"Sweat and Bloody Lu"

The eagle hit the sky and the wind shackled the grassland. I looked up, and the bright red liquid rolled down from my back, not knowing whether it was blood or sweat. I ran wildly in the boundless sky, looking at the grassland like the boundless sea; I galloped across the golden sky, horizontally and horizontally under the sky; I roared in the battlefield, shaking back the enemy army; my name is sweat.

The golden drum thunderous, the yellow sand and the red cloud, shouting for killing straight up to the sky, desperate to die for the Lord is my loyalty. However, in the wolf tiger array that swallowed thousands of miles to shake Kyushu, a touch of faint whiteness rubbed into my eyes, and the roots grew madly.

The white, pure and flawless, like the feathers of the immortal, proudly in the red blood and black sand, the eyes are light but firm, the whole body is entangled with clarification and holiness, the lion is called the lion beast, and the people of the Song call the jade unicorn, only I know , He, the well-known Lu.

For the first time, my eyes and his eyes crossed the killing field, and I heard a clear and violent roar, reaching the heavens and resounding through the underworld. When the wind came, the cartoon sky was yellow sand, and it only blew the banner against the Song army into hunting and hunting, majestic and majestic.

The lord grabbed me, shouted, and withdrew.

The bottom of my heart is unwilling to tumult, but the military order is hard to violate. I turned around, but the roar burned an immortal mark in the depths of my soul.

However, I know that I am the Great Golden Blood Temple, and he is the treasure of the Song Kingdom. I and him can only look across the river of yellow waves.

During the truce, I often galloped under the blue sky, even chasing the wind for thousands of miles, and running wildly along the river. The huge waves of the Yellow River are surging into the sky, if there are dragons up and down, the river wind is bleak, colder than the wind in the northern grasslands, even more intense, and even biting like a knife.

I always sigh silently in my heart, Lu, Lu, I am Mobei Goshawk, Qing is Shuinan Honghu, Goshawk soars in the sky, lonely crying for blood, Honghu knows?

I hope to see that plain white figure again day and night, even if it penetrates thousands of waves and faces each other across the river, the mountains are distant, the water lingers, and the heart and soul lingers.

When I couldn't call for results, I finally realized that Song people are not as bold and unrestrained as a prairie, he cannot be as proud of Kyushu as I am. The shackles he bears are heavy.

I turned around silently, in ecstasy, sweating on every inch of land from north to south, sweating into blood.

The lord's palm slapped my back heavily, and the pain made me hiss and my feet were confused. The lord wiped my blood and sweat. His rhetoric shakes the sky and the sweat and blood. One day, Ben Khan tells you to cross the Yellow River, pound the eastern capital, step on the fertile soil of the south of the Yangtze River, drink the Chinese jelly, and watch the great golden emperor flags all over the world!

My lord's eyes are sharp like a wolf, and he is proud of the world like a dragon god. I see the lord’s blood-stained palm, crying up to the sky, I don’t want jade delicacy, I don’t want nephrite jade, I only want Lu.

Therefore, I am not afraid of swords and arrows, and move forward bravely. I will smash his shackles with one foot, and remove his imprisonment. I will also engrave my name in his eyes, and I want him to ride the world side by side with me and see Cangshan. Look at the vast sea and see the scorching sun.

When I met Lu again, I had crossed the Yellow River by the summer breeze, and the sky was no longer. I rejoiced. I was getting closer and closer to him.

However, I saw his anger, his sorrow, his pain, and his helplessness. I was shocked, my heart ached, although I finally saw my shadow in his eyes.

The anger in his eyes was rising and dazzling, he stared at me, he roared, Danzi, go back to the north! How can Da Song Heshan allow you to trample on it wantonly!

I was hurt in an instant, but there was no other way. He and I will eventually meet each other in the flames of war.

I sighed, sighed that his ambition was not fulfilled and his fate was enslaved by the declining Song Ting;

I am sad, sad, my breeze deliberately floating clouds and unintentional can only be bitterly obsessed.

I went all the way south, sighing all the way, until I entered Kaifeng City with the lord.

The city breaks, the country is destroyed, the golden flag faces the wind, and the world dominates. The generals of the three armies, celebrating their achievements, all the warriors, boiled wine and cooked meat, singing and deafening.

There is a bright bonfire in my eyes, looking up at the starry sky, my heart is sad and sad. I thought I should be able to get rid of his shackles, and no longer ask the beacon with him. However, Song will die, Song Huanglu, how can Lu survive? The country is broken and the family is destroyed, and the chickens and dogs are also prisoners. This deep hatred of subjugation, he and I are finally settled!

Goodbye Lu, but it was time for him to be brought before the lord.

The lord's face was delighted, his expression was as cold as ice, and the waves in my heart were raging on the ground.

He raised his head and laughed wildly and screamed, and slammed the lord down to the ground, lifting his foot to step on.

I screamed, broke the rein and rushed forward.

He opened his mouth to bite me, and I finally understood why the Lord called him a lion beast. He bit my neck so hard, I fought him away and fought him again.

Blood and water mixed with sweat, springing up, becoming more and more red.

My heart is like a knife, and I hate him for not knowing good or bad. If you hurt your lord, you cannot escape the death penalty. I just want to save his life.

It's a pity that no matter how hard I am, I won't be able to recover.

The lord's crossbow was fully opened, and the arrows roared like meteors.

I had no intention of betraying the lord, but I never wanted to see his death in Huangquan. Therefore, I rushed to face the lord’s arrow, even though I knew that the arched arrow with a curved bow could penetrate the sky.

However, he rushed forward and slammed me away. The arrow pierced through the bones of the unicorn, and I watched him fall into the dust like blood-stained feathers, panicked and helpless.

Blood, like a fiery and enchanting blood, dyed his purity and whiteness into a full-bodied mandala, like a red lotus weeping.

I screamed frantically, kicked away all those who intended to approach me violently, I thought of going to him, I didn't even say a word to him.

He raised his head, and I saw a crystal drop in his eyes. He struggled to get up, howling resounding across the sky, grief and sorrow. Then, he leaped hard and bumped his head against the red wall of the Song Family Palace. Blood spattered everywhere, dyeing the world red.

I was slumped and weak, crying and knelt down, tears streaming down my knees.

I don't know why he wanted to block that arrow for me. I only know that from the beginning, Acacia is destined to be suffering. He and I are nothing but dust in the blue sea of ants, and we are tired of the hatred of the family and the country. How can we be detached from the freedom and dust?

In this life, I have only seen him on three sides:

On the first side, the corner of Jin Ge's painting is pure white, and the eye is shocking;

On the second side, the wolf smoke seals the dust and angers the universe, and has nowhere to complain;

On the third side, blood is splashed on the walls of the Palace of the Forbidden City, Xuanyuan, and the obsession becomes a memory.

I still remember the time when the Huanghe River sighed and turned desolately, Lu, Lu, I am Mobei Goshawk, Qing is Shuinan Honghu, Goshawk soars in the sky, lonely crying blood, Honghu knows...

Recalling the past, the blue sky is empty, I secretly weeping from the bottom of my heart, and vowing to my bones-in this life and this life, I will not die for the Qing, but live for the Qing.

【—End of full text—】