"The Cold Mountain" 017



With this tone and rhetoric, it was impossible to tell whether His Majesty the Emperor said seriously or nonsense.

Song Jia looked suspicious.

Seeing his disbelief, Mingtang added: "The dog that Minghua raised is a hound on the prairie. It is well-trained. Not to mention that it can fight people, or it can fight wolves. Fighting wild bears in the mountains is different from the ordinary yellow dogs that you have seen barking Shibamen!"

Although she had never seen the Minghua princess and her hounds before, Song Jia had heard of Princess Zhao's ability to charge war dogs.

He also remembered the traces he saw on the wall before entering the hospital. They were indeed like marks made by dog paws scratching on the wall.

Judging from the height, the two hounds are at least tall, strong, strong, and powerful, and it may not be difficult to jump over the high wall.

"...Where is the dog?"

Song Jia paused for a moment, blurted out.

"Such a powerful dog, can't it be small, and disappeared out of thin air with the princess?"

It doesn't make sense at all.

The few people in the courtyard didn't seem to care about the question of where the dog was or where, and they were all startled for a moment.

Immediately, Zhaowang Jiashou showed an interesting expression, smiling silently.

The expression in His Royal Highness King Rong's eyes is much disgusting, and I don't know whether he dislikes the dog or Song Jia.

Mingtang's eyes turned quickly, and he explained: "The loyal dog protector, Minghua is gone, the dog must have gone to her."

"...Really?" Song Jia had to return a face of "I'm so stupid to believe in you" to His Majesty the Emperor.

The two little maidservants kept their heads down and responded actively when they saw the situation: "Early yesterday morning, we came into the courtyard to send clean water to the princess, before opening the courtyard door, Bart and Dorje rushed out by themselves, and they almost ran into it. I turned over the water basin held by Pearl. After that, we went to the county owner’s house and found that the county owner was not there."

Bat and Duoji are two very common Mongolian names, but for the Han people in Jiangnan, they should be rare.

Song Jia couldn't help but stare at the two girls in green shirts.

Although they have been respectfully nodding their heads and did not look up and looking around, they can still see some outlines-these two girls have full moon-like round faces, full cheekbones, and humble eyebrows, but they are not humble.

He has been standing there and looking at the two maids. Mingtang looked at him from the side. He was displeased by looking at him more. He cleared his throat deliberately and hit him with his elbow: "You are not going to see the crime scene. 'Is it? Are you still going? What's so beautiful in this courtyard?"

Song Jia couldn't help laughing.

"There are so many good-looking ones."

He didn't immediately explain to Mingtang, so he raised his leg and walked forward, crossing the small school grounds, and first to the study in the west.

Seeing him, he didn't go straight to the bedroom where the princess was said to have disappeared. Instead, he wanted to enter the study. The two maidservants looked at each other, and both went forward and bowed to stop him.

"Master Song, this is the princess's study, and the princess's bedroom is on the east side."

"I know. Just read the study first."

Song Jia didn't care, and directly reached out and pushed open the door of the study.

"Before you came into the yard yesterday morning, were there any other servants who stayed in the yard all night to serve?" He asked the two servants as he walked to the bookshelf facing the door.

The girls were silent for a moment and shook their heads and replied: "The princess has never liked keeping people in the courtyard. The night before the princess was tired and said that he wanted to rest, we waited for the princess to take a bath and go to bed, and then left without leaving anyone to watch the night."

"Is that right?"

Song Jia casually touched the paper on the bookshelf, and looked at her fingertips. As expected, there was no dust.

He picked up two books from the bookshelf that were obviously often turned over, and found that one of them was "Book of Tang" printed in Chinese. The other is hand-copied in Mongolian, and there is no title on the cover. Song Jia hurriedly glanced, seeing the name "Blue Wolf and White Deer" written in it, and closed the book calmly.

"You left the yard the night before, leaving the princess in the yard. Until yesterday morning, when you came into the yard again, you found that the princess was gone. If this is the whole process, you can only be sure at best, princess. I didn’t see it in this yard. As for what happened in this yard that night, whether the princess got up and left the bedroom again, whether he had been to other rooms, at least check the whole yard and every room. After that, I can’t say at all. I’m very curious now, why are you all so sure that the princess disappeared in her bedroom? And—"

He put the two books back on the bookshelf as they were, turned around and looked at the two maids first, then Mingtang, and finally stopped looking at Zhaowang Jiashou, who was standing with his hands outside the study, and sighed:

"Since your Majesty insists that I come to investigate the case of the princess's disappearance, I must say bluntly. How did the palace know that the princess did not leave by himself at night? Could it be that the princess's inner courtyard and the outside of the courtyard where the princess resides is actually staring with good eyes , I only saw the princess go in, and never saw anyone come out, so I said, the princess just said nothing and disappeared?"