"The Taishi who I want to sleep is beating me every day" (41)

41. I don't think this is very good.

At this time, Shen Kun was still working at the Taishi Bureau.

As work efficiency has always been high, and various arrangements are quite reasonable, there is actually not much work for him to work overtime, so he has to move out the work that is planned for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

Song Lan just didn't need to be on duty, and felt that there was nothing to do, so she went to the Taishi Bureau to drink tea.

Of course, it's not really for tea.

When the lamps and candles of the Taishi Bureau almost burned to the bottom, Shen Kun finally finished all the work of the day after tomorrow. When he began to stare at the empty table, General Song had already drank several pots of tea, even Gongfang. I've ran away several times...Finally, I couldn't bear it and slapped the table:

"If you want to feel relieved, just go home and sleep. If you want to feel relieved, go and have a look. What's the matter of being in a daze with this place?"

But Shen Kun hardly reacted.

At this moment, Shen Taishi's heart repeatedly appeared, only Li Zechen was panicked and helpless when he was forced to be imprisoned in Ganlu Palace with the Queen.

The young man he cherished the most was right in front of him, struggling desperately to ask him for help. And he didn't do anything, just looked at Li Zechen's figure, and disappeared into his sight as the narrow and narrow gap when the tall and heavy palace gate of the Ganlu Palace closed.

This picture impressed him too deeply, and he still lingers.

He probably made Li Zechen sad and disappointed again.

Obviously, the last thing he wanted to see was the sad expression on that face.

Shen Kun sighed involuntarily, and asked in a low voice, "Do you think what I did was right or wrong?"

Song Lan on the side reacted for a while before realizing that Tai Shi was asking him, and suddenly felt a little funny: "Aren't you asking knowingly."

"Why?" Shen Kun raised his eyes and looked at him particularly upright.

"Why is this..."

General Song felt very distressed.

"This matter clearly shows that neither the emperor nor the queen are happy, except for the elder Wang Xiang—"

He originally wanted to say "old thief", but half of the word "thief" leaked out of his teeth and swallowed back.

"Except for Wang Xiang and his old thief who is willing, no one is willing. You are reluctant to force people into the room and force people to force them... you need to ask whether you are right or wrong. ?"

Although... this kind of thing is forced to be broken and explained that he is indeed wrong, but Song Lan is too careless in the vernacular.

Shen Kun frowned when she heard it, and wished to find something to plug Song Lan's mouth directly.

"The emperor is the emperor and the lord of a country. His marriage is not as simple as his own likes and dislikes, but a matter of the state—"

In fact, it is impossible to say whether these words are to find reasons to persuade others or to persuade himself.

Song Lan only felt a headache looking at Shen Kun's serious mathematics, so she interrupted him directly.

"Yes, even if you say these are all right, don't forget, the emperor is a big living person."

When he said that, he paused for a moment, looked at Shen Kun, and made sure that Shen Kun had no intention of refuting what he meant, and then went on.

"The emperor likes and who doesn’t like who’s things. There have been people in all dynasties who want to take care of it. Who can really take care of it? Our emperor is still young now, and it’s very rare for you. Wait a few years, wait for him to be crowned-brother, I have reminded you again and again, think about it yourself."

Song Lan originally thought she had spoken bluntly enough.

Unexpectedly, Shen Kun thought for a while, and then asked:

"If it is two years later, let him choose the person he likes to enrich the harem to accompany the king?"

"...Are you serious?"

Song Lan looked at him speechlessly, snarling frantically in her heart for hundreds of times, wishing to seize this person's collar and control the water in his mind to make him sober.

It is also possible that some people are a hundred secrets, and everything they can think and think has been exhausted. The only thing about human love is that it can't be penetrated in any way.

Song Lan even couldn't help but make up for it. If one day in the future, the little emperor will really let him go. After years of "suffering" like a scourge, once he broke free from the cage, the imperial decree forcibly snatched Shen Taishi back to "enrich the harem"... …It feels like that scene will be quite unbearable to look directly at.

General Song hurriedly controlled his expression and reminded himself not to laugh too exaggerated on the spot, so he tried to make a serious face and replied earnestly:

"Although, I'm actually looking forward to that picture, but to be honest, I don't think this is good."