"The Taishi who I want to sleep is chasing me every day" (45)

45, the hidden prince and the prince concubine

He let Li Zechen lie down to rest and stop talking.

Li Zechen insisted on getting tired of him, babbling endlessly like a shame.

"You ignored me when I asked for help before, I thought you hated me, and you will never like me like you used to..."

When he said such pitiful remarks, the young boy wanted to suck his head into the arms of the person.

Shen Kun was extremely helpless, so he had to hold his black hair and soft head, soften his voice and coax: "...Why would I hate your Majesty? Where did your Majesty go."

Li Zechen's long hair was cold and slippery, and it was at a completely different temperature from the forehead and cheeks at this moment.

Shen Kun couldn't help but caressed the hair greedily, tidying up the boy's forehead which was wet with sweat.

Li Zechen refused to be obedient, and insisted on pestering him to ask: "Really? Didn't you really hate me?" He rubbed his head into a mess.

Shen Kun had to coax over and over again: "True, true, when did I hate your Majesty? Your Majesty can't wrong me."

I don’t know how many times I coaxed like this. Li Zechen finally felt a little relieved. He put his face on his heart again, grieved together a few times, and pouted: "If I make another mistake in the future, can you slow down? Teach me, I will definitely be obedient, I will make good changes, you can't think I'm stupid..."

Suddenly, Shen Kun was speechless, and had no choice but to sigh.

"Your Majesty is not stupid at all. Your Majesty is pure in heart, not familiar with world affairs."

He pulled the quilt that Li Zechen had kicked to the corner of the bed indiscriminately, and coaxed Li Zechen to sleep for a while.

Li Zechen finally closed his eyes obediently, then opened them again after a while, staring at him with his big watery eyes.

"Taishi, do you... really have something to hide from me?"

Those eyes that looked forward to Shen Fei on weekdays were so clear, glowing with a unique blue luster, but they were also shrouded in doubt and anxiety.

Shen Kun couldn’t help but his heart trembled. He hugged the little faintly gentleman and said in a low voice of relief: “You can rest assured to sleep. Take medicine."

Xu Ye's promise finally made Li Zechen completely relieved, and Xu was fascinated by the intimacy that was inadvertently revealed in words. Li Zechen finally stopped making trouble, curled up and nestled in Shen Kun's arms, sleeping well before a while.

Shen Kun didn't dare to move. After waiting for a long time, after confirming that he was asleep, he quietly pulled out and went to the outer hall to find Wang Letian.

The queen is sitting in the outer hall and teasing a cat.

The little milk cat liked her very much, holding her fingers, playing with her, only when she found that Shen Kun was coming, she turned around and hid in her sleeves.

Wang Letian put on his sleeves and cleared his throat solemnly.

"He didn't mean to tell me your secret. It was I sincerely teased him that he accidentally leaked it-you have a cousin, the son of your uncle and aunt, whose surname is Han?"

Her eyes flashed with intelligence and cunning that ordinary girls don't have, and there were a lot of boldness. She looked at Shen Kun with a somewhat provocative eyebrow, and asked one after another:

"If I remember correctly, you are the clan nephew of the first emperor, Queen Shen. Because your parents died early, you grew up in Queen Shen's palace. Why is your mother surnamed Han? Where is she from? Why? Never heard you mention her?"

This continuous questioning caused Shen Kun to suddenly feel a little dizzy.

Many dusty past events that have been unwilling to remember for many years finally broke through the long-term weak barrier at this moment, rushing to see him, as if to force him to face the blood that is still vivid and unfading.

Shen Kun took several deep breaths repeatedly before he calmed down again.

"My mother is just an ordinary woman who is unknown, and unfortunately died young. Her Royal Highness has never heard of it. It is not surprising at all."

Wang Letian tilted his head slightly and blinked, obviously not satisfied with the calm response.

"I heard that the prince princess of the former hidden prince was the daughter of the late Admiral Habayashi Han Ping. She also had a younger brother who was married to the daughter of Shi Lang Lin of the Ministry of Industry. The couple had a son, but It is said that they were all implicated in the old case that year."

Shen Kunwen said: "The queen knows a lot."

"I don't dare to be it." Wang Letian shook his head like a rattle. "But I know a little bit about court gossip, a good material for making up stories."

She originally wanted to wait for Shen Kun to take the initiative to say something to her, but after waiting for a long while, she didn't see the dull gourd spit, but finally couldn't hold it back, and took a step forward.

"I still heard people say... Back then, Prince Yin and Concubine also had a son. If he hasn't died yet, he should be about the same age as you, right?"