"The Cold Mountain" 018



This person said a lot in one breath, and he was interrogating the prisoner again and again. He seemed to be embarrassed, but in fact, there was no embarrassment at all.

Mingtang was asked directly, his speech was choppy for a while, and his face couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

"Hanshan, don't be like this--"

His Majesty the Emperor still wanted to stop.

Zhao Wang Jiashou, who had been not far and close, smiled slightly.

"It's okay. Before the girl disappeared, I really made someone guard her outside the courtyard. Not only to keep her safe, I also specifically ordered her not to leave the inner courtyard for half a step."

When he spoke, he looked straight into Song Jia's eyes without fear, paused for a moment, and without waiting for cross-examination, he explained it by himself:

"Because the little girl has a stubborn and stubborn personality since she was a child, she has always been unruly. I heard that the family had to choose a son-in-law for her, so she had to run away from home that day. I can only restrain her feet, lest she don't know the height of the sky and cause trouble outside."

Song Jia felt complicated when he heard this: "... It is natural for the princess to reluctantly marry the princess. The prince loves the princess so much, it is too strict to lock the princess for this, right?"

Zhaowang Jiashou shook his head: "The little girl carried a knife and led the dog that day, and threatened to kill the husband and son whom the family chose for her with a single knife. This will never cause trouble. If I don't lock her up, this person will be more and less fortunate now."

When he said this, His Royal Highness King Zhao even looked at Song Jia more with pity and sympathy.

Song Jia was speechless for a while, remembering that the hapless "husband-in-law" was himself, the back of his neck was cold, and he subconsciously raised his hand to cover it. He turned his head to look at Mingtang and saw that Mingtang was looking at the sky and the earth, pretending that he hadn't heard anything and didn't know anything.

His Majesty, the emperor, obviously concealed how much he had, and it is hard to say what he came to find out about the whereabouts of Princess Hua.

Song Jia became more suspicious, still not showing her face, so she went to the bedroom of Princess Minghua again.

Obviously, the house was carefully cleaned, and there was nothing unusual about it. Even if it had been there, it was long gone now.

This little princess didn't escape from the palace alone, someone must have helped her from the inside and outside.

Just who is this group of her people? For what? If he breaks the matter right now, is it appropriate or not?

Song Jia looked at Mingtang more subconsciously.

His Majesty the Emperor still has a "I don't know anything" face.

"...Your sister is going to kill me, you didn't know before?" Song Jia leaned closer, biting his ears with Ming Tang in a low voice.

Mingtang's ears suddenly turned red, and his eyes panic.

"She can't take it seriously when she speaks angry words."

He didn't know whether it was a guilty conscience or what, but in a hurry, he grabbed Song Jia's hand and his voice softened.

"She's a stubborn girl, don't be serious with her. There are some things, I'll explain to you later."

Song Jia said in his heart: Where am I being more true to a princess who I have never seen before, obviously I am more true to you. But this time your mouth is full of truth, so you just lied to me, and you didn't tell me what you plan to do in your heart.

If you think about it, the more you think, the more angry.

Song Jia simply coldly took the hand that Mingtang had grabbed back.

Mingtang was startled, his eyes suddenly overflowed with a lot of grievances, and he was chasing after him to get him back.

Song Jia slapped the dragon's claw away without even looking at it, without showing any face.

Mingtang still wanted to pull again.

Song Jia stared at him fiercely, motioning him to turn his head and look aside.

Mingtang looked down subconsciously, and saw that the Four Emperor's uncle, who had followed him as the patriarch, was staring at his restless claw with black mouth and black face.

The fourth uncle obviously disliked him again.

This situation caused Mingtang to wake up suddenly, and quickly retracted his hand not to make any more trouble, but he was always unwilling to do so, so he hid behind his back and stretched out two fingers from his sleeve, carefully grabbing the corner of Song Jia's clothes.

The child's temperament immediately made Song Jia dumbfounded. No matter how annoyed she was, she couldn't come to her ancestor, so she had to breathe deeply and press it down.

Then, he turned to ask King Zhao:

"In that case, I don't know where is the Royal Highness Princess Zhao now? Could you please come and let me ask a few words?"

Before he finished his words, Zhaowang Jiashou's face suddenly changed slightly.