"The Taishi who I want to sleep is chasing me every day" (6)

6. I really am the emperor

Li Zechen once saw in books, what kind of emperor would be praised by the people as Mingjun?

One is to let the people have enough food, clothing and warmth to have a good work day;

The second is to kill the bad guys and redress the wrongdoings. Protect the good guys from being bullied so that the bad guys will get a bad retribution.

Looking at him now, most of the ordinary people in the world seem to be living very well, but they still scold him. Obviously, there is only one reason, and that is-he didn't kill the bad guys to rectify the grievances!

This idea, Li Zechen himself felt, was perfect.

Although he really thinks that the emperor who is most wronged in the world is obviously his emperor-he is obviously good and cute, and he has never done anything bad (probably), but everyone calls him a monster of the faint monarch. Isn't it wrong? !

In order to get rid of the "faint monarch" hat as soon as possible, Li Zechen went out of the palace with his blessings and went all the way to the Dali Temple's yamen.

Li Zechen thought very well.

As long as he can kill the bad guys and heal the injustice, his reputation as Mingjun can be completely spread!

At that time, Shen Kun would have no reason to train him!

On the contrary, he should give Shen Kun a good meal!

Let Shen Kun apologize to him and admit his mistake!

As for the punishment, let's just figure it out. Let's play with him for two more hours a day, and then hold him to coax him to sleep for a few days!

However, Li Zechen's faint little head, who didn't know anything about the world, didn't expect that... the servant guarding the prison dared not let him in, and no matter how intimidating, profiting, or even intimidating he was, it was useless.

"Go, let's go, which family's children want to play elsewhere, the government is a big place, and then be careful to eat big boards!"

One of the bureaucrats even pushed him out because he didn't want to care about him when he was young.

"I am the emperor! I have come to vindicate the wronged criminals! You dare not let me in!" Li Zechen stamped his feet with anger.

The servant was so angry and funny, he reached out his hand and patted his head.

"Little brother, your surname is Huang. It's a good goal to redress the grievances, but you should wait until you grow up to get a fame. Go home and study!"

And the other yaman had already laughed so much that he could not get up on the ground rolling on his belly.

A child who popped up suddenly, even if he was white and beautiful, and dressed very decently and luxuriously, he said that he was the emperor as soon as he spoke. How could it be impossible for a normal person to really believe it? ?

Silently followed the blessing behind Li Zechen, covering his face, and thought desperately: My emperor's face is so good, why is his brain not working...

But Li Zechen didn't think he had any problems at all, insisting on claiming that he was the emperor, and clamoring that he must go to prison.

Blessing was scared into a cold sweat, and I was really afraid that this matter would make a big deal. Shen Taishi knew that he was going to blame him, this little internal officer for leading the emperor to cause trouble, and quickly whispered in Li Zechen’s ear: "The strict guarding of the bureaucrats is a good thing, otherwise If the trouble is escaped by other prisoners, your majesty might as well leave here first and visit the capital. Maybe you will encounter the family members of the wronged people who come to the capital to file a complaint."

When Li Zechen heard it, he felt that it made sense, so he stopped yelling at the door of the prison and turned around obediently.

"These people don't believe that I am the emperor, so I have to do great things first, and then prove my identity to them and scare them to death!"

He was ridiculed by two bureaucrats just now, feeling that he had been humiliated, and grinning his teeth angrily and hurried forward.

When I walked into a street, I suddenly saw an old woman leaning against a corner begging. Li Zechen walked over immediately, looked for blessings and took a piece of silver collar and put it into the gaping begging bowl in front of the old woman.

He grew up in the deep palace and had no idea about money. He didn't know that such a piece of silver collar was a large sum of money for ordinary people, enough for a small family to live for several years, so he was very generous and casual.

The old woman is satisfied as long as she gets a bowl of rice to eat. Where can she ever see such a big piece of silver, she gratefully kowtows her head again and again.

Li Zechen smiled brightly at the old woman, and said confidently: "Old woman, do you know, I am actually the emperor! You see, I am really a good person. Don't call me a "faint king" anymore. is it good!"

"Ah, the little boy's name is Huang Di, what a good name!" The old woman grinned and showed her missing teeth.

Li Zechen's pretty face was completely crushed by the dark clouds as frost hitting the cabbage.

I am the emperor!

I really am the emperor!

Fortunately, before he shouted so loudly, he was forcibly pulled away by the blessing. Otherwise, he really let him yell in the street like this, who knows what will happen.

However, even if Li Zechen didn't shout out like this, the situation was already bad enough.


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