for martial arts. All kinds of weapons, knives, guns, sticks, axes, swords and forks, long weapons and short blades are displayed on the surrounding racks.

Princess Minghua is still a martial artist.

He likes to raise dogs, fights, and disappears in place. It is no wonder that when Mingtang talks about this cousin, getting close to her close relatives, she will inevitably show an expression of being accustomed to being bullied...

"...Can I ask a question?"

Song Jia reached out and touched a nine-ring gold-backed machete on the weapon rack, confirming that it was real.

Mingtang's eyes were a little alert: "Is it useful to say'can't'?"

"Don't be afraid. I'm not surprised." Song Jia grinned, "Actually, I just want to know, if the princess and Commander Xiao let go of their hands and feet for a fair fight, who wins and who loses?"

Xiao Mingyue followed Mingtang as quietly as a shadow, as if she had never existed. When she heard Song Jia call her name, she was taken aback for a moment, and she looked up suddenly.

But she didn't respond immediately, instead she looked at Mingtang first, obviously waiting for the emperor to signal.

Although Mingtang admitted that he treated Xiao Mingyue as his younger sister. But in Xiao Mingyue's heart, Mingtang might never be the elder brother.

These few subtle details suddenly made Song Jia a little bit sorrowful.

However, Mingtang seemed to have never noticed anything in general. Without even thinking about it, he responded:

"That depends on letting Minghua not use dogs. She wants one person and two dogs to play Mingyue one. That's hard to say, but if it's solo, Mingyue definitely can't lose to that girl!"