"The Taishi who I want to sleep is beating me every day" (44)

44, evil thoughts are too prosperous

As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Kun's eyes immediately changed.

Yes, he did have a shocking secret that he had never let Li Zechen know, and he would continue to do his best to keep Li Zechen from knowing it. But such an important matter, the little girl Wang Empress shouldn't know about it in theory. Is she really peeking through the clues, or is she sincerely trying to swindle him? Shen Taishi felt that no matter what it was, as long as she picked her up in front of the little emperor, it would be considered a hit.

So Shen Kun didn't speak.

On the contrary, Li Zechen, who was lying on the bed crookedly, was very angry and excited, blushing, staring, desperately screaming dumbly:

"You are talking nonsense! Taishi has no big secrets from me! Taishi is the best to me, you are not allowed to talk bad about him like this!"

"...Can you be a little silly boy? I'm on your side!" Queen Wang must be very tired, and she forgot that she was only a little bit older than Li Zechen, a "little boy".

Shen Kun was speechless watching the two children fighting, and couldn't help but start to wonder how he got stuck in such a predicament.

He is ten years older than Li Zechen. He actually made His Majesty, who was ten years younger than him, annoyed him so much.

Shen Kun suddenly blamed himself to the extreme.

"The queen, please go to the outer hall and wait for a while, I have a few words to say to your majesty first, and then I will receive the queen's advice."

He first asked Wang Letian to leave.

Li Zechen was very happy to see him, and immediately grasped his sleeves tightly, nodded vigorously, and then chased Wang Letian out.

Queen Wang was also very knowledgeable and interesting, raised her leg and turned her head away. When she took two steps to lift the curtain, she didn't forget to turn around and make a grimace at Li Zechen.

Li Zechen was getting dizzy with fever. How could he have the strength to continue to quarrel with her, he simply turned his head and completely ignored her, put his face in Shen Kun's arms, and dabbled like a spoiled child.

Shen Kun followed him and hugged him, and waited until Wang Letian's figure disappeared from the curtains before asking him in a low voice:

"Your Majesty's throat still hurts?"

Li Zechen nodded subconsciously, then shook his head quickly, seemingly afraid of Shen Kun blaming him.

The little aggrieved eyes immediately made Shen Kun feel more guilty, and immediately took the loquat ointment that moistened his throat with his own hands, and fed it into Li Zechen's mouth in small sips.

Li Zechen shrank in his arms and sipped honey, only feeling that the whole person was dizzy and fluttering, and he didn't know whether it was because of the cold and fever, or the happiness came too soon and suddenly dizzy.

The sweet ointment stuck to the corner of the little emperor's red mouth, and Shen Kun used to wipe him directly with his fingertips. Li Zechen's eyes were hot, his teeth lightly opened, and he bit the finger that swept from the corner of the lip to the peak of the lip with one bite. The tip of his wet tongue was lightly brushed with feathers, and he also licked the sweet ointment stained on Shen Kun's fingers. Clean.

He acted entirely by instinct and didn't know what extraordinary things he had done.

Shen Kun's eyes shook immediately, and he couldn't help but heavier for a few minutes. He wanted to withdraw his hand, fearing to show resistance and sadden the innocent young man, so he froze on the spot and secretly laughed at his own evil thoughts.

If he could, he actually didn't want to restrain this evil thought at all.

He even wanted to presumptuously put this tender and delicious young man under him on the spot, peeling it off layer by layer like bamboo shoots, revealing the tenderness and tenderness that he had never seen before, only allowing him to take it apart and eat it all. taste.

This is the young man he grew up watching from a young age, and even the lord he has already sworn in his heart to be loyal to his life, but he can't help but want to overstep the identity barrier and bow to the things that the law of rituals cannot tolerate. The young man cried for him with all kinds of sweet and pleasant sounds, and he himself could follow with joy.

This delusion is far from what he should have in such a relationship with Li Zechen.

Shen Kun is often grateful. Fortunately, Li Zechen is so pure that he doesn’t understand anything. He has never found these unattainable desires in his heart. Otherwise, his moral integrity, which is maintained by will, would have been worn out long ago. Li Zechen will never again. Looking at him with that kind of worship and dependence, I am afraid that I will dislike him and never want to see him again...

With all the thoughts, Shen Kun looked at Li Zechen, who was snuggling An Xin in his arms, and looked at the young man's face that was stained by the fever, his eyes dimmed a little bit.