"The Taishi who I want to sleep is chasing me every day" (42)

42. The emperor was tossed by the queen and fainted

In fact, this forced serious expression is not convincing at all. But Shen Kun turned out to be very convinced.

Or maybe the mind is not too much here, but stuck in one's own thoughts.

"If he can't let him be happy if he chooses a happy person to accompany him... Then what else can I do for him so that he won't show such a sad expression again?"

If he whispered to himself, he was not asking Song Lan, but more like asking himself.

But Song Lan couldn’t help but want to laugh when he looked at him with such an annoyed look, "I think this problem is not as complicated as you think. In fact, you just have to stop the Wang Xiang and tell him not to worry about it. Whether the emperor and the queen have anything to do with you, the emperor will play tricks with cats and dogs every day and have a great time relying on you."

General Song felt that his answer was actually quite true.

The point is that he feels it is useless.

Shen Taishi frowned, and immediately asked him: "But what is my position to interfere with the emperor and the queen?"

"...Why should Wang Xiang interfere?" Song Lan asked without thinking.

Shen Kun answered naturally: "Wang Xiang is the queen's father and the head of the country."

This logic seems to be right.

Song Lan felt that she was choked obviously, and she conditioned to raise her bar: "Then you are still our emperor--" Then she swallowed it halfway through her mouth.

Song Lan rolled her eyes, leaned her chin a little closer, and asked in a low voice, "I suddenly became a little curious, you think we are the "Happy People"...who is it?"

Shen Kun opened his mouth and answered: "The emperor is still young--"

"It's not too young, I can marry a queen." Song Lan interrupted him on the spot, blinked meaningfully after the interruption, and then asked again unwillingly: "I'll ask you another question. ...Do you know who your favorite person is?"

Shen Kun looked at him speechlessly, without speaking.

It's not that I don't know, but I don't want to say.

Song Lan didn't mind if he didn't reply, she just broke her fingers and said:

"Let's say you, the boss is not young, can be a literary and martial artist, looks good, is a third-ranked member, young and promising, and has a promising future. Beautiful girls who want to marry you can become a mountain together. Why do you put it together? All the people who came to propose a marriage were thrown away? What are you waiting for?"

He could say so much in one breath.

Shen Kun listened to him silently, looked at him helplessly, and changed his first name and last name: "Song Lan. I think your style of speaking is particularly inappropriate for your current identity."

Song Lan didn't fret at all, "Why am I inappropriate? You have taught me how to speak four words and four words--"

Since the two met, Shen Kun has never called Song Lan so many times with his first name and last name. When he was unfamiliar, he was called Song Xiandi. Later, when he became familiar with him, he didn't use the surname by name. Is angry.

But General Song was a person who had seen the world after all, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Also, Song Lan was really clear in her heart.

Shen Kun actually didn't care about the difference between his status and family. He never dismissed him as a white man who started his career by military service, otherwise he would not be friends with him from the beginning. The reason why he put on the air to say this at this time must be because he was stabbed in the weakness and refused to admit it.

However, the more so, doesn't it mean that Shen Kun is more than a little fond of that Xiao Tunjun, and he doesn't care about it at all?

Song Lan actually didn't quite understand. Let him be straightforward. He thinks that since the two people are interested in each other, they should be together. What can be tangled, how simple things are, how come it becomes so complicated when they get to Shen Kun?

Unless this Shen Taishi really doesn't understand, don't look at my emperor Long live the usual childish anger and gossiping around, but in the heart of the emperor's hot young boy, there is no other person besides him, Shen Kun.

But anyone who has long eyes in front of the little emperor can see this matter. Why is it that the person involved is still unaware of it here?

Song Lan was really helpless, and couldn't really say "Actually, you should go to Ganlu Temple to change the queen out. Just change the queen to you, and make sure that the emperor will be happy immediately." I have exhausted all the euphemisms of my life, and persuaded me with all my heart:

"Otherwise, you can just ask the emperor directly, let him tell you what he wants most in his heart, and give him what it is, don't you have it?"

Song Lan originally thought that she had said it clearly enough, but she couldn't understand it better.

Unexpectedly, Shen Kun quietly thought about it, and then asked him:

"According to you, if he says he doesn't want to be the emperor, should I follow him?"

"...What are you thinking about in your mind? Why is your thinking circuit different from normal people?"

General Song really wanted to lift the table on the spot, and his hands were already on the edge of Shen Kun's table. Suddenly, a figure crawled in in a panic from the outside, panting and yelling:

"It's not good! It's not good! Taishi, you can go to the Temple of Ganlu, the emperor was fainted by the queen's tossing!"

It was the blessing of the little servant around Li Zechen.




In an instant, everyone present had subtle expressions.