Jincheng Liusheng, Shang restrained himself and returned his ceremonies, and always bowed his head and concealed his gaze to avoid him. It was praised by people at the time, and it was called Gentleman Liu.

A certain year old Chongyang climbed high and hiked along the banks of the mountain stream, and suddenly heard Yingyan laugh. I saw a boy playing in the water when I was in the water. The blue silk was like silk, the skin was like coagulation, the lips moved, and the eyes were flowing. Although the beauty is not so beautiful, I have never seen it in my life. Shocked, he hid his face and hurried away.

Hearing the sound of the child, turning the yarn into a dress, he immediately followed it, fluttering like a cloud and riding the wind, instantly carrying his back, buckling his shoulders and buckling his waist. No one looked around, and gradually entered the blue musk.

He was in great embarrassment, his hands and feet were stiff, and his arms trembled.

Tong Xiao asked: "Will you leave? Do you not think about it?"

Panicked and red-faced, he argued: "The leg hurts so much."

Tong Zhongbao: "A gentleman has three legs." That is, strong and combined. Huanbi, turn into a fox and walk away.

The life was terrible, and he didn't return to God for a long time, until the moonlight night, he returned in embarrassment.

The next day, the heat and pain between the students were hard to come by, and they were insomnia, looking for a boy to find a way to escape.

Tong's hands are full and full of joy, but the heat and pain fade away. After months of reciprocation, I was full of taste, and then I didn't think of the girl-girl, but I also thought of the fox boy.

【—End of full text—】