"The Taishi who I want to sleep is beating me every day" (43)

43、It's just to blame you

Shen Taishi reacted quickly, and did not ask anything more about the blessing, and walked out to the Ganlu Hall.

Song Lan was not so anxious to go to the Ganlu Temple to join in the fun, so she picked up the blessing who was still slumped on the ground and gasped, and asked: "...Can't you speak more normal? If the emperor fainted, he said that the emperor fainted, what? It's called'fainted by the queen's torment'? Without such misunderstanding details, are you afraid that Shen Kun is not in a hurry, or what's the matter?"

Bless the innocent to wipe sweat: "But the emperor was really tossed and fainted by the queen..."

Song Lan wanted to roll her eyes: "Speaking as if you saw it with your own eyes."

Blessing the grievance and buried his head: "I don’t see it, but the villain heard it outside the door. It was the first movement in the Temple of Ganlu, and the queen smiled very happily. What else did the emperor say,'why','don't'... …And so on, and then the emperor fainted—"

Song Lan really asked the heavens speechlessly.

"You can do it, don't say it, the more you talk, the more you can't listen... You quickly evacuated the people outside the Ganlu Temple, and they all lie in front of the emperor's door to eavesdrop on what they want."

Blessing timidly scratched his head: "Everyone has evacuated, what if there are assassins?"

Song Lan recalled in his mind the appearance of the most arrogant assassin he had seen in recent years, and couldn't help grinning, "Is there any assassin I'm worried about? I'm afraid he won't dare to come again."

When Shen Kun rushed to Ganlu Temple, Wang Xiang had already arrived first, had already rejected everyone, and was teaching his daughter.

Li Zechen was lying on the bed, covered with a thick bedding, and his fair face was blushed.

The imperial physician had already checked the pulse, and was instructing how to decoct the medicine. Seeing Shen Kun coming over, he became accustomed to bowing naturally. It was not surprising.

Queen Wang looked disobedient, and stared at her old father with a piece of snack in her mouth with her legs folded.

Shen Kun was not very interested in other people's father-daughter fights. He only paid a courtesy to Wang Xiang, and went straight to see Li Zechen.

Li Zechen stretched out his hand and grabbed it when he arrived.

Li Zechen's palms were very hot, and his forehead was also hot, which was by no means pretending to be.

"How did your majesty do this?"

Shen Kun was so distressed, he forgot all the etiquette, and directly held Li Zechen's weak hand.

Li Zechen's eyes were also red, tears were still slurping in the corners of his eyes, and his voice was so dumb that he could not speak.

The queen on the side finally swallowed the pastry in her mouth and spoke for him: "We were both kidding and accidentally knocked over the teapot, and then he slipped and fell to the ground again, and then blew the wind again. And there is—"

Seeing that the girl didn't know what else to say, Wang Xiang's old face was wrinkled, and he yelled, "Don't say it!"

"Don't talk about it!" Wang Letian turned his head and shouted back, "There is nothing wrong with you here. You should go back as soon as possible. Why don't you run into the palace with your home in the middle of the night? Is the emperor’s nectar hall our king’s backyard!"

She even yelled, pushed and shoved Wang Xiang out, and ordered the guards on duty to close the gate and guard outside the temple, absolutely not allowing Wang Xiang to enter the temple again.

Song Lan, who arrived at the gate in time, carried out the order very happily.

Shen Taishi, who witnessed the whole process, didn't have too much expression on his face, and the entanglement in his heart was overwhelming.

In other words, the relationship between my monarch, father and son, may indeed be different from that of other officials. After all, I’m so different from the others. The so-called upper beam is not right under the beam...Although it doesn’t seem to be anything special. Bad big problem? ? ?

Shen Kun lowered his head and touched Li Zechen's hot forehead, took a deep breath, and decided to forget it and leave it alone. As long as the little emperor he cherishes gets better quickly, then nothing matters.

Queen Wang finally expelled her troubled old father. She turned around and sent the imperial physician to decocting the medicine herself. She drove away all the extra messy people from the Temple of Nectar. She also ran back to Li Zechen’s dragon couch. A little guilty.

"Actually, he was so sad that he wanted to see you, but you just wanted to stand with my dad's stubborn old man and ignore him. I taught him a trick to coax you to come and see him. I didn't expect him to be like this. It's about to fall..."

As she said, she looked at Shen Kun's face and made sure that Shen Taishi had not been mad, so she wouldn't cut someone directly with a knife, so she changed a straight face:

"But the imperial doctor said that he didn't suffer from the wind and cold. The main reason is that he has been upset recently, and what has accumulated in his heart...I don't think I can be blamed."

Shen Kun listened quietly while wiping the sweat from his forehead for the little emperor, feeling that keeping a smile made his face a little bit painful.

"The queen means to blame me."

Unexpectedly, Wang Letian was not at all polite, and he nodded seriously in agreement.

"Yeah. I blame you. You hid such a big secret, and still lie to him like this, even if he doesn't fall today, will he be able to escape tomorrow?"