"He and His Daily" (49)

Day 49.

"A few months? Do you need to take maternity leave?"


In the end, I don’t know if the bed at Axie’s house is so comfortable that he slept on all sides and got a good night's sleep. He even forgot that he should get up for work. Even after sleeping for too long, he felt a little pain in his waist when he woke up... …

So he leaned on his waist and went downstairs.

Axie was with his mother in the living room on the first floor, and when he saw him go downstairs in this posture, his expression was suddenly quite subtle.

Axie’s mother also saw it, and turned around, Zhang Luo, the chef hurriedly simmered a ginseng chicken soup to replenish qi and solidify the body.

Axie explained silently: "Mom, you don't want to be arrogant, he is like this, you will know it after a long time. It is not as complicated as you think!"

Axie’s mother was very dissatisfied, and grabbed her son’s ears and said, “How can you be like that? I have taught you for so many years to be gentle, considerate, and feel distressed. I have taught you all to the dog’s belly! Who doesn’t learn? Easy to learn from your dad?!"

Axie's head was crooked: "Mom, I'm really innocent... I didn't do anything..."

He stood at the top of the stairs, leaning on the handrail and slamming his waist. He didn't know what was going on, and he felt that it might not be appropriate to go over and say hello immediately.


Although he was not embarrassed to go over to say hello at the top of the stairs, Axie's mother took the initiative to come and greet him.

Axie’s mother pressed him in the dining room and fed him breakfast and lunch.

He ate rice rolls from shrimp dumplings, chicken feet with black soy sauce from rice rolls, and chicken feet with soy sauce from Qingyuan chicken... He began to think that he might be a stuffed duck.

Axie's mother has been looking at him kindly with caring eyes, as if she might ask him at any time: "Is there anything you feel uncomfortable? Have you been to the hospital?"

Axie sat next to him, covering his face, looking quite regretful for bringing him back.

He ate so well, he couldn't help holding his stomach and leaning on the chair, resting for a while, and felt that this posture was also very strange, so he quickly sat upright cautiously.


After eating, he received a WeChat message from Mr. Shen.

Mr. Shen asked him: "Where is it? You dare to skip work when you grow up? Although I understand you have been in a low mood recently, you still have to come to the salary class, right?"

He honestly replied to the message: "I'm at Lao Xie's house. I overslept. And I don't know the way, no one will send me to the company and I can't go to the company..."

Mr. Shen was silent for three minutes before sending a series of "???"...


An hour later, Mr. Shen appeared in the living room of Ashe's house.

Axie’s mother goes to the gym every day, but she is not there.

Mr. Shen was shocked and unbelievable. He grabbed A Xie and asked, "What do you think? Why did you bring him home? How did your parents react?"

A Xie's face was unhappy, and his eyebrows were cold. "How can I react? My dad has no reaction. My mother is quite happy."

President Shen was even more shocked: "What's your mother's situation? Why are you still happy?"

A Xie: "Otherwise? Just like you, it's just as shameful as you are to make people stumble? Don't think I didn't know that you were suing my dad and my mom!"

Mr. Shen suddenly felt guilty and short of breath and rubbed his hands: "No...I think you are working too hard. I want to force him hard for you?"

Axie sneered without giving a face, saying that he would not accept such forced sophistry.

Mr. Shen: "Then you brought him home, how did he react? Has he improved?"

Axie: "...Do you see it for yourself?"

Mr. Shen turned his head to look at him.

He was slumped on the sofa with his stomach crooked, unable to hold it, and didn't know what Ash and Mr. Shen were muttering, he saw Mr. Shen looking at him with complicated eyes, returning with confused eyes.

Mr. Shen had no choice but to take his gaze away again, and patted A Xie's shoulder: "...You are pretty good. You have broken through the limitations of chromosomes. How many months have it been? Do you take maternity leave?"

Axie gritted his teeth and returned Mr. Shen: "Go!"


But Mr. Shen still stabbed him in a small report.

Mr. Shen confronted him in front of Ah Xie and said: "You are skipping work today, and a beautiful woman came to the company to look for you. You missed it."

He tilted his head and thought for a long time: "Who?"

Mr. Shen: "How do I know who it is? People say that you have saved me, so I guess I want to repay you."

He pondered for a long time before he suddenly remembered that he ran into a girl on the subway who later added WeChat in the elevator. Before he could return to Mr. Shen, he saw that Axie's expression was a little gloomy.

Then A Xie drove Mr. Shen out of the house.

Axie said: "Don't provoke a divorce here every day. Just know that you didn't hold your fart at home."

Mr. Shen smiled outside the gate: "Brother, I can only help you here."

A Xie didn't speak, and slammed the door shut.

He huddled on the sofa and watched Ashe slammed the door.

—Egg —

As a result, Xie didn't talk to him for most of the day, as if he was really angry.

Before going to bed at night, he couldn't help it anymore. He rolled over and pulled Axie a few times. He grieved and explained: "I really have nothing to do with that girl."

Axie was bored for a long time before paying attention to him: "What are you telling me about this."

He was stunned for a moment, not knowing what A Xie meant.

So Xie asked him again: "Who are you? Who am I? What is the relationship between us? Do you need to explain this to me?"

He stayed for a long time suddenly, but he didn't know how to answer.

In fact, there is a sentence that has reached the eye of the throat, but I don't know why it is stuck, and I can't say anything.

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