"The Taishi who I want to sleep is beating me every day" (40)

40. Don't let you go naked!

The other party grasped the point in an instant, and Li Zechen wanted to fall back on the account, so he could only slumped in frustration.

"You...you are not allowed to talk to Taishi! If you let Taishi know that I can't keep even such a secret, I will definitely hate me even more..."

He was holding the milk cat in his hand, his head hanging down, and he looked very sad, as if he had been scolded by Shen Kun again.

Wang Letian stared at him quietly for a while, climbed down from the dragon bed, and rarely walked to him gently and sat side by side with him.

She stretched out her hand, comfortably hugged Li Zechen's still thin shoulders, and asked again in a soft voice: "Do you really think Shen Kun hates you?"

Li Zechen sucked his sore nose twice, and muttered: "Otherwise, why would he always teach me... he always despises me every day, and always scolds me for not doing it well and doing it badly!"

"Uh...I think it might not be like this--" Wang Letian wanted to refute him, after thinking about it, and then swallowing it back. With so many people around, is there any one who treats you better than Shen Kun? Are those who treat you right and wrong are really good to you?"

The milk cat in the palm woke up, stretched out her pink tongue and licked her nose.

Li Zechen still hung his head, seeming to hurt himself, and he seemed to be thinking without responding.

Wang Letian tilted his head and looked at him for a long while, sighed, and patted his shoulder: "Tell me carefully, what's the matter with Shen Kun's cousin?"

Li Zechen touched the soft lanugo on the milk cat, thought for a long time, and narrowed his mouth: "Anyway,...that bad guy bullied me, and Tai Shi still kept him guarding him."

Wang Letian was speechless for a while.

"I see, at least one of you two is stupid. Maybe both are stupid."

She stood up and lifted Li Zechen, who was slumped on the ground, and slipped up.

"Well, I have a way. As long as you listen to me, you can tell if Shen Kun likes you or hates you. Do you want to try? By the way, give me some materials for my sister. The storybook hasn't been renewed for several months!"

She spoke confidently.

Li Zechen didn’t understand what she was talking about, so he stared at her suspiciously, “...Are you trying to trick me with tricks? The hornet’s nest was obviously what you taught me to do last time, but you ran away. Taishi gave me a good training—"

"Don't try it out." Wang Letian knew that he must have been thinking about it, and immediately turned around and pretended not to do it.

Sure enough, Li Zechen immediately jumped up in a panic, and grabbed her: "What can you do...you say first!"

Wang Letian turned his head and showed a tricky smile: "Then you call your sister first."

Li Zechen's face was awkward. He was obviously not very happy and could not help it, so he yelled: "Sister..."

Wang Letian stroked his chin contentedly, "Then take off all your clothes first."

"...What are you doing?" Li Zechen subconsciously hugged the little milk cat tightly.

Wang Letian frowned in disgust: "Don't let you take off! Just take off your robe and shoes and socks."

But when did the little emperor Li Zechen undress himself...

Wang Letian watched Li Zechen awkwardly pulling for a long time and could not take off the clothes neatly. He reluctantly covered his eyes and let out a long sigh. Half a pot of tea, poured Li Zechen over his head and face.

Li Zechen was stunned, and he hadn't forgotten to protect the little milk cat in his palm.

According to the person, as a faint monarch, he should roar at this time: "Come here! Drag out the stick and die!"

But Li Zechen blushed for a long time, only to say: "...Why are you splashing me?"

Wang Letian looked at Li Zechen who was like a chicken with satisfaction, and pointed his hand to the icy floor: "Give me the cat, you can lie down there."

Of course, Li Zechen refused, because of grievances, he twisted the dripping water from the corner of his shirt.

Wang Letian simply raised his leg and kicked Li Zechen's ass, kicking the person to the ground.

"You are not stupid! You hurry up and try to get sick, so Shen Kun will rush to see you!"