"The Taishi who I want to sleep is chasing me every day" (7)

7. Sell you to Pingkangfang

As the saying goes, wealth should not be exposed.

Such a handsome young master, only fifteen or six years old, looks like he has been spoiled since childhood and he is completely ignorant of the sinister appearance of the world. He only brought a thin little boy with him and dared to sway the market outside, and he was generous enough to give it to one casually. The beggar woman is just a silver collar, so high-profile, how could it not be noticeable!

What's more, Li Zechen specially posted to people who looked like foreigners and refugees, and ran to ask people if they needed help in filing a complaint... It didn't take long before he was targeted.

The two gamblers who had just lost money in the gambling shop saw that the kid had money, and they suddenly became ill-willed and lied that they had grievances that needed to be cleaned up. Without much effort, they tricked Li Zechen into a remote alley and forced him. Hand over all the valuable things on your body.

Even if Blessing has been anxiously reminding Li Zechen to be careful, but Li Zechen is anxious and anxious and just wants to quickly do something great to prove himself, where he can listen.

For fear that his emperor would be hurt by those two ferocious gamblers, the blessing made his legs tremble with fright. He just wanted to spend money to eliminate the disaster, and he was in a hurry to take out his silver bag.

But Li Zechen is also a little emperor. Although he doesn't understand the world, he is naturally arrogant, so where is he willing to be threatened?

"You'd better kneel and kowtow now to confess your sins, otherwise you don't regret it." He looked upset, not only blocking the blessing and not allowing money, but also speaking very hard.

Seeing that the young master dared to be so proud, one of the gamblers impatiently grabbed Li Zechen by the skirt and cursed: "Smelly boy, don't think you are really capable. If you are not obedient, be careful that you are beaten by the master!" Fists, staring eyes, making a threat of hitting someone.

Another gambler hurriedly grabbed his partner's arm and licked his lips with a hippy smile.

"Don't be so fierce, what a pity this little devil is so frightened."

He hooked his eyes back and forth on Li Zechen, laughed more and more lewdly, and continued gloomily: "It doesn't matter if you don't give us money, anyway, you are in our hands now. With your beauty, we Selling you to Pingkangfang, you don’t have to worry about not having a daughter to start. But we think you are pitiful, it is better for you to bring your silver bag, and we shall end here. Otherwise, if you have to cry at that time, our brothers will not suffer anyway. ."

He was naturally very vicious.

Li Zechen tilted his head for a moment, then turned to ask blessing: "Where is Pingkangfang?"

Blessing was so scared that he almost cried.

Pingkangfang is the most famous place of sensuality and beauty in Xijing. Most of the people who live in it are prostitutes. The young knights and precious sons like to go to have fun. The Yinggeyan dance is brilliant all day long.

Here are two people who actually said that they would sell the son today to Pingkangfang...

Blessing didn't know how to explain to Li Zechen, so he covered his face in embarrassment and talked, "That... Pingkang Fang is similar to our Inner Jiao Fang..."

Li Zechen looked troubled, "I don't want to listen to music or watch people dancing right now, why should I go to the teacher's workshop?"

No, no, no, these two people said they would sell you to Pingkangfang. Obviously they weren't for you to listen to music and watch dancing. Your Majesty, be more sober...

I think of being alone and helpless, if my emperor is really kidnapped and sold to Pingkangfang to suffer a big loss... He, the little internal officer responsible for serving the little emperor, must have died more miserable than the dead body. Times, Blessing couldn't help trembling.

I don’t care about anything else, just say Shen Taishi, Taishi is so precious, your majesty the emperor, if something like this really happens, he will definitely soak his unlucky little internal officer in a salt jar and slowly put the meat on his body piece by piece. Cut them down one by one and throw them to feed the crows!

Blessings have almost seen the tragic scene of his death into scum, and immediately made a wish in his heart "selling for a living":

Gods and Buddhas from all walks of life, please show your mercy and open your eyes so that Shen Taishi finds out that your Majesty has slipped out of the palace sooner, so hurry up and save people!

Rather than end up with a tragic death, it is better to put on the help earlier. After all, now being carried back, great is a good meal... it's better than dead!

As long as Shen Taishi can hurry to rescue our emperor, I wish I would rather continue to enter the palace with a click in the next life!

Hmm...This sincerity, I don’t know if the gods and Buddhas from all walks of life will feel the same pain in the crotch...

Blessing here has been so scared that he intends to give up with the little brother in his next life, and Li Zechen is still unmoved. He didn't even know what was going on with "Pingkangfang". Naturally, he didn't think it was any horrible at all. He just thought that these two dirty and sloppy men laughed disgustingly. Not only did they have no fear on their faces, they also wrinkled displeasedly. Raised eyebrows.

"If you are really capable, I'll try it out."


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