"The Taishi who I want to sleep is beating me every day" (10)

10. Taishi, you are so slow

Since childhood, how many people dare to touch his face so presumptuously? Even Shen Kun has never touched it like this.

Li Zechen was startled, and reflexed to kick again.

However, this young man was completely different from the two gamblers just now, and his skills were quite agile. What's more, he had seen Li Zechen's tricks through the wall just now for so long, and with a single tap, he in turn grabbed Li Zechen's ankle.

This time it was Li Zechen's turn that he didn't expect, and when his center of gravity tilted, he fell to the ground.

The young man grabbed Li Zechen's waist and embraced him in his arms.

"Wow, you are really fragrant and sweet! I have never smelled the smell of this spice before." While he exclaimed, he stretched his hand towards Li Zechen's collar.

Li Zechen suddenly became really scared.

Compared to being threatened by a bad guy, this strange man got so close, even hugging him, touching it and smelling it, which made him get goose bumps all over his body.

Li Zechen's head was white, he closed his eyes tightly, hugged his head, opened his mouth, and let go of his scream without thinking:

"Too... Taishi! Help ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah -"

The old crow "quack" on the branch witnessed how loud this scream was.

Almost at the same time, the young man screamed loudly. Moreover, the level of misery was even more than ten times more than that of the shocked Li Zechen.

Of course Li Zechen was frightened, and he was completely deformed in pain.

"No, no! I didn't really touch him! I just touched the clothes! I was joking with him... Oh, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong, cousin, please spare me, bones are so real It's going to be broken..."

He seemed to be anxious to defend himself, screaming in pain, and in the end he was completely begging for mercy.

Li Zechen raised his head from under his arm, opened his eyes carefully, and saw another person standing behind the young man, clasping the young man’s wrist with one hand, the familiar black robe and the familiar handsome face. It's Shen Kun.

The young man's arm has been twisted back by Shen Kun. From the strange angle of twisting, Shen Kun is really about to break his bones.

Seeing that Li Zechen was okay, Shen Kun released the restraint and threw the young man aside, reaching out to help Li Zechen.

"Hey, Taishi, you are so slow!"

Seeing that it was Shen Kun who came to rescue him, Li Zechen immediately relaxed and threw his head on Shen Kun, hugging the person who made him feel at ease, but began to complain coquettishly.

Unexpectedly, not only did Shen Kun not hug him tenderly as before, nor did he anxiously care about whether he was injured, but instead asked him coldly: "Why?"

"It's so slow to rescue me!" Li Zechen couldn't help but stunned.

Shen Kun asked coldly: "How did you know that I would come to rescue you?"

Li Zechen was stunned for another moment, feeling a bit inexplicable.

He just... knows that Shen Kun will come to rescue him...

Anyway, every time he got into trouble since he was young, Shen Kun would come to rescue him.

No matter if he was beaten by the Tai Fu, copied books, blocked by the prime minister and others, or he couldn't get off the upper beam or fell into a pit and couldn't get up... even the last time he accidentally dropped. Entering the hall of the Underworld Demon Sect, Shen Kun also miraculously descended from the sky to rescue him.

So he took it for granted that it didn't matter what happened, anyway, there was Taishi, and Shen Kun would definitely come to help him anyway.

This is his confidence.

Why did Shen Kun ask him such a strange question?

Li Zechen blinked his eyes twice and looked up at Shen Kun a little confused, not knowing the meaning of the obvious question.

Shen Kun looked at Li Zechen with young and childish eyes.

Those eyes were shining and moist, and the innocent and clear blue brilliance began to appear again, against the white and soft face, he was a completely fearless young man, who made people angry and hated but he couldn't bear it anyway. Blame.

But this "young man" is today's emperor, who is responsible for the rise and fall of the country and the lives and deaths of the Li people.

Shen Kun sighed helplessly, and asked again: "If I didn't come to save you, what are you going to do?"

Li Zechen was questioned suddenly, completely unable to figure out the situation, and after a long time he asked stupidly:

"Why don't you come?"